Right now Delta is offering 25,000 Skymiles for making a $500 Skymall purchase before September 18th.  Thanks to Darcie on Milepoint for sharing the info!

This isn’t a promo I am personally going to take advantage of, but if you had a large Skymall purchase you have been eyeing, now is the time to go for it!  You could always order 17 of the world’s largest crossword puzzles (coming in at $29.95 a piece) and wallpaper a room that way.  Come on, it would be fun!

Are you going to get in on this deal?  What would you order?  I bet you can’t top 17 of the world’s largest crossword puzzles! ;)

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  1. Kris says:

    Actually pretty tempting! Some of those hard to shop for people in my life may be getting something ridiculous from the SkyMall catalogue this Christmas!

  2. Jason says:

    what drives me nuts is i can never find a good redemption for the 25,000 miles at $500. Granted I know this is a buy for points item vs. a buy and you are lucky to get points.

  3. NYBanker says:

    2 cents per mile gross cost. Assume you could sell most of the crap in SkyMall for 40% of cost on eBay (net of eBay fees). (It’s New in Box!! A+++ condition!)

  4. mommypoints says:

    @Jason, I hear you there. They don’t call them “SkyPesos” for nothing….though in all fairness I have found a few flights at the low levels before.

    @NYBanker, very true. I am sure a few enterprising folks will do just that.

  5. Chister says:

    What about buying Marriott gift cards? For someone who travels a lot, that seems like a reasonable deal?

    • mommypoints says:

      Chister, I like the way you think, but the terms and conditions exclude gift cards. Otherwise, I would be all over it myself!

  6. deltaGOLDflyer says:

    Here is my results from this one

    I got 10 TAB’s and and sold them all in 24hrs on EBAY. Total cost after ebay+paypal+s&H fee’s (including price match with SAMSCLUB for cash back) was a loss of $700

    So, for $700 I got 1/4 Million miles at a cost of $0.0028 per mile. I will get 2 biz class tickets to Sweden (yes I find them all the time @ 100k with work 3x times a year) and have 50k left over.

    This was a killer deal I just wish I had gone BIG!

    • mommypoints says:

      @deltaGOLDflyer, wow! To me, sounds like you did go “big”! Two biz class seats to Sweden + 50K left over for $700 cost sounds amazing. Way to make the most of this promo.

      • deltaGOLDflyer says:

        …txs but should have gone for 1 million miles. fun to say I got 1 million miles from a promo. (I am now at 1.5 million total for year and should hit 2 million by year end – it has been a great year! – I still miss the mint coins – but ask me about my new fun game at the ORD DO!)

  7. Dsn says:

    What is a TAB?

  8. […] this as you have to resell the items to recoup your loss.  I didn’t participate during the last go-round either, but I know several of you will probably be interested in this promo so I wanted to at least […]

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