The Man on Game Tripping, Or, Patience Could Land You $100 Toward Travel!

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Another post from The Man:


Given that it’s been a while since I’ve posted directly on Mommy Points, my wife gave me a half-smile and a devilish look just before supper and said, “I know what you could post about tonight…” which was met with a dubious stare and my best stoic air.  The fact that you’re reading this is strong indication of who succeeded.  “…now that the Chiefs games are published you can post about traveling to see a road game!”  If you’re unfamiliar with the manner in which the league conducts business, there is really no off-season.  For those who aren’t either practicing or recovering football addicts, there are significant football events nearly every few weeks, all “off” season.  This week’s event was the publishing of the 17 week game schedule (plus a four week pre-season) for every one of the 32 professional teams.  The information is more like the nicotine patch, a trip to the methadone clinic, or perhaps more relevant, taking that life-long trip to Disney only to sit for three days in the parking lot.  It isn’t football.  It isn’t even close.  But many a grown man (and woman) very likely took time out of his or her day to create a mock win-loss schedule: “Oh yeah, we’ll crush the Donkeys at home… The Faders have Carson Palmer now, we could lose both of those… ‘Cry Me A’ Rivers is at the end of his career, so at worst we’ll split with the Bolts…”  I’ll confess that I was brutally honest with myself, and, despite having a host of great players returning from injury this year, I still came up with 6 losses for my beloved Chiefs. “We admitted we were powerless over football – that our lives had become unmanageable…”

Once the NFL schedule came out, MP and I immediately checked the date of my 20th high school reunion.  I’m not old, I’m seasoned.  Unfortunately, even though we’ll be mere hours away from KC on that weekend, the schedule has KC playing an away game against Sean Peyton’s Bounty Hunters Saints.  We were bummed.  Not only would we not be able to combine two great trips into one fantastic weekend, but we’d also not be able to book our return out of MCI (Kansas City International) at a much reduced fare compared to ICT (Wichita).

Clearly, I have some influencing of my own to do.  Let the NFL powers that be know that We the People of the United (Mental) States of Fandom really want to make it to at least one live game per year, and that if they would simply check with our schedules first, m’kay?  Trust me, I realize it’s all about setting up highly competitive games that positions the league for late-season fireworks, but still.  Work with us, here…

Have any of you in the Mile and Points community planned this far in advance for game day trips?  My wife has me well-conditioned to give plenty of lead time to potential trips.  When I have to travel at a moment’s notice for work, it is now very apparent to me just how expensive last-minute fares can be. So if we have any chance of making my NFL habit more “live and in person” I need to apply what I’ve learned from my fabulous time with MP and plan way in advance.  Thus, yesterday’s scramble to match dates with existing trips.  It looks like the trips we have booked currently are not matching up with any games so far, so we may be plus one on this year’s ventures in order to catch a live game.  Did any of you die-hard football junkies get an existing trip that coincided with attending a game?

I get a form of mental hibernation during the football offseason.  I’ve already mentioned how the league makes sure we don’t flatline waiting for the second weekend in September, but for me, there are roughly three times when I bother to emerge from my fancave and forage for Chiefs sustenance: Free Agency, Draft, and daily.  I read anything and everything I can online, in print, or in skywriting about my beloved team.  Unfortunately, I live in a part of the world that isolates me in my arrowHeadCase.  I don’t know a living soul in a hundred mile radius that is a Chiefs fan, so there isn’t any watercooler talk or tire-rotating diatribe about KC.  So I mentally hibernate, yet lurk here and there keeping watch as I can.

Every time I consider avoiding the monopolistic extortion that is NFL Ticket, my love for watching the game live wins out, and I re-up for the season.  Although traveling to see a live game once a year seems exorbitantly expensive, it pales in comparison to my satellite fees to watch my team (which required annually using the service, as opposed to cable).  For those of you who don’t know, one cannot watch a non-nationally televised game out of market unless it’s through DirecTV or an affiliate.  Once again this year we’ll be shelling out full price to watch the Chiefs in HD, so if any of you know of legitimate ways to reduce the annual cost of this service, I’d love to hear them.

For those of you who are addicted to great writing, and more specifically, great sports writing, I strongly suggest adding to your daily read.  Granted, Bob writes about the Chiefs specifically, but unlike most fishwrap writers or the talking heads on the sports channels, I find his writing non-biased, eloquent, moving, and insightful.  His readers are a spirited bunch, and the comments are a great read in and of themselves.  I stumbled upon his gift for prose shortly before he left writing for, and when he started his own site, I was the first to ante up for a premium subscription.  His site is rare in that, even though it had some advertising, it was still a losing enterprise for him financially, so he began charging his loyal readership for content that isn’t readily available elsewhere.  It may seem biased that I feel good content should be rewarded, but I was paying to read Bob’s phenomenal daily offerings before the Mommy Points website was even a notion.  Ironically, when I run into a paywall for a huge corporation (ahem, New York Times) I immediately click elsewhere.  I don’t know.  I’m a fan of the underdog, the little guy, the mom and pop operation that stays afloat by legitimate means.  Did I mention I’m a Chiefs fan?

So there you have it.  Join MP and I at a Chiefs game, or, if you happen to cheer for an inferior team (and don’t throw stats at me, the Chiefs are the best) I won’t hold it against you, as long as you attend a game and cheer your heart out.  Sure, there are great places to visit all over the world, venues that are unforgettable and unique, but when you’re surrounded by your wife and your Dad, and Tebow happens to beat you with two (2) completions for the entire game (one of which is for a 57-yard TD) the fact that your heart sinks and you know you’ve been beaten means nothing.  You’re there, you’re in the moment, and, as a fan, you would rather be nowhere else on Earth.


Disclaimer:  I receive zero (monetary) compensation for guest-posting on my better half’s blog.  Mommy Points and it’s parent company are in no way affiliated with Bob Gretz (other than as readers) or the Kansas City Chiefs (other than as fans).  Should you have deigned to have read this in its entirety, the first person to clearly identify the hidden message in this post and correctly state it in the comments section will receive a $100.00 travel voucher to the airline of your choice that sells e-gift certificates.  You must provide a real email address.  As a second prize, the first commenter who correctly guesses my favorite Kansas City player of all time will receive a one year subscription (a $50 value) to the premium section of  In short,  a long-overdue post from The Man, and undoubtedly, the longest disclaimer in the history of Mommy Points.


UPDATE:  It only took half an hour for the hidden message to be identified, and a winner announced.  However, the second prize remains.  If no one guesses my favorite player by tomorrow night, (Thursday) I’ll put an extremely obvious clue in the comments.  Thanks for reading!


Second UPDATE: Both prizes have now been won.  Thank you all for your readership, your love of being a fan, and your support of Mommy Points.


  1. Love it! For any football fans out there, or partners to football fans, my husband is right, pull up those game schedules and start making your travel plans for any games you might want to attend. An easy thing to do is lock in refundable hotel reservations, just in case. If you want to fly using miles, the sooner the better (in most cases) for those award tickets, too. 😉 I hope we are able to make a game in person this year….just not sure when/where yet. Maybe after the Star MegaDo 4 dates are released, we will have a better idea of our availability.

  2. Mom, Every year since 2004, mjm (from NRT) and dhammer53 (from NYC) fly to SFO for a Raiders game. I was expecting the schedule, but not this early. Thanks. In the old days, I’d plan my trip in order to reach UA PremEx status (50,000 miles). Now, as a UA MM, no need to fly to attain status. Time to burn some miles. Looking forward to meeting you at The Freddies next week.

  3. Hidden message: How football fans and frequent flyers/travel addicts might be two closely related subspecies of fanatical human beings?

  4. Checking the dates of upcoming season vs. checking dates of availability for award tickets or award stays, finding the cheapest way to get high def games of your favorite team vs. finding the cheapest ways to get to Europe in business class, etc…

  5. I may be totally incorrect, but I think the hidden message in this post were subtle references to the fact that you and MommyPoints are expecting another child. Could I be right? If so, congrats! If not, there’s always hoping!

  6. I too am a fanatic and was hitting refresh waiting for the schedule to post yesterday… Our trip this year will be week 8. 2 of the 4 guys that go on these Man weekends will get to see their home teams play. Thursday night in Minnesota followed by Sunday in Green Bay. We might even squeeze in the Golden Gophers Vs. Purdue game on Saturday.

    Have fun!

  7. Congrats to Kelly L. who was the first reader to correctly identify the message, GO CHIEFS! The message was in the first letter of each paragraph. Kelly, let me know for which airline you want to receive a $100 travel voucher. Thanks to everyone who guessed. The second prize is still available!

    –The Man

  8. Congratulations on the “plus one” to catch a live game! Too bad you don’t have Tony Gonzales anymore, he was fun to watch. GO COWBOYS!!!

  9. Be thankful that the schedule is set in stone once it comes out. I want to plan a trip across the pond to see some real football (the one where you actually use your feet) but their schedule is flexible until about two months out. Could be Saturday/Sunday/Monday, or postponed for another competition.
    ….plus one?

  10. Started planning a trip to see family/Euro 2012 8 months ahead of time. 11 months head start for Austin Formula 1 Grand Prix!

  11. We’re hoping to see the Patriots (my husband’s team) here in Baltimore, and I want to travel to NYC to see the Packers play the Giants near Thanksgiving. Thankfully we can Amtrak up to NYC, so travel should be easy.

    GO PACK GO! 😀

  12. As a fellow die-hard Chiefs fan who checks AP (not the Associated Press, but THE AP)literally every hour I am going to guess Jared Allen. Not only did he have a mullet, love mayonaise and hunt wild game on a monthly basis but his trade also brought us a top 5 Left Tackle (not guard) and a top 5 RB.


  13. As a diehard Lions fan, I feel your pain on paying for the tix. That said, if you really are interested in dropping Directv you can get the tix through PS3 without subscribing. It might cost a tiny bit more, but if you have a PS3, its probably not a bad way to go if you want to dump cable.

    Oh & player, I’m going with Will Shields

  14. I think directv just dropped the price of Sunday ticket to approx $200/season for 2012 season. Possibly less expensive than making a pilgrimage to a live venue.

  15. @Jared, this is MP (my husband is I think tied up in meetings this morning), but I am 99.99999% that you are correct. Joe Delaney died in 1983 trying to save three children that were drowning. He had a history of helping others, and even though he didn’t know how to swim himself, tried to save those kids. I’ll let him give the official word, but I’m pretty sure you are correct!

  16. Yup, Jared wins. Jared, your premium subscription for should be emailed to you shortly. Thanks everyone for playing!

    –The Man

  17. My husband is a big Chiefs fan and we live in IL. He also has no one in the area to talk to about it, it’s all Bears fans around here. It’s funny to hear about someone else in the same situation.

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