You probably read this website, at least in large part, because you want to save money on travel.  You probably want to save money on travel, in large part, because airfare is expensive.  It can be expensive, absolutely.  But today I can’t get over how cheap it can be. Before I get to the cheap part, let’s talk a bit more about the expensive part.  I live in Houston, and believe it or not, that is actually one of the most expensive airports in the country to fly out of… Read the Rest.

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My dad, Buddy, AKA “Grandpa Points” has a love for travel as fierce as mine, yet our travel patterns are distinctly different.  He and my mom are now in their mid-60’s, are (mostly) retired, and are ticking off “bucket list” destinations quicker than they ever thought possible thanks to miles, points, and travel deals.  They have an intense love of this country, of its National Parks and treasures, and have no problem with a clean budget hotel room and an economy seat as long as it gets them where they… Read the Rest.

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I think that there are a disproportionate number of articles and posts written on ways to save miles on award flights operated by OneWorld airlines compared to Star Alliance airlines.  From the BA distance based award charts, to the 10% back on American Airlines redeemed miles with certain credit cards, to the monthly Ciit AAdvantage discounted mileage cities, and the 5,000 mileage discount on US operated award flights with the US Airways card, there are really lots of ways to fly for less on various OneWorld airlines such as American,… Read the Rest.

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Thank lower oil prices, an off-peak travel season, better sharing on social media, new routes, or plain old good luck, but we have been seeing some pretty nice airfares recently.  I mean, $99 to London?  Really?  Those great fares on Wow Air are still available today on limited dates for 2015 travel! Sadly, I haven’t found $99 tickets to Hawaii (yet), but prices are a couple ticks below normal out of various cities, so I wanted to share them in case you have an itch to head west to paradise…. Read the Rest.

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Yesterday I posted about The US Airways® Premier World MasterCard and a new pretty great targeted offer that some are receiving.  I also mentioned that I would absolutely get this card soon-ish before the merger with American Airlines, as they will eventually stop accepting new applicants at some point.  I mean, I can’t imagine a future where you continue to issue a US Airways MasterCard when US Airways no longer exists?!  One thing I said I did not know is what would happen to existing cardholders after the merger in… Read the Rest.

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Low-cost carrier WOW Air has some seriously wow prices right now as they are set to launch service from US destinations Boston and Washington DC (actually BWI) to Reykjavik.  If you don’t want to go to Iceland (and what is wrong with you?), then this can still be super interesting because you can continue on to Europe. These prices will not last, but right now are as hot as Washington DC (actually BWI) – London (via Reykjavik) for $99 USD one-way.  That is an all-in real price including taxes.  You… Read the Rest.

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Airline miles can fly you almost anywhere.  Hotel points can get you a place to lay your head.  Dollars can buy you darn near anything, including a ticket into the World Series.  But, no mile, point, or dollar can by itself buy you an amazing memory with your family.  Those you have to get on your own, and they can be much harder to obtain than some miles or points. I’m so proud of my husband’s family for making a priceless memory together last night at the World Series.  “Priceless”… Read the Rest.

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“Everyone” knows that US Airways is merging with American Airlines.  That means that the US Airways co-branded credit card issued by Barclaycard will cease to take on new applicants at a certain point in the not terribly distant future (in other words, likely months, not years).  I do not know that exact date that will happen, nor am I 100% clear on what will happen to existing US Airways cardholders at that time in terms of what type of card the former US Airways card will become.  However, I am… Read the Rest.

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We all know that airline food is not great most of the time.  Heck, sometimes it is downright awful.  However, it is handy to be served food at mealtime while flying miles over the earth, so I grade on a big curve when it comes to my own airline meals.  I have the fortune of being able to travel with my almost-five-year old with some regularity, and miles and elite status have landed us at the pointy end of the plane where meals are more common a number of times…. Read the Rest.

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I love it when the elite status I have with one program can be leveraged into benefits with another program.  Now those with elite status with United Airlines can use that to get extra miles and elite benefits when renting with Hertz. Beginning November 1st, those with United elite status or cardholders of the United Club Card or Presidential Plus Club cards will be eligible for the following perks on Hertz rentals: 1,250 miles – MileagePlus Global Services, Premier 1K and Premier Platinum members; 1,000 miles – MileagePlus Premier Gold… Read the Rest.

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As we expected, last week the 141 acre Atlantis resort and water park in the Bahamas came under the Marriott flag, which is great news for miles and points loving families.  The official “live” date was October 16th, and stays booked on or after that date by calling 1-877-829-2429 or on are eligible for Marriott elite benefits, point earnings and redemptions, etc.  If you booked a stay before October 16th it is ineligible for earning points and other Marriott benefits.  Those details are all outlined on this FAQ. There… Read the Rest.

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