How to See When You Opened New Credit Card Accounts

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If you are going to sign-up for more than one or two rewards credit cards, then my best advice is to get a simple but effective tracking system in place that will tell you when you got a card, what card it was, when you got the sign-up bonus, when the annual fee is due, when you closed the card, etc. It doesn’t have to be a fancy system, and it can be on a spreadsheet, on a piece of paper, in…

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Getting the Chase Sapphire Reserve or Sapphire Preferred?

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I know this site (and probably many others) are on Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card overload right now, but just hang with me for a bit longer if you are not interested in this card. I keep getting questions about this new card that are easier to answer one time in a blog post rather than multiple times individually, so I have a few more posts to write on this card in the near term, but will mix it up…

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Applying for the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card in a Chase Bank

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As you have probably seen, the insanely amazing offer for the brand new Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card and its 100,000 sign-up bonus points went live online yesterday. You can read all about the card, perks, and benefits, in this post. I was on the fence about applying myself because based on reading reports of approvals and denials online, I was 98% sure I would not be approved. I didn’t think I would be approved not because of my credit score,…

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Now Live: Chase Sapphire Reserve and 100,000 Bonus Points!

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Today is the day, the new Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card has officially arrived online, and it is every bit as amazing as we knew it would be! I’ve been doing this rewards credit card thing for many years now and this is the best publicly available offer and credit card that I can remember seeing. It’s that good. I want it for all the reasons that I’ll get to in a minute, but for more reasons I’ll also discuss,…

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Taking the Train from London to Edinburgh


After flying over the ocean in British Airways business class, spending a few great days in London at the Hyatt Regency Churchill, playing in Hyde Park, taking the tour inside Buckingham Palace, eating in the Disney Cafe at Harrods, and more, we headed to King’s Cross Station to catch our train to Scotland. It was really a toss-up from a price standpoint between flying or taking the train from London to Edinburgh, but we opted for the train to eliminate some of the stress…

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Last Chance: Book United Awards at 20% Discount!


A couple of weeks ago United kicked off a great sale for those looking to travel using miles this fall with domestic or Canadian round trip economy award flights starting at just 16,000 miles, which represents a 20% savings over the regular price! This is a very useful sale for anyone looking to stretch their United miles for domestic or Canadian trips this fall. Tomorrow, August 23rd, is the last day to book your award tickets with this discount. As always, you can transfer…

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Counting Down to the Chase Sapphire Reserve and 100,000 Points!

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Word is in the next day or so (or less?!), the very much anticipated Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card application will officially hit the internet. I’m pretty excited about this new rewards card, and I know many of you are, too. The 100,000 point Ultimate Rewards sign-up bonus after spending $4,000 in the first 3 months is huge. The 3x earning on travel and dining is huge. The Ultimate Reward points being worth 1.5 cents each towards travel booked via their portal…

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Racking Up 60 Points Per Dollar With Club Carlson


One type of hotel point that used to be a pretty rising star among point junkies was Club Carlson points. They were easy to obtain and really easy to stretch for big value if you had the co-branded Club Carlson credit card. Then after a couple of years they increased the maximum number of points required for many of their hotels from 50,000 to 70,000 points per night, and eliminated the super valuable last award night free benefit that came…

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8 Tips to Beat Jet Lag When Taking Kids to Europe


One of my biggest concerns when we recently went to Europe with a one-year-old and six-year-old wasn’t the actual plane ride, but rather dealing with jet lag once we landed. Jet lag and major time zone changes aren’t fun parts of travel, even for adults, but as adults who have experienced it multiple times, Josh and I know how to deal with it relatively well. This time I was most concerned about my just turned one-year-old since she doesn’t have the world’s…

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Discounted Whole Foods Gift Card on Amazon Today


In addition to getting killer deals on trips, I also like “small wins” by saving money or earning extra points on everyday purchases. These small wins may not be as exciting as big trips, but they are pretty fun in their own right. Anyway, one way we sometimes save money on everyday things is by keeping an eye on the Discount Amazon Retailer Gift Cards available from Sometimes there are tons of different retailers available, sometimes none, and in recent…

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