Ends Tonight: Places You Can Fly for $21!

$21 Frontier Flights

I’m constantly in awe of how low airline prices can go (without even being a mistake), and today there are legit $21 all-in airfare prices that I have to share. Via Frontier Airlines 21st birthday sale, here are some places you can fly for just $21.  You know, for around the same price of around two burritos and sodas for lunch you could fly to a whole new city! Atlanta – Cleveland, Cincinnati, or New Orleans Chicago – Philadelphia or…

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The Promo That Saved Me Over 22,000 Hyatt Points!

Hyatt Regency Maui 16,000 points via the 20% back promo

As we enter the real heart of summer travel I wanted to offer a reminder about one of my very favorite hotel promotions ever (yes, ever) that is still going on for about another month. The promo I am talking about is the Hyatt Gold Passport promotion that gives 20% of your redeemed Hyatt Gold Passport points back from 2/17/15 – 7/31/15 with no limit – if you have the Hyatt Visa and registered for the promotion by 3/31/15, so…

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Breakdown of New JetBlue Bag Fees and Fares

Waived JetBllue Bag Fees

Rewind the clock just 7 years to early 2008 or so and it was pretty much a given that when you bought an airline ticket you were also buying the right for your checked bag to come with you.  However, in the subsequent 7+ years, your checked bag (and sometimes even carry-on bag) are no longer treated as part of your ticket, and pretty much every US airline now charges extra for you to have the right to check your…

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Why I Applied for the 50k Delta Amex Offer That Ends 6/30

I may be a “miles and points blogger”, but I am first and foremost a “miles and points collector”, so while I don’t take advantage of every offer that I write about, I do at least really consider most of them.  Today I decided to take the plunge and apply for what is only my second new rewards credit card of 2015, the Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card from American Express.  This card has a temporarily increased sign-up bonus of…

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Last Chance for IHG Hotel Points with 100% Bonus!


I wanted to offer a final reminder that the promotion to purchase IHG points with a 100% bonus is coming to a close tomorrow, June 30th.  IHG points are ones that you can routinely “buy at a discount” via making and then canceling a “cash and points” reservation.  This results in buying points at the “discounted” price of .7 cents per point instead of the regular IHG price of 1.11 cents per point (or more, depending on how many points…

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Airline Rules for Traveling While Pregnant

Flying at 30 weeks pregnant

I’ve written so far about planning trips if you are hoping to become pregnant in the relatively near future, traveling during the first trimester, traveling during the second trimester, and I will soon devote a post to tips for traveling during the third trimester.  However, before I do so I want to write about the different airline rules for traveling while pregnant, because they are by no means consistent.  They range from fly whenever you want, to fly with an…

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Who Can Get the Limited Time 50k or 60k Delta Amex Bonuses?

The temporarily increased sign-up bonuses of 50,000 and 60,000 miles for the Amex Delta SkyMiles Gold and Platinum cards are scheduled to come to a close on Tuesday, so I wanted to touch on the issue of getting the sign-up bonuses if you have had an Amex Delta product in the past.  As you may already know, American Express has a term and condition stipulation with their personal cards that indicates that if you have or have had the product…

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How to Earn Thousands of Free Points for Travel Every Month

Barclaycard Travel Community

“Free travel” is my very favorite kind of travel, and with miles and points some portions of your trips really can have no out of pocket cost.  One of the main ways to earn “free travel” is of course via the miles and points you earn from rewards credit cards, including the sign-up bonuses and points you earn from everyday spending.  But, you already knew that… Today I wanted to offer a reminder about another way to earn points on…

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Tips for Visiting Washington DC on the 4th of July Weekend


With the 4th of July approaching next weekend, I wanted to re-share some of our posts from our trip to Washington DC for July 4th last year in case you are headed on a similar trip this year, or maybe this can even inspire you to take a last minute trip to our Nation’s Capital!  We had a fantastic red, white, and blue filled trip to DC last year and highly recommend a similar journey for other families. Where to…

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Something You Shouldn’t Have to Travel to Access: Equality

AA Equality

When we travel around this country, and especially to other countries around the world, we get the chance to see different ways of life.  True this experience is muted when you sometimes stay closer to the beaten path of points-friendly chain hotels and resorts, but even then you can get glimpses of a world beyond your own.  Sometimes you will see things around the world that you are thankful don’t exist in your own backyard, and sometimes you will see…

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