Here are your quick and to the point mileage updates for this Saturday morning…. Korean Airlines has been removed as a Chase Ultimate Rewards transfer partner Yesterday evening I saw a tweet from @JaredPerlin about his honeymoon being ruined because Chase had removed Korean Airlines as an Ultimate Rewards transfer partner.  The response from @ChaseSupport (who he also included on the tweet) was that “You can still use your points to get great deals through Ultimate Rewards or transfer to other partner programs”.   I’m not thinking that will meet the… Read the Rest.

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Even though I write about my family’s travels pretty extensively on here, I don’t often get into topics like my favorite international city, favorite domestic airport, favorite island, favorite foods, and worst travel experience.  I don’t even know that I take the time to think about things like that with any sort of frequency, but I recently go the chance to think through and share my “Travel Style” with Travel Pro, Johnny Jet. You can check out the Travel Style segment here, and I recommend peeking around at some of… Read the Rest.

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The preview list of IHG Point Breaks hotels is now available!  As usual, the Point Breaks rooms will be available for 5,000 IHG Reward points per night for bookings (and stays) from November 24, 2014 – February 28, 2015.  This is just a preview list and the bookings do not go live until Monday of next week, which is a good thing since popular hotels get snapped up relatively quickly and this way you can look the list over in advance to see if any properties might work for your… Read the Rest.

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The biggest (only?) problem I have with Hyatt is that there just aren’t enough of them around the world.  Slowly but surely they have been expanding their footprint, most recently at some vacations spots around the Caribbean, but now two new locations have leaked out that I bet many of us will quickly add to our points-funded-vacation-wish-lists. While these reports seem legit, just be aware this isn’t coming directly from Hyatt, and these big projects are always subject to change before the doors ever open.  Still, I’m at least a… Read the Rest.

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Virtually all families spend a hefty amount of their monthly budget at the grocery store.  The USDA has said that a a moderate-cost grocery plan for a family averages $239 per week.  That would average out to over $12,000 per year just for a moderate grocery plan, whatever that even means, so let’s go with that number.  That is $12,000 per year that can be maximized in order to earn some major miles and points if you shop with the right rewards earning credit card. Get a Credit Card that… Read the Rest.

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I never intended to have three posts in a row related to United elite status, but that is how it has shaken out.  Apologies to everyone who couldn’t care less about this topic!  Last night I wrote about a change that I think very negatively impacts United elite traveling families, but as I mentioned in that post, that was not the entirety of the changes that came out yesterday…it just happened to be the one that I thought to be the worst for traveling families.  Here is a summary of… Read the Rest.

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This morning I released a post about the highlights and low-lights of United 1K status….and apparently I should have waited another day to write that post as some things I liked got whacked today by United.  There were a number of changes I will get into more tomorrow (spent today on a plane with no WiFi doing my last mileage run of the year for United status…oh the irony), but I’m going to focus on the change I like the least tonight. For as long as I have had United… Read the Rest.

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Airline elite status is something you get by virtue of having lots of required paid travel, by setting a goal and flying a bunch, or often it is something that requires a combination of the two.  Elite status doesn’t really make sense if you didn’t have a bunch of paid travel to begin with, but most of us don’t just naturally travel enough to have upper tier elite status with an airline without setting it as a goal and tracking the progress throughout the year. A few years ago my… Read the Rest.

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As a self-professed Hyatt junkie, I’m obviously all about saving as much money on Hyatt stays, especially when it means I can still book directly with Hyatt and earn points and stay credits in the process.  Right now there are many different savings opportunities for Hyatt that stack with each other very nicely to result in extra savings, and even some extra points. Save 10% on Hyatt Gift Cards, eGift Cards, and Checks: Via a new limited-time opportunity, you can save 10% on Hyatt gift cards, e-gift cards, and check… Read the Rest.

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JetBlue has just released a new promo code, WINTER14, that will save you 20% on the base fare of select domestic flights and 15% on the base fare of select international flights.  The JetBlue promo code WINTER14 is valid for travel from 12/2 – 12/18/14 and 1/6 – 2/11/15 (blackout dates 1/19/15). The code excludes travel on Fridays and Sundays.  The promo code is good while supplies last until 11/19/14 (Wednesday) at 11:59PM ET. The discount will be when used to book new reservations on this site and applied as… Read the Rest.

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The card I have had in my wallet the longest is the Chase Freedom®.  I had another now non-existent rewards card I turned into the Freedom years ago, and it is now one of my favorites as it offers 5x points with no annual fee.  Those points can be used like cash back at a rate of one point = one cent, or you can probably do much better than that if you also have an Ink Plus® Business Card or Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card since the points earned on the… Read the Rest.

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