Thanksgiving Air Travel Tips


The very busy Thanksgiving travel week is here and it’s almost always an “exciting” one with lots of lines, lots of turkey, lots of traveling families, and of course a side of weather issues in the form of snow, ice, and rain. This year it is the west and middle of the country that look like they will have the greatest chance for weather related issues around Turkey Day. Novice traveling families, full planes, potential weather issues, and more can make for…

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Hacking Black Friday From Home


Once upon a time in a decade far, far, away I loved going shopping on Black Friday. My high school boyfriend and I would head to the mall in the late 90’s to line up outside for the pre-dawn openings in order to be one of the first however-many-shoppers through the door who would get something like a $25 mall gift card. It was exciting, it was “free stuff”, we were poor high school kids who placed a huge value on…

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How to Earn 50 United Miles Per Dollar – Today Only!

United Holiday Bonus

Before reading repeat to yourself “I won’t buy something I wouldn’t otherwise buy just for the miles”…  Now that we have that out of the way, today you can stack deals to earn about 50 United miles per dollar if you happen to be in the market for magazines. Yes, magazines. I know that probably isn’t a super exciting item, but 50 United miles per dollar is enough to at least warrant a mention. Via the United MileagePlus Shopping portal…

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Award Seats Loaded on New Air New Zealand Route to Houston

Air New Zealand

Back in May a new route I am very excited about, Houston – Auckland, New Zealand went on sale. This route will start operating on December 15, 2015 and will be operated by Air New Zealand. However, when it first went on sale there were no award seats loaded for booking on miles via Star Alliance partners like United. However, a search I did today shows that there are now awards seats available for this soon-to-launch route using Star Alliance partners…

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18,000 Miles in Bonuses End This Week


Most of the major airline shopping portals have some holiday bonus miles offers out right now, but these bonuses end in the coming days, so if you wanted to take advantage then be sure to not accidentally miss the deadlines. These miles are based on cumulative eligible purchases within the time period, so even several smaller purchases can add up to big bonuses! As a reminder, here are the major promos and their deadlines. Don’t forget to pay using the…

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Start Earning 10x at Amazon and More Today!

Chase Freedom

The crazy holiday shopping deals week month starts now. Whether you need holiday gifts, winter gear, stuff for your home, or virtually anything else that is sold online, you are probably going to be able to save money or earn extra points on the purchases now or in the immediate future! I don’t recommend buying things you wouldn’t otherwise purchase just because of bonuses, but timing needed purchases with sales or big mileage payouts can absolutely make sense. I’ll be…

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Breaking Down the 30,000 AAdvantage Mile Bonus Offer

AAdvantage Aviator Bonus Offer

It is pretty common for some rewards credit cards to periodically offer an incentive for cardholders to use the cards more via paying out bonus points either in certain categories or for spending a certain amount in a specified time period. I’m sure the idea behind these offers is that once you get used to having that card in rotation that you will keep it in rotation even after the bonus period is over. The old US Airways MasterCard was…

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Is Hyatt Giving Away Hyatt Diamond Status?

Hyatt Andaz suite in Amsterdam

It is pretty incredible what hotels and airlines do via social media these days, and I strongly advise you to utilize social media accounts such as Twitter if only to follow travel related companies (and friendly neighborhood bloggers, of course). A couple of days ago Hyatt tweeted the following via their @HyattConcierge Twitter account: “Looking for a new loyalty program? DM us and let’s talk.” I’m sure it is not at all coincidental that this offer was made the exact week…

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Get a 100% Bonus on IHG Points for 10 Days!


Buying points doesn’t always make sense even when offered at a discounted rate, especially to those of us that are trying to travel for as little out-of-pocket costs as possible, but sometimes spending money to buy points or miles can actually save you money on your travels. This is one of those times when it can work in your favor, depending on your travel goals and current point totals. Through November 30th IHG Rewards is offering up to a 100%…

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Four AAdvantage Awards That Are Getting Cheaper

AA Logo

Earlier this week the next American Airlines AAdvantage award chart was unveiled, and just like with most loyalty program changes, there was more to “boo” than to “cheer” in the announcement. Here is my overview of the coming AAdvantage changes. However, also like with most changes, it isn’t all bad news. Even when most of the changes are negative there are usually some glimmers to be found, depending on how you like to use your miles. Without further ado, here…

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