Which Credit Cards Cover Global Entry Application Fees

Global Entry Kiosk

I recently wrote about who should get TSA PreCheck given that the TSA lines at airports across the country have been insanely long recently with reports that they may get worse this summer. It seems that some actions are now being taken by TSA and the airlines themselves to get the lines back under control, but ultimately the best defense against very long security screening lines is to have TSA PreCheck in order to give yourself the option of using…

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Earn 50 AAdvantage Miles Per Dollar on Magazines

American 787

If you like magazines and American Airlines AAdvantage miles then today is your lucky day because right now you can get 50 miles per dollar spent at Magazines.com via the AAdvantage shopping portal! I’ve seen it go as high as 60 miles per dollar in the past, so this isn’t record breaking, but it is still high enough to warrant a mention. I know some that have bought magazines via promos like this to donate to hospitals, nursing homes, etc.…

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Defying Chase 5/24 and Getting Approved for the United Card!

Chase 5:24

If you wish to support the site, you can click on ‘Other Rewards Credit Cards’ at the top of the blog to view current sign-up bonus offers by issuing bank. For about the last year there has been an unofficially confirmed Chase rule that says you cannot have 5 or more new credit card accounts on your credit report within the last 24 months (aka 5/24) and still get approved for their own Chase branded products like the Sapphire Preferred, Freedom,…

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Are You Eligible for Bonus United Miles?

United Change Is In The Air.jpg

Most of the airline promos I have received in the past were tied to flying a certain amount in order to earn a certain number of bonus miles. However, this targeted promo I received from United today totally leaves how much you fly in the dust and instead is 100% based on how wide you open your pocket book. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with that, I just found it an interesting departure from the type of promos I was…

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Bonus Miles for Some AAdvantage Aviator Cards

AAdvantage Aviator Bonus Offer

I know there is a fine line of helpfulness when sharing various targeted offers on this blog, but when an offer has a history of being available to many I think it is more useful than not to go ahead and share. In the case of targeted spending bonuses on the former US Airways MasterCard, now AAdvantage Aviator Card, this seems to apply. This card has a long history of offering cardmembers lucrative targeted spending bonuses for putting X amount…

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Nordstrom Rewards Program No Longer Requires Credit Card!

Nordstrom Rewards

I don’t limit my points and rewards earning to credit cards and travel loyalty programs – probably like many of you I am a frequent collector of burrito stamps, ice cream punch cards, pedicure discount cards, and other store rewards programs. I mean, if I am a regular customer and the store makes it easy to rack up rewards towards free stuff, then who am I to say no? One store where I regularly visit, but have always said no…

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Start Saving for College the “Easy” Way + Try to Win $529

FullSizeRender 7

I was very lucky to make it out of my years as an undergrad at the University of Texas at Austin without any student loan debt thanks to scholarships and my parents’ support, but the same could not be said about my years in grad school at NYU. I’m embarrassed to even tell you how much my Master’s degree cost, even after scholarships. I will say that I graduated from NYU in 2005, and now 11 years later, I still have…

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How to Minimize or Avoid the Air Passenger Duty Fees

british airways in air

We are planning to fly to the United Kingdom this summer with our two kiddos, and since we will be going to London and Scotland I am very interested in minimizing or avoiding the Air Passenger Duty fees that get tacked onto most flights that depart the UK. This can be a pretty big fee on long haul flights – even bigger when you are flying in a premium cabin like we are. The rates are currently £71 to £73 for economy…

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How to Use Citi Price Rewind to Save Money Easily!

Citi Price Rewind.jpg

If you wish to support the site, you can click on ‘Other Rewards Credit Cards’ at the top of the blog to view current sign-up bonus offers by issuing bank. Like many of you I’m no stranger to credit card perks outside of simply the miles and points that they earn. I’ve used credit card protections to cover things like a broken iPhone (more than once) and $200 flight change fees when my daughter got sick and we couldn’t travel. However, I was…

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How to Earn 3x JetBlue Points in June!

JetBlue Triple Points

The summer travel seasons is already a very peak travel time, so it always surprises me a bit when hotel and airlines throw out bonuses to entice travelers during those months. However, JetBlue has done just that with 3x TrueBlue base points for new bookings only made 5/23 – 5/26 for travel for June 2016 travel. You must register for this promo and enter your TrueBlue number on your reservation. You will then earn triple the base points for your…

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