Given my affinity for New York City, Hyatt Gold Passport points, and the Park Hyatt brand, it’s no shocker that I have been anxiously awaiting the opening of the flagship Park Hyatt New York.  The large rooms.  The soaking tubs and heated floors in the bathrooms.  The indoor pool with underwater music.  There were delays and setbacks, but the doorman flanked doors are now open and the puddle of drool is pretty much covering my keyboard as I look at photos and information about the property.  I know, I know,… Read the Rest.

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Today several retailers in different shopping portals have increased mileage payouts that are worth mentioning, including several at 10x.  The ones in the United MileagePlus shopping portal are today only! United MileagePlus Shopping: Sephora 10x Nordstrom 10x Macy’s 10x AAdvantage eShopping: The North Face 10x 6x Kmart Ultimate Rewards: JCPenney 10x eBags 15x   Let me know if you see any other higher than usual payouts!  

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There are certain destinations that stick with you long after you have checked out, flown home, unpacked your bags, and continued on with your life.  Colorado and the magic of the Rockies have always been on that sacred list for us, but in recent years Hawaii solidified a place as well.  There might be better beaches, closer beaches, cheaper beaches, but for us there doesn’t seem to be a better island.  Hawaii, to us, is about way more than just a beach or a resort.  The whole ‘Aloha package’ has… Read the Rest.

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Update this offer has ended.  Head here for a list of current offers. September is here and that means that some big limited time credit card offers are ending very, very soon.  In fact, the public United MileagePlus® Explorer Card 50,000 mile offer is advertized to end tomorrow – September 2nd. The current temporarily increased offer is for 50,000 United miles after spending $2,000 in the first three months and also a 5,000 mile bonus by adding an authorized user who also makes a purchase in the first three months.  The… Read the Rest.

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As you likely know, I like to plan way in advance and use miles and points when cash prices for hotels and airfare are high.  It’s a simple strategy that has taken us around the world.  Normally this strategy works great, but it can backfire when things don’t work the way you hope.  I like sharing success stories much more than unsuccessful stories, but I think there are lessons to learn in each so here is how a mess-up on my part (and a stingy hotel policy) cost us 84,000… Read the Rest.

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While I am always happy to share my own traveling stories with my family, there are tons of other great traveling families out there with kids of different ages, different numbers of kids, and who have had different experiences than me.  As part of my “Little C’s Traveling Friends” series, I am sharing different family’s stories so we can all learn from their experiences.  If you would like to be a part of this series just shoot us an email at Julianna and her husband were frequent and exciting… Read the Rest.

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Foreign transaction fees were once very common among rewards credit cards, which was kind of unfortunate especially in the realm of travel rewards credit cards since those cardholders (unsurprisingly) travel outside the United States with some regularity!  In recent years more and more credit cards have eliminated foreign transaction fees, which is great so that you aren’t hit with an extra 3% or so for each transaction that was processed with a foreign currency.  Canada tripped me up more than once since it just didn’t feel “foreign” in my head!… Read the Rest.

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I like to leverage my everyday purchases to earn miles and points to use for travel.  I get the most value for my spending that way, I have the most fun that way, my family benefits the most that way.  End of story.  However, my story isn’t the same as everyone elses’ story, so I totally get that sometimes cash is king, and cash back cards makes more sense than points for some , especially in non-bonused spending categories. There are a plethora of cash back cards on the market,… Read the Rest.

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I get emails from unexpected people and companies with some regularity – it’s all part of the ‘fun’ of making a living in this kind of crazy way.  One email that caught my eye recently was from someone that worked at the Hyatt Place Houston, The Woodlands, which is very near my hometown.  She was a meeting coordinator and was giving me a tip about earning Hyatt points via meetings, receptions etc.  It was a points earning method I’m not sure I have overtly written about, so I will soon,… Read the Rest.

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Last year I got the British Airways Visa Signature® Card both for the sign-up bonus points as well as to try and put $30,000 in spending on it in that calendar year to trigger the “Travel Together” certificate.  With this electronic certificate you can bring a companion on your Avios redemption on a British Airways operated flight for no additional Avios cost.  You just pay the prescribed number of Avios for one person and the second is “free” in terms of the number of points owed.  Sadly, you do still… Read the Rest.

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Starwood Preferred Guest has a history of offering various online games, and they now have a new one called Tap Into Luxury where you can win free hotel nights, SPG points, iTunes gift cards, or Ticketmaster concert cash.  Like some of their previous games you can “spin” twice each day to see if you have won one of the available prizes. The game did a pretty good job interesting me in some of the various SPG properties I landed on!  I haven’t won yet, but I know many in the… Read the Rest.

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