I’ve been busy this Labor Day weekend doing things with my family (like flying to the beach and back in a day with Little C, trip report coming soon!), so haven’t been able to write full posts on a couple of good and easy ways to score some points.  Some other great bloggers have already written full posts on these most of these deals, so I am just reminding you to take a look and see if these deals are right for your family!

  • 2,500 Chase Ultimate Rewards points for creating a Stamps.com account.  You need to go through the Ultimate Rewards portal to create your account, and you need to cancel within four weeks to avoid being charged a $16 monthly fee (unless you actually want a Stamps.com account).  A little annoying, but hey, free points are free points!  I just registered myself.  Thanks to infamousdx for the tip!  You can read more about the deal here or here.
  • 750 free United miles for joining Mypoints.com.  You will probably be signing your inbox’s life away to the spam devil, but again, miles are miles!  Tip, use an “extra” email account for this!  Read more here or here.
  • Remember to tweet a picture of yourself @USAirways with a US Airways sign at “any baseball themed event” before Sept. 9th for a free hit in this year’s US Grand Slam.  Read more about the Twitter promo here or more about this year’s Grand Slam here.  This is a fantastic free and easy way to get a head start on hits!



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