It often takes a bunch of miles to move a family around the world on award tickets when you are multiplying by many travelers, so that’s why families are the ones who benefit the most from award chart sweet spots and limited time discounted awards.  It can be hard to keep track of the different discounted awards that are out there, so I wanted to offer a summary of some of the discounts available right now.  Even if you can’t lock something in at the moment, just knowing that these… Read the Rest.

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We all love to knock Delta SkyMiles, but sometimes they really can be the best option to get your family where you want to be on miles.  For two more days you can now book discounted Delta awards!  For example, during this sale you can fly in economy in the lower 48 for just 21,000 miles round trip instead of the normal 25,000 miles (assuming saver availability, and yes, I know that can be tough to find in some markets). That means you could fly nonstop from NYC to Salt… Read the Rest.

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If you have decided to take your family to the island of Kauai, you have probably already made one of the best vacation decisions of your life. However, even after you make that awesome choice, you have to still decide where to stay. If you have opted to use points to stay at a hotel you have narrowed your lodging decision making down some, but there are still many options. There are way too many points-friendly hotel choices to look at in-depth here, in fact that is an entire chapter… Read the Rest.

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Some strategies to earn miles and points are quite involved and involve a semi-complex thoughtful earning system, but some aren’t.  Some are very straightforward easily actionable items that you can be doing right now to earn more airline miles or hotel points.  Here are five insanely simple things you can be doing right now to earn more airline miles and hotel points to travel further. 1.  Get 1,000 extra points by making eligible Hyatt bookings via the Hyatt mobile app. You can pick up an extra 1,000 points per Hyatt… Read the Rest.

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We are just weeks away from the busy holiday travel season when tons of families will hit the skies…yes, I said just weeks away.  Crazy.  Many of those families that will be lining up at the airport are ones who don’t travel that frequently, so it can be an extra anxiety ridden and stressful experience for anyone that either isn’t prepared or simply doesn’t know what to expect.  This is totally understandable as there are so many nuances for everything from getting through security, to the boarding process, and more…. Read the Rest.

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When we have to stay near DFW in Dallas, there is one hotel we will always look to first, the Grand Hyatt DFW.  It is not only nice, but literally in the airport.  Location is the most important feature of an airport hotel, as wasting precious moments of sleep waiting on a shuttle bus is just usually not worth it for us.  I actually thought I had shared this review long ago, but I found it sitting in my drafts, so I wanted to make sure it was out there… Read the Rest.

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A couple of rewards credit card offers were recently tweaked, so I want to mention those details in case the sign-up bonus additions are of interest to your rewards loving family. One Year of Amazon Prime Added to Some American Express Sign-up Bonuses: First, American Express has added one year of of Amazon Prime for new Amex EveryDay and Blue Cash Credit Card customers.   I personally live and breathe Amazon Prime, mostly because of the free two day Amazon shipping, but it also offers unlimited instant streaming of movies and… Read the Rest.

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Here’s a quick round-up of today’s miles and points news and updates… Fly to Las Vegas for $21 on Frontier Airlines on new route from St. Louis:   Continuing the streak of crazy low economy fares, I’m happy to share another one on Frontier Airlines to/from St. Louis and Las Vegas for just $21!  Tickets must be purchased by 11:59 pm Eastern time on Oct. 28, 2014 for domestic, nonstop travel on Tuesdays from January 13, 2015 through February 10, 2015.  Fares are one-way and round trip purchase is not… Read the Rest.

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Additional information was released today related to progress in the merger of American Airlines and US Airways, especially as it relates to the AAdvantage and Dividend miles programs.  You can view the information directly from the airlines here, or View From the Wing offers some good additional analysis here.  Much of the information released and analyzed is related to the combination of the of the elite status levels and upgrade procedures from US Airways and American Airlines.  On the whole they will be going with an American Airlines elite program… Read the Rest.

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My family is planning a trip to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City this year, and as a result I’ve been thinking through some different ways to actually see the parade.  By far the most likely scenario is that we will line up at too-early-o’clock and simply stand outside and hopefully get lucky with the weather and the almost-five-year-old’s stamina just like 95% of the rest of the parade attendees.  However, I think it is fun to look at all the options for seeing the parade that… Read the Rest.

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Like most of you, I use rewards credit cards primarily for the rewards they give me on things I buy in everyday life.  However, that is not the only reason I am strategic about paying for various purchases with credit cards.  There are several other reasons, often related to consumer protections, that my family prefers using credit cards to cash, checks, or debit cards.  One such protection that I have often thought of, but never personally used until recently, is the extended warranty protection afforded to some purchases on select… Read the Rest.

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