This morning I read Frequent Miler’s post about the 150 points per dollar deal from MyPoints and OpenSky and decided it was also time for me to follow up since it had been 30 days and my points had not yet posted either.  I went straight to the MyPoints Facebook page and saw the following message:

As many of you are aware, there has been a tracking issue for the September OpenSky offer and some members may not have received their Points. If you are still waiting for Points from the 150 Points per dollar offer in September, please forward a copy of your OpenSky order confirmation to Member Services at from the email address you use for MyPoints. If you signed up for OpenSky with a different email address than the one you use for MyPoints, please indicate that in your email to Member Services. If you have already submitted a request, there is no need to do it again, we have your information and are working with OpenSky to verify the order and award you your Points. However, due to the recent storms on the east coast, OpenSky offices are currently closed so we appreciate your continued patience as we do our best to amend this issue in a timely manner. Thank you for your loyal membership.

So if your points still have not posted, then it is time to do some follow-up as indicated above.  At least they are being proactive(ish) about telling us to be proactive.  Have your points purchased?  How has your follow-up gone thus far with MyPoints?


Also, the spam filter on all of the BoardingArea blogs is currently acting crazy and eating every comment, so I will be going through the spam filter and manually approving comments throughout the day.  If your comment doesn’t appear at first, that is the culprit.  Please don’t let that stop you from commenting though.  Hopefully it will be fixed shortly. 



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  1. Jason says:

    I submitted a missing points request on the web site and got a response back (after the automated reply) that they are working on it and not to worry.

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  3. Nathan says:

    Have your points purchased?

  4. Jennifer says:

    I did not receive my points so I was going to follow this. I never received any email confirmation from Opensky about my order. Not even a shipping notice. All I have are screen shots so I will have to send those over.

    I wonder how many people received anything from Opensky?

  5. Paul G says:

    Got the amails, but no points yer either.

  6. BenjaminN says:

    I also received this email but every time I reply it seem as if they are opening a new request.

  7. Jonson says:

    This is getting ridiculous. After exchanging several emails and providing them with the order confirmation, now they decided not to honor the points because the email addresses don’t match.

    Dear Jonson,

    Thank you for contacting MyPoints Member Services.
    It appears that you did not use the same name and/or email address that is associated with your MyPoints account. To receive Points you must use the exact name and email address registered with your MyPoints account.
    We apologize for any confusion. For future transactions, always use the same name and email address when purchasing for Points.

    Dennis G
    MyPoints Member Services

    • mommypoints says:

      @Jonson, have you tried contacting them via their Facebook page. People seem to get good response there. Worth a shot!!

  8. Jonson says:

    Yes, I did. And this is what they reply.

    I have contacted member services and will get back with you shortly. Thank you for your patience.

  9. yeliad says:

    Here’s a little know tip:
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    Thus one can keep a very small balance without financial consequence. Otherwise you must pay more than $200 annually for acts holding less than the minimum, $25G i think.

  10. Jonson says:

    Finally, i got the points. It still shows pending though…

    Best way to handle this Opensky-MyPoints mess is by contacting OpenSky directly via chat. Go to and login to your account. At the very bottom of the page, you will see black strip and a link to chat. Give the openky’s customer rep(her name is Shante) your order number and tell her you have not received MyPoints. She will ask you to wait and contact MyPoints right away to forward the order. Viola… The points show up as Pending, the next morning. Hope this helps.

  11. Caroline says:

    Just got my points today!! WOO!

  12. PhatMiles says:

    I got my points today. Before any surprises I will transfer them now. :)

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