Hotels That Offer a Full Kitchen Available on Points

Element Houston Vintage Park Kitchen

Outside of lodging and transportation one pricey but unavoidable cost that can really hit families hard on vacation are meal costs.  Most families have long since learned how to keep food costs lower at home by cooking, packing snacks, hunting down “kids eat free” nights, or otherwise knowing where they can turn to feed their crew without taking out a small loan in the process.  However, on vacation many of those tricks and tips can be hard to implement, especially…

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From First Flights to International Trips with Three Kids

Waimea Canyon Kauai

While I am always happy to share my own traveling stories with my family, there are tons of other great traveling families out there with kids of different ages, different numbers of kids, and who have had different experiences than us.  As part of my “Little C’s Traveling Friends” series, I am sharing different families’ stories so we can all learn from their experiences.  If you would like to be a part of this series just shoot us an email…

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List of the IHG Hotel Category Changes Released Early!

IHG Award Chart Changes

When IHG announced that there would be changing the award prices for around 450 of their hotels effective May 1st, I immediately asked my contact there if we could get a list of the hotels changing category early so that people could make bookings as needed.  Unfortunately, I was told that IHG does not historically release a list of hotels changing category in advance of changes.  I already kind of knew that, but I still had hope that they would…

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How We Saved 46% on Peak Airfare Costs

The Phoencian

Since I’m now in my third trimester of carrying Tiny Traveler #2, our travels have not surprisingly slowed down a bit.  I had one more one night trip booked for early May, and then that was it for air travel and me for a while.  The precipitous drop-off in travel bookings came both from the pregnancy itself, and from the time when my husband was between jobs and we basically put a freeze on booking new travel.  However, as the…

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Awards to Book in Next 4 Days Using British Airways Avios

british airways in air

One of my favorite award charts for the last couple of years has been the British Airways award chart due to its distance based pricing and solid values for shorter flights.  Fortunately, the distance based award chart is staying, but some award flights are becoming more expensive in just four days.  This means it is time to finalize bookings you want to make based on the current British Airways award chart before the new chart kicks in on April 28th.…

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Why are Starwood Points the Most Valuable Type of Point?

SPG has very beautiful hotels and resorts

What’s a point worth is a popular question to ask or ponder in the miles and points community.  In many cases it is a question that doesn’t have an exact answer, but rather an accepted range of answers.  Basically a point (or mile for that matter) is only worth what you redeem it for, and then even in that case it isn’t necessarily worth what you redeemed it for if you wouldn’t have ever paid for that redemption with cash…

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Earn 15x Miles or More Today via Shopping Portals

Rapid Rewards Shopping

This morning I noticed that several online shopping portals had some above average shopping mileage payouts you may want to take note of in case you need to make some online purchases.  For example, you will find at 15x in a couple of portals and eBags at 16x.  That is only a good deal if you were about to buy something they offer anyway, but if you can time a purchase with an increased payout you can have a…

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Review of Catcha Falling Star Resort in Negril, Jamaica


In February my husband and I headed to Jamaica to help some friends celebrate their wedding anniversary without our little one.  As I explained here, Jamaica was never really at the top of our “must visit” list, but we always love to travel with friends when possible, so we hoped for the best and went forward with planning a trip to Jamaica.  We would have two nights in Negril where our friends were staying, and then two nights at the…

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Why I’d Get the Club Carlson Visa ASAP


In my view the worst miles and points news thus far in 2015 is that the Club Carlson Visa last award night benefit is going away.  This isn’t the flashiest redemption value out there, but it sure is a very good one and one of my personal favorites.  As I shared previously, May 31st is the deadline to lock in future award reservations using this last award night free perk.  Normally I would not recommend getting a credit card that…

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Getting Started With Miles and Points Presentation


A couple of times a year I get the opportunity to present about miles, points, and family travel in person at various conferences around the country.  Every single time I do it, I thoroughly enjoy meeting other miles and points enthusiasts, and there is always the chance to learn something new.  Since I don’t want people to feel like they have to jot down notes in my session, so I always promise to share the slides online afterwards. I’m also…

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