More Big Citi Prestige Changes Revealed

credit cards

I wrote a few days ago that changes were on their way for the popular but pricey Citi Prestige credit card. At that point we knew that the card was losing American Airlines Admirals Club access effective July 2017, but that even more changes were likely to come. Now we seem to know what more of those changes are…and they aren’t good. Some of these changes are obvious by looking at the new sign-up website, but some are inferred by…

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What It is Like to Fly as an Unaccompanied Minor

Has her unaccompanied minor band on!

My oldest daughter, known here as Little C, has probably been on over 100 flights. She started flying before she turned one year old and has proven to be a very good traveler. In recent months it became obvious that the best logistical solution to get her home from visiting cousins and grandparents this summer was to have her fly home by herself on her first unaccompanied minor flight. We could have gotten her via the grandparent flight shuffle as…

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How to Save More on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Nordstrom sale

If you like good deals on name brand clothes, shoes, etc. then you probably already have the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale on your radar. The public version of the sale just kicked off today, and I know we have snagged a few items for next summer and this upcoming winter (and our upcoming Scotland trip where it is cool now!) at pretty good discounts. I know this isn’t exactly travel specific topic, but I can tell you that items like my…

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If You Could Only Have One Rewards Credit Card…

credit cards

One of the most common questions I am asked is some version of “If you could only have one travel rewards credit card, which would it be….”. Well, I love my miles and points cards and their related benefits so much I have a very hard time narrowing that down for myself personally, but it is much easier to answer for others who aren’t quite as miles and points obsessed. While I don’t fall into this group, for some people,…

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Awesome New Flight Coming to Houston!

Singapore 777

One of the more interesting flights that currently operates out of Houston is the Singapore Airlines flight that goes from Houston to Moscow to Singapore. I’m sure that the Houston – Moscow segment is very useful or even fun for some travelers, but it is being replaced with something a little more interesting to me personally…a Singapore flight from Houston to Manchester, England! For those not super familiar with UK geography, Manchester is located roughly halfway between London and Edinburgh. I’d like…

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What is Changing with the Citi Prestige Card?

Orlando Admirals Club

Over the last few days I’ve seen lots of tweets and blog posts about upcoming changes to the popular but pricey $450 a year Citi Prestige credit card. To be clear this isn’t a card I have a direct affiliate relationship with, but it is pretty common for those who do have an affiliate relationship with a particular card to get a head’s up that changes are coming so they can be prepared to adjust their websites and posts with…

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It May Get Easier for Families to Sit With Their Kids on Airplanes

FullSizeRender 20

For whatever reason, common sense seems to sometimes fly out the window when people are soaring through the sky in a small and confined space at 36,000 feet. While you would never cut your toenails at a restaurant, it happens during meal service on a plane. While you would never huff and puff about waiting in an orderly line to get on a ride at Disney, it happens when people are in line getting on and off a plane. While you…

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One Full Trip Around the Sun


As parents already know, first birthdays are big deals. This day may not be a big deal for the little one who is turning one, but for the parents the day is unquestionably and undeniably a BIG DEAL. It is a time to reflect and look back at all the firsts already marked in the baby book, and a time to peer ahead at what is quickly to come as the transition to toddlerhood is completed in the coming months.…

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IHG Cardholders Purchase IHG Points for .51 Cents Each


If you can book all of your travel with points that you get virtually for free then that is obviously the ideal scenario, but in the real world sometimes you need to combine points with cash to stretch what you have to get the travel you want. I know that we frequently combine points and cash to dramatically lower our out-of-pocket costs compared to what a given hotel night would usually sell for. One way you can do this is…

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The Point of Points

FullSizeRender 128

This weekend away with my husband’s family at one of my favorite properties, Hyatt Lost Pines near Austin, has been a great reminder of the power of points and travel deals. Points and travel deals brought together 10 family members spread out across three states for some old fashioned playtime. Adults and cousins alike got to play and relax in a very comfortable setting that was made for family fun without going broke in the process. I should add that it…

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