First Trip Without Baby: Leaving an Instruction Manual


Whether you first leave your baby for an overnight trip away when they are five weeks old, five months old, or five years old, it is probably going to be a little tough. Even if you are beyond ready for a little kid-free time, or even just time with your other kids, it is still an unquestionably huge transition for you and them. I’m about to go through this transition for the first time with my second daughter, and while I…

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Getting $710 Cash Back in 12 Months With Limited Time Offer!

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I’m a miles and points girl more than a “cash back” girl, but that doesn’t mean that cash back offers don’t catch my attention from time to time. I mean, can you really go wrong with cold hard cash? Obviously not, at least not at the right percentage. Along those lines, two Amex cards that award cash back have interesting new limited time offers that award as much as 10% back in a popular bonus category of US restaurants…on top…

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World of Hyatt to Offer Immersive Experiences and More

World of Hyatt Image.jpg

We have already learned a fair amount about what the new World of Hyatt program will look like when it launches on March 1st including details surrounding the four new elite tiers and benefits, the co-branded credit card features, the impact on the M life relationship, and more. However, while those are very important pillars of the program, those pieces by themselves aren’t the full scope of what the World of Hyatt will offer. When I met with the folks from Hyatt…

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Weekend Package in NYC for Moms Using United Miles


I love it when you can use your miles and points not only for things like airfare and hotels, but for truly memorable experiences. Right now United MileagePlus has an experience available for “beautiful moms” in honor of an early Mother’s Day celebration that really sounds pretty memorable for those with the miles to spend. For 100,000 – 150,000 United miles (depending if your guest needs flights included or not), you get a weekend experience that includes: Airfare from your home…

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Nice Surprise for Big Spending Hyatt Credit Cardholders


Some loyalty programs (that I try to avoid) have a bit of a history with over-promising and under-delivering. On the other hand, some have a history of under-promising and then “surprising and delighting”. If you have been in the miles and points world for any length of time, you likely know that Hyatt Gold Passport falls into the second and obviously much more enjoyable category. As Hyatt Gold Passport transitions to the new World of Hyatt on March 1st we…

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Big Warning for Those Who Use Points to Fly United and American

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Yesterday United and American started selling Basic Economy fares on select routes, and generally speaking, this is really bad news. Contrary to how it is occasionally spun, Basic Economy fares do not mean that if you are willing to skip things like advanced seat assignments, earning miles as normal, and having a full size carry-on that you can save money. No, it means if you need or want those very normal things that have forever been included on these airlines,…

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Amazon Promo Code to Save $8.62 on $50 Order!


Today only, to celebrate their second straight year of being ranked #1 in the annual Harris Poll on corporate reputation, is offering $8.62 off a purchase of $50 or more!  To save $8.62 off a $50 or greater purchase, use the promo code BIGTHANKS at checkout. On my test purchases it did not work on an Amazon gift card, but it did work on a third party gift card like a $50 Whole Foods gift card. As you can see below, a $50…

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Do Basic Economy Fares Impact Award Tickets?

United Economy

As of today, United and American have both started selling their own versions of Basic Economy fares on select routes, with the plan to expand from there in the coming months. As of today United is selling their Basic Economy fares to their hubs from Minneapolis and American Airlines is selling theirs on the following routes: New Orleans (MSY) – Philadelphia (PHL) Orlando (MCO) – Charlotte (CLT) Charlotte (CLT) – Philadelphia (PHL) Miami (MIA) – Philadelphia (PHL) Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW)…

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What to Know Now That United Is Selling Basic Economy Fares

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We knew United’s Basic Economy fares were coming, and now they have officially arrived. Do not be fooled into thinking that means you can now save a few bucks on your airfare when you don’t need things like carry-on bags or advanced seat assignments. No, it means you now get less than you did yesterday unless you pay more than you were paying. For now the Basic Economy fares are popping up on some routes from Minneapolis, because they are…

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7 Things to Look Forward to on a Trip With Just the Big Kid


I can’t remember the last trip I took without at least one kiddo along for the ride. I mean, I had a same day turn around flight for work about 5 months ago without any kiddos, but I truly can’t remember the last real trip without kids. I think it was about two years ago, but there have been a lot of practically sleepless nights between then and now, so I’m not sure. However, I can remember my last trip…

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