I love it when the elite status I have with one program can be leveraged into benefits with another program.  Now those with elite status with United Airlines can use that to get extra miles and elite benefits when renting with Hertz. Beginning November 1st, those with United elite status or cardholders of the United Club Card or Presidential Plus Club cards will be eligible for the following perks on Hertz rentals: 1,250 miles – MileagePlus Global Services, Premier 1K and Premier Platinum members; 1,000 miles – MileagePlus Premier Gold… Read the Rest.

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As we expected, last week the 141 acre Atlantis resort and water park in the Bahamas came under the Marriott flag, which is great news for miles and points loving families.  The official “live” date was October 16th, and stays booked on or after that date by calling 1-877-829-2429 or on www.marriott.com/atlantis are eligible for Marriott elite benefits, point earnings and redemptions, etc.  If you booked a stay before October 16th it is ineligible for earning points and other Marriott benefits.  Those details are all outlined on this FAQ. There… Read the Rest.

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Y’all, I think IHG must have gone temporarily insane.  As I wrote earlier today, the terms changed on the “Into the Nights” promo for many folks in recent days.  Since the promo has been running for over a month, and many people have spent actual time and money based on the terms that were displayed to them, the reasonable conclusion behind changing terms was a “tech glitch”, right?  They wouldn’t really think you can change terms of a promo mid-stream since people had spent cold hard cash based on what… Read the Rest.

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I’m not usually an early adopter in the world of technology, but I made an exception today and downloaded the newest iOS 8.1 update on my iPhone 6 which enabled me to try out Apple Pay.  This is (somewhat) relevant to miles and points because you can store different credit cards in your Apple Pay account and use those to pay at select stores to maximize various category bonuses without having to actually have them in your physical wallet. I can say that I have successfully used Apple Pay to… Read the Rest.

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Cheap nonstop fares on United out of Houston aren’t super common since we are basically “hub captives” here, and United knows that we will often pay more for the convenience of getting from A-B as quickly as possible. Well, I was looking around on United.com today and noticed that you can fly Houston – Los Angeles for as low as roughly $130 round trip…even on same-day turns (in case you were in the market for an end of the year mileage run).  I even saw limited Saturday same-day turn availability… Read the Rest.

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Happy Monday morning!  Today that means dealing with an exhausted kid (and mommy) from a busy weekend, getting dressed for school, packing a lunch, and dealing with a changing terms on the IHG Into the Nights promo!  After some debate, I decided to go all-in on this promo recently and have completed four out of five needed nights, including both night Saturday stays.  All I needed was one more stay that I complete and book via the the mobile app to earn my two award nights bonus. Sounds easy, right?!… Read the Rest.

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In the “Miles and Points for Beginners” session I presented with Million Mile Secrets yesterday at the Chicago Seminars, one of the things we touched on briefly that drew lots of questions after the session was online shopping portals.  I talk about them here with some regularity, but it is clear that it is a method of earning miles that not everyone has dipped their toes in yet. I think it is one of those things that sounds harder than it really is, so I’m talking about it again today… Read the Rest.

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This offer had ended. I’m at the Chicago Seminars this weekend and based on conversations I have had with fellow miles and points junkies, it seems that there are people still out there who are very interested in the temporarily increased Ink Plus 70,000 point offer, but who have not yet actually pulled the trigger.  Procrastinators of the world, unite!  Seriously though, if you fall into that category, this is the last call for 70,000 points as far as I know.  I have been told the limited time offer ends… Read the Rest.

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A card I don’t use very often, but still keep around, is the U.S. Bank FlexPerks® Travel Rewards Visa Signature® card.  It has helped me purchase a few airline tickets with points, and has some okay bonus categories of 2x points on gas, groceries, or airfare (whichever you spend the most in that month), 2x on cell phone expenses, and 3x on charity expenses.  You can redeem 20,000 points for an airline ticket that is selling for up to $400.  It isn’t the most straight-forward rewards program out there, but it… Read the Rest.

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For most of us, travel is about the destination first and foremost, but that doesn’t mean that being comfortable along the journey is a bad thing.  Airline lounges can be a good way to make the time in the airport a bit more comfortable or productive.  They are certainly not a necessity for travel, but can be a nice option when you have extra time to kill at the airport. A good airport lounge is a relatively calm space that offers reasonably fast internet, plenty of (comfortable) places to sit,… Read the Rest.

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We all have our own favorite miles and points programs, and while our collective absolute favorites are likely to vary a bit based on location, travel patterns, etc. it is rare that someone in the miles and points world puts Delta SkyMiles high on their favorites list.  That’s not because of anything Delta does wrong in the air, because they actually are regarded to have a better in-flight experience than some other US airlines, but their frequent flyer program is always on the cutting edge…of devaluation. Not only are they… Read the Rest.

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