I’ve totally lost track of time/day/planet/etc, but as always, the MegaDo has been delivering some Mega-fun.  I have been subbing in for MegaDo blogger, Gary Leff (AKA Mr. Fancy Pants), since he had a conflict that prevented him from going on this trip.  This was a purely volunteer effort, so it has been a little tough managing having fun on the trip and sharing the “Mega Do” updates, but so far I think it has been working out okay…just please don’t crucify me for any typos!  Luckily, I have also had some great help from a few others.  You can read the up to the minute MegaDo blogging adventures on the official MegaDo blog.

A few of the posts so far include:

A LAX send-off from the Star Alliance Lounge

A glimpse of what the Lufthansa overnight flight from LAX-FRA was like with 100 Mega Do fanatics on-board

Our arrival ceremony in the new A-Plus Pier at Frankfurt, including some remarks by the Star Alliance CEO

Summary of what Mega-doers do with a few hours “off” in Zurich (hint, it includes wine and cheese)

I’ll share some of my own personal reviews of the Lufthansa flight (in coach – ouch), the Park Hyatt Zurich, etc. shortly.  For now, feel free to check out some of the overviews of the trip linked above!


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3 Responses to “A Whirlwind of MegaDo Updates from LAX, Frankfurt, and Zurich”

  1. Wow all in coach. Thats gonna be an impressive trip once its all done. Then maybe you can grab a couple day vacation when you get back home ;)

  2. Panda says:

    If only they had left from IAD… would’ve been a 748i.

  3. Mark The Shark says:

    Nice pictures! I’m really bummed that I didn’t go. There’s always the next one…

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