The 50,000 Mile Card I Will Probably Apply for This Week


The temporarily increased Delta Amex credit card offers of 50,000 – 60,000 bonus Delta SkyMiles are scheduled to end next week on July 6th, so if you have been procrastinating on deciding whether or not one of those offers makes sense for you, then it is time to get serious on making a decision. I’m mostly talking to myself there, but I bet it might apply to some other busy folks, too! Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card: 50,000 bonus miles after…

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Even More Cheap Flights to Europe from $400’s+

Exploring Dublin

Good travel deals seem to come in waves…and the last few weeks we have been riding the wave of great airfare sales to Europe (yes, even before #Brexit). While I hate to sound repetitive mentioning these similar sales periodically as the parameters change, I guess I really don’t mind being repetitive about awesome airfare prices. What really caught my attention this morning about these fares is that unlike most of the other days this fare war has happened, this time…

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Hi Ho Silver(Car)!


This is a guest post from my dad, Grandpa Points. He and my mom are in their mid-60’s, are (mostly) retired, and are ticking off “bucket list” destinations quicker than they ever thought possible thanks to miles, points, and travel deals. They have an intense love of this country, of its National Parks and treasures, and have no problem with a clean budget hotel room and an economy airline seat on a budget airline as long as it gets them…

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Awesome Promo: Turn 40,001 Points Into 125,000 Airline “Miles”

JetBlue Image

Yesterday I received an email from the JetBlue team about an absolutely amazing promotion. You may have already read about this offer now elsewhere, but I didn’t want to just fire off a quick post without really digging into how amazing it is because this is one of the coolest offers I think we have seen in a while from any program. JetBlue wants to win over Virgin America flyers, and to do so they are willing to match the number…

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Day 1 Inside the Now Open Houston Amex Centurion Lounge!

FullSizeRender 122

I know I have given more than a fair amount of coverage to the Amex Centurion Lounge Houston in the last 48 hours, but it isn’t every day that a world class lounge that so many of us have access to opens in my own backyard, so hang with me through one more post if this isn’t your topic of choice. I actually wasn’t planning on going to the official opening day of the Amex Centurion Lounge Houston since I…

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New Houston Amex Centurion Lounge Opens Today!

Houston Centurion Lounge Wall

I was told by Amex that the brand new American Express Centurion Lounge in Houston officially opens today! Since the regular operating hours are 5:30AM – 9PM, I would presume that means it is open right now! I attended the opening preview event earlier this week, so check out that full report here to see the layout, food, drinks, and amenities of the lounge. If you are going through IAH today and have the time to swing by the elevators…

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Rates and Bookings for Park Hyatt St. Kitts Now Available!

Park Hyatt St. Kitts

I recently shared some details about the new (not yet open) Park Hyatt St. Kitts, including that they would be a top tier Category 7 Hyatt property. Some good news for those interested in that property is that they are now accepting reservations for dates March 1, 2017 and beyond! My understanding is they still hope to open before that date, but I agree with their decision to be a bit cautious with accepting reservations before construction is really finished…I know…

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Inside the Brand New Houston Amex Centurion Lounge!


I love airport lounges when they are done well as they offer a perfect respite from the craziness that can be airline travel. Heck, if they have a corner for my family, I love them even when they aren’t done that well. A decade ago I thought airport lounges were just for super busy executives who couldn’t waste a minute of downtime, or for rich and important people that didn’t want to mingle with the “commoners” between flights. Since I…

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What Credit Cards We Are Using the Most Everyday

Most Rewarding Credit Cards for My Family

If you wish to support the site while adding a credit card to your wallet, you can view available credit card offers by issuing banks by heading here. Your support is greatly appreciated. I do my best to ‘practice what I preach’ when it comes to miles and points earning and burning, so since it has been a while since the last time that I shared what credit cards I was personally using the most day to day to earn my…

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Cheap Flights to Europe Continue for $400+ RT!

Fun in Zurich!

These amazing fare wars to Europe just aren’t letting up – and that’s a great thing for budget travelers! I simply can’t keep up with sharing them all, but the one this morning was just too good to ignore. Just like I can’t believe I can fly to Denver during ski season for $39 from Houston, I really can’t believe I can fly to Europe and back on many dates this fall and witner for $400 something dollars. That. Is.…

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