United Killing (Our) First Class Flight to Australia

We've always been happy in United BusinessFirst

We don’t have many big premium cabin flights on the books right now…in fact, we just have one, our big family trip to Australia and New Zealand planned for the spring of next year.  That puts roughly two years between big fancy premium cabin international trips for our family, which I think is a pretty good spacing.  It is certainly more frequent than would ever be possible without miles and points, but it is enough time between trips to certainly…

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How I Would Use 80,000 Marriott Points

Scrub Island

The limited time increased 80,000 point Marriott Rewards® Premier Credit Card is scheduled to end on August 31st (4 days from now) and while I have done a few different Marriott related posts recently that were inspired by this offer (like how to squeeze 12 award nights out of it!), I haven’t actually sat down and thought about exactly where I would personally want to use the sign-up bonus points if we were to pull the trigger on the card…

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Cheap Flights to Europe From $345 Round Trip!

Enjoy Ireland from $345 round trip!

Just a quick note to say if you have been toying with the idea of heading to Europe in the next several months, today is the day to check airfare prices as they are under $400 round trip in some cases, and a few hundred dollars more in others.  This is exactly the scenario when I bought tickets to Spain last year with cash instead of using miles at what have been roughly a one cent per mile return –…

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Review of The Phoenician Resort, an SPG Property


Earlier this year, before Baby S arrived, I knew we wanted to take one more short trip as a family of three.  We are normally fortunate enough go on lots of exciting summer excursions, but since I was due to have a baby in July, I knew we were going to be pretty home bound this summer.  This means I wanted to have a “summer getaway” a little before summer officially kicked into high gear. Thanks to all those dynamics…

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Earn Free Miles When Paying Utility Bills Online

Earn Free Miles Paying Bills

I realized today that I had yet to mention a pretty easy way that has popped up to potentially earn thousands of free miles or points.  You may or may not have already heard of Plastiq, a website that allows you to pay almost any bill with a credit card.  This includes bills such as college tuition, babysitters, daycare, rent, car payments, utility bills, and more.  The payments are either delivered via electronic transfer or via a mailed check, depending…

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Huge Airfare Sale: $15 Flights With Promo Code!

Frontier 15 Discount.jpg

I write about a fair number of Frontier Airlines sales as prices can get insanely low, but today’s sale is even better than most of the great ones I write about.  Right now Frontier is offering lots of routes for just $15 all-in each way – no Discount Den membership required!  You need to use the promo code SAVEBIG to get the $15 price and keep in mind the sale is limited to 100,000 uses. These prices are truly nuts. …

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IHG Accelerate Promo Offers Have Changed….


I actually like the IHG Rewards Program, so I feel a little bad picking on them, but… We have another new (in some cases lucrative) IHG promo and another change very quickly into the promotion.  Before anyone starts getting too wound up, the terms and conditions explicitly permit them to do this (IHG Rewards Club reserves the right to cancel, suspend and/or modify the Promotion/Offer at any time with or without notice), it was done within hours into the promo,…

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Reminder of Change Coming to AAdvantage on 9/1

Hawaiian Airlines Route Network

In the craziness of the summer it is easy to forget a few changes coming to miles and points programs this fall, but since I know many families are busy planning next year’s summer vacations I wanted to share one change that kicks in on September 1st that is absolutely worth a reminder. On September 1st American Airlines will no longer permit you to redeem AAdvantage miles for travel on their partner Hawaiian Airlines between the continental United States and…

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New IHG Members Can Earn Two Award Nights


Back when we were potty training our oldest daughter years ago, she used to get stickers, M&Ms, or applause for using the potty.  Now, at five years old, there is no fanfare for using the potty other than occasional inquiries from us regarding flushing or toilet paper use.  In other words, what was once littered with praise and treats is now commonplace, expected, and not really celebrated. I hate to compare hotel promotions to learning using the potty, but… That…

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The Rewards Credit Card Strategy I Got Right


I laugh a little at my daughter’s first day of kindergarten photos today not because the photos are funny, but because they capture a moment in time that looks so similar to previous first day’s of school on the surface, but just under the surface our reality is currently so different.  When we took our “last day of school” photo just 2.5 months ago she was an only child who was being taken to and picked up from school by…

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