How to Book a Plane Ticket for a Baby Before They Are Born

Photo by Jamie Kutter Photography

Like many of you I am a serious advance planner.  Probably a border line OCD advance planner, but I’m okay with that and have learned to work with what I got.  This means I am mentally planning trips about two years out, and actually booking flights about 11 months out when the airline schedules open – at least if the award seats are there or fares happen to be awesome that far in advance.  This means that Baby S had…

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Why You Might Want to Use the United Card More ASAP!


In recent history my family has enjoyed the perks of me having United MileagePlus elite status, alternating between one of the top two elite tiers for the past several years.  I know that not everyone that reads this site has or needs airline elite status, but if you travel as much as I have over the past few years it really does make a difference in the ease and quality of air travel.  My favorite perks aren’t actually the first…

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How a Credit Card Saved My Husband from the Dog House


Last week my husband took a “guys trip” to go fishing a few hours from home.  While I’m not against a guys fishing trip in theory, in reality I’m not going to lie and say I was the super-cool-with-it-wife.  Truthfully, I was not exactly thrilled about this trip for a few reasons, a big one being that my 2 month old is still getting up several times at night and isn’t exactly a “chill baby” through the day.  In fact,…

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Earning 5x on Groceries, Hyatt, Diapers, and Much More!

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  Last month I decided I needed to work a little harder to increase the number of points my family was regularly earning without adding much extra complexity to our daily life.  Since I am pretty certain all of us enjoy earning more points without lots of added work or investment, I’ll share the few easy things I am doing this month. Buying Grocery and Other Gift Cards Online for 5x Points Last month I purchased $400 in Whole Foods…

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See if You Won 5,000 SPG Starpoints!


In honor of my family’s amazing visit to the St. Regis Punta Mita (as part of the SPG Amex Stars program) I gave away 5,000 SPG Starpoints to help get someone else a little closer to their next award trip. decided the lucky winner of the Starpoints was Jim F. who said: I need a night in HKG (Hong Kong) for an upcoming MR (mileage run), a stay at the W would be over the top.  By the way,…

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New Way to Get to New Zealand on Miles


You might have heard that getting your family to Australia or New Zealand on miles is about a tough of an award as it gets, especially if you want to fly in a premium cabin.  It can be done, but it takes persistence, flexibility, and luck to pull it off. Well the good news is that there is going to be another way to get to New Zealand on miles beginning this July! United Airlines will operate service from San…

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Earn Free Award Night With Two Paid Nights!

Wyndham Bonnet Creek

Earlier this year Wyndham Rewards underwent a massive “revaluation” where all of their properties became 15,000 points per night for awards.  This includes properties in places like New York City and Kauai as well as their all inclusive properties.  There has been a little confusion from Wyndham Rewards about which properties qualify for the 15k awards (they all do), but that seems to be settling some now that the new program has been out several months. Now they have a…

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Passengers Told to Pump Milk Where Dogs Poop and More…

100% certified organic mom's milk

Before I had my first daughter almost six years ago I knew very little about breastfeeding, it simply wasn’t something on my radar.  Then, I had my first daughter and nursed her for about five months, stopping around that time because of a combination of a return to work and an international trip without her.  Now I am nursing my second daughter and I have no plans to stop this time just because of any trip, job, etc.  I’ll stop…

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Fly Free My Furry Friend

Taken the final day we were together

Today my mind is on a different sort of free flying.  This isn’t the kind that requires airline miles, boarding passes, security screenings, and seat assignments.  This is the kind that allows an old soul to leave a broken and worn out body and once again fly free. So please, if you are just cruising for the “deal of the day”, feel free to skip this post.  Several months ago I talked about the tough decision we were facing as…

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Best Time to Sign-Up for This Credit Card Offer

Southwest Changes 2015

In life, “they” say that timing is everything, and it turns out that old adage holds just as true in the miles and points world as with anything else.  There are times of the year when certain deals are better than at other times of the year.  If you are newer to this hobby it can be hard at first to spot these better times to act, so I want to help point out why now might be the very…

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