I had a great time on the recent Star MegaDo 4, and it is no secret that on those trips a fair amount of “swag” is given away to participants.  I love getting free stuff, but I would rather share most of it with you guys as part of T-Day Giveaway #2!  On this particular trip, we were given stuff primarily from Lufthansa, United, and Milepoint.  Some of the main swag pieces are a decent sized United duffel bag, two MegaDo shirts (size Large), a Star Alliance 15th anniversary pin, a leather United passport holder, and a leather United bag tag.

Here is a closer up photo of some of the smaller items (sorry for the crummy quick iPhone shots).

If you want a chance at winning these items, just leave a comment on this post stating what item you think is the coolest (but you win all the items regardless of which you think is the best).  Limit one entry per person, must be 18+, void where prohibited, no cats allowed, etc, etc.  Entries/comments must be left on this post by 11:59PM on Tuesday November 27th.

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191 Responses to “T-Day Giveaway #2: Star MegaDo 4 Swag”

  1. Sil says:

    United Leather Passport holder please

  2. SM says:

    United passport holder

  3. Miguel says:


  4. John says:

    Luggage tag…lost mine.

  5. Justin S says:

    As a *A guy UA guy in IAH that couldn’t even try the MegaDo they all look great especially the bag tag and passport holder

  6. Kalpesh says:

    Would love the United passport holder or the luggage tag

  7. Blaine says:

    Luggage tag is sweet!

  8. Joel says:

    Luggage tags are classy.

  9. Pamela T says:

    The duffle bag, by far.

  10. Scott B says:

    While I would like the passport holder I would actually like the shirt. I would love to be out on the streets and having people ask me what is a ‘Mega Do’. I might not have gone but after reading all of your posts I would be able to give a very detailed rundown of what happened on the Do.

    Happy Thanksgiving

  11. eponymous coward says:

    United passport holder.

  12. Brittain says:

    Luggage tag and pin look great!

  13. Derek Evans says:

    Luggage Tag!

  14. Christeen says:

    Wow, that pin is cool! Crossing my fingers on both hands for the win.

  15. SBG says:

    Passport holder so immigration stops looking at how travel abused my passport is

  16. Ketan S says:

    passport case is the best

  17. Jason C says:

    Pin is really cool.

  18. Hoang N says:

    United duffel bag or Passport holder. Both is amazing and thank you :)

    Happy Turkey Day !!

  19. LIH Prem says:

    the passport holder is rfid blocking, at least if I read the insert inside properly. I have some extra swag for Bob Sargent including my smd4 t-shirt, and if I win yours we’ll add it to the pile for the Sargents.


  20. Jon says:

    The duffel bag or the passport holder please

  21. Jon says:

    The duffel bag or the passport holder please. Thanks

  22. Steven C says:

    Has to be I justed pulled a 75 ton aircraft T-shirit! Although the passport holder and luggage tags not bad.

  23. tiffany l says:

    the passport holder!

  24. Paul W says:

    Duffle bag would be useful for overflow purchases on return trips from Asia, please, thank you.

  25. Ed says:

    Passport holder would be nice. Thank you!

  26. Don T says:

    I think the passport holder is the coolest item.

  27. Michael H.(oldfox) says:

    I would love the leather United passport holder.

  28. Peter Tang says:

    Duffel bag!

  29. Og says:

    Passport holder or the bag would be real cool!
    Happy tday!

  30. Bill N DC says:

    I also would cherish the passport holder for my new passport when it arrives. This United PP Holder would replace one I had years ago from the Flying Goose, North Central – I think. That airline had just merged with another to become a ‘Republic’ airlines based in MSP. THANKS!

    PS. I’m thankful United’s 3rd Dreamliner left PAE yesterday & my 787 DreamLiner Nation-Wide tour is more likely Dec 8-10 DCA EWR IAH SFO IAH DEN DCA

  31. Yuuichi says:

    a leather United passport holder please. Thank you :)

  32. Sean says:

    The leather united passport holder is the coolest swag item because it’s functional AND stylish!

  33. Gavin says:

    United passport holder..:)

  34. Ari K. says:

    The shirt…so I can live vicariously thru free swag.

  35. Bob says:

    I don’t want any of that crap.

  36. PH says:

    Passport holder.

  37. phill gold says:

    I think the United Leather Passport holder is the coolest, although i like the duffel bag also.

  38. Lee says:

    Duffel bag would be nice to have.

  39. Kris Ziel says:

    Megado shirts, but I would like any one of those items.

  40. FF says:

    The luggage tag and passport holder are the coolest items!

  41. Martin says:

    Passport holder would be great

  42. Nancy says:

    I like the idea of the United duffel bag. It’s always a nice idea to stick an extra bag in for the inevitable “stuff” collected on the way!
    Like the luggage tag and passport holders too, but bag is most useful.

  43. A. S. says:

    I think the duffel and the leather items are very cool. there’s something retro chic about them and I’d love to have them! Thanks for the offer to give them away, MP!

  44. Poinasaurus says:

    Leather passport holder- cool

  45. MP says:

    Without a doubt: it’s the t-shirt.

  46. Josh says:

    I could really use the passport holder!

  47. Rich says:

    I’d say the passport holder is the coolest!!!

  48. Chris G. says:

    The United Passport Holder is my favorite as a loyal United flyer. :)

  49. Paul G says:

    Passport Holder for sure

  50. Chris says:

    Leather passport holder is cool. Leather luggage tag would do in a pinch.

  51. Lis says:

    The luggage tag because I need a new one!

  52. Sean says:

    The passport holder is pretty cool!

  53. Nadine says:

    Duffel bags are always great to have when traveling with little ones!

  54. Lee says:

    Passport holder

  55. Tonei G says:

    I like the duffel bag. Though the passport holder is neat too.

  56. Hao T says:

    United passport holder

  57. MrChu says:

    Duffel bag

  58. FEV says:

    United duffel bag!

  59. smittytabb says:

    passport holder or duffel s’il vous plait!

  60. Kristi says:

    passport holder

  61. Hans says:

    United Passport holder.

  62. Isaac B. says:

    I like the passport holder!

  63. Jason says:

    Luggage tag so I can find my luggage. I’d probably add some color to it too so it stands out even more.

  64. Greg K says:

    The passport case or the duffel, please and thank you

  65. Paul says:

    The shirt looks cool

  66. Jason T says:

    I vote for the duffel. Much more utility than the other items.

  67. thomas says:

    Passport holder

  68. Shaun says:

    luggage tag

  69. Mike L says:

    Lovin that passport holder

  70. Stephen says:

    United DO Shirt – Can’t beat that slogan!

  71. Naif F. says:

    everything looks great…but would most probably opt for United Leather Passport holder

  72. Jenn K says:

    The passport holder looks nice!

  73. Don G says:

    I think the passport holder is the coolest. I have a lot of all of the other things, but I’ve never had a passport holder before and it would be nice to have one from my most frequented airline.

  74. Jimgotkp says:

    Definitely, the passport holder!

  75. Jackie says:

    Love the duffel & could use a new one too! Thanks & happy thanksgiving!!!

  76. Abhishek Duggal says:

    leather United passport holder

  77. Neil says:

    United Passport holder

  78. Chris B says:

    I like the United duffel bag (but the passport holder is cool too.) Happy Thanksgiving!

  79. Ronald B says:

    Duffle bag, people think you are so cool with a logo bag.

  80. Mark says:

    Luggage tag is really cool!

  81. chris says:

    passport holder would be put to good use.

  82. Tim says:

    United Leather Passport holder is the coolest.

  83. Aaron S says:

    Of course the passport holder is the best.

  84. Andrew B says:

    Personally, I think the passport holder is the coolest.

  85. MM says:

    The duffel bag

  86. David says:

    Seems like everyone is after the passport holder, so I’ll take a shot at anything you are willing to give up. I’m not that greedy :)

  87. Justin says:

    The United duffel bag would be really handy, but the United DO shirt would be fun as well!

  88. I would actually like that passport holder!

  89. Veen says:

    Smell of Leather hmmm … like the luggage tag & passport holder.

  90. John says:

    United passport holder

  91. Aceman says:

    united tote bag

  92. Alan says:

    You can’t have too many shirts! :)

  93. Harlan V. says:

    That duffle bag looks sweet! :)

  94. Lisa says:

    duffel bag! I love using duffel bags for my travels :)

  95. hulagrrl210 says:

    The passport wallet rocks. So does the matching luggage tag! Happy Turkey Day!

  96. Thomas van Bracht says:

    The Passport holder is my favorite!
    Have you not thought about splitting the price up?

  97. JR says:

    The passport holder is pretty cool.

  98. C&C says:

    I’d be thankful :) to have the United passport holder. Thank you for offering up all this cool stuff.

  99. spesalvi says:

    the passport holder seem cool and I also need one :)

  100. Tomy S, says:

    I like the bag

  101. Abhinav G says:

    The shirts

  102. Flyer says:

    a leather passport holder, please!

  103. Jamie says:

    The silver t-shirt.

  104. ks says:

    That 15th anniversary pin is by far the coolest.

  105. Andrew says:

    The passport holder is coolest.

  106. GAM says:

    Passport holder!

  107. James H says:

    The mega-do tee shirts

  108. JohnL says:

    Passport holder looks pretty awesome

  109. Julie P says:

    the passport holder

  110. Chris S says:

    Definitely liking that luggage tag

  111. IflyfromABE says:

    Has to be the duffel bag with the big United logo. In a couple years when United will change their name and/or logo again, it is about to elicit the same comments my Continental BusinessFirst name tags c. 2002 on my carry on elicit from Flight Attendants :)

  112. danR says:

    I love it , now I need to win it !

  113. Robert says:

    Luggage tag looks great

  114. RK says:

    Duffel bag…for my upcoming trip on United..

  115. chris says:

    That passport holder will hold my dead passport together.

  116. Ken says:

    The shirts. I’m cheap and can always use more :)

  117. B says:

    The shirt with the “map” or the passport holder-both caught my eye.

  118. Missed SMD 4, so I’d love to grab some of the swag they handed out.

    Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  119. Andrew S says:

    The luggage tag looks nice! I’ve been looking for a luggage tag for a while too!

  120. oneeyejack says:

    t shirt!!

  121. Daniel S. says:

    15th anniversary pin!

  122. Eddy says:

    I’m personally a fan of the duffel bag!

  123. Matthew Wood says:

    By far, the coolest is the duffle bag. I’d love to sport that around the gym!

  124. IdahoSt says:

    shirt…fitting my XL body into large shirt…

  125. Eric says:

    My vote is for the leather United bag tag. Happy Thanksgiving!


  126. Max says:

    United tag !

  127. Rebecca D. says:

    United passport holder!

  128. Kelly says:

    Definitely the United shirt.

  129. Sajer Guy says:

    Love them all…pick me!

  130. rdp says:

    the passport cover…er, the luggage tags…i mean, the t-shirt…all are great!

  131. Latimer says:

    I’m all for the leather passport holder!

  132. Matthew says:

    Could really use the leather passport holder. Thanks for the giveaway!

  133. Carlo says:

    The passport holder is cool!

  134. Martin B says:

    Luggage tag looks pretty good to me, thanks!

  135. jackie says:

    The passport holder would be nice! Thanks!

  136. Ben says:

    United duffle bag would be the coolest – traveling in style!

  137. David W. says:

    Love the leather passport holder!

  138. William says:

    I like the passport holder. That’s pretty classy looking.

  139. Choco says:

    I like the bag tag!

  140. Nguyen says:

    Would love the passport holder. Thanks.

  141. Liz says:

    The passport holder. United were the very first airline I ever flew internationally and I thought it was fantastic and glamorous even in Y! LOL (who I was to know that no IFE at all during the 13 hour flight was their standard..and still is!)

  142. mike says:

    Passport holder

  143. Russ says:

    I like tags

  144. Owen says:

    Could use the passport holder soon :)

  145. Chris says:

    The luggage tag is where it’s at.

  146. JD says:

    Duffel bag!

  147. Andrew C says:

    Passport holder

  148. Mark R. says:

    I think the MegaDo shirts are the coolest.

  149. Kodoma says:

    Duffel bag, easily!

  150. James D says:

    Love the leather United passport holder.

  151. Sam S. says:

    t-shirt would be fine…

  152. Sarah S. says:

    How about the duffel bag????

  153. Barbara S. says:

    Always can use another t shirt for the kids!!

  154. Bruce S. says:

    Its all good…ok….the t-shirts!

  155. R Gage says:

    The luggage tag is definately the BEST!

  156. Larry says:

    United passport holder

  157. Sandeep says:

    that passport holder and luggage tag look neat.

  158. John L says:

    The United Passport Holder is the coolest

  159. GoodTimes says:

    Cool swag. Glad you had a great time!

  160. York says:

    The passport holder looks cool.

  161. Jordan says:

    I love free t-shirts

  162. Nick H says:

    T-shirts would be great! Thanks for the blog!

  163. Jason says:

    That’s a sweet passport holder!

  164. Ralph says:

    The duffel bag!!!

  165. Archon1995 says:

    I need a new passport holder, and that one looks pretty sharp.

  166. Brian R says:

    the shirt is awesome

  167. Ray says:

    The United duffel bag! Haha that will come in handy for weekend travel.

  168. Walton says:

    United passport holder!

  169. Evan says:

    Duffel bag!!!

  170. Daniel M says:

    The United duffel bag is the best gift.

  171. CE says:

    Definitely the leather passport holder! I’ve been thinking about getting one for a while, but I can’t rationalize the expense. My passport is just fine without a holder, but it would be so much better with one!

  172. Sy says:

    Anything Delta is cool

  173. Jim says:

    I need a passport holder

  174. Phxbne says:

    The leather bag tag

  175. noltian says:

    Passort holder or t shirt

  176. I.Castillo says:

    All the items are more than cooler, a necesity. My favorite one is the Passport holder, it would protect my passport, so it won’t get old by always carrying it on my hands while running on airports terminal!

  177. Jennifer says:

    Nice luggage tag! Thanks for sharing!

  178. Harrison says:

    I’ve got a Southwest duffel bag, I’d love to add a United one to my collection!

  179. Lyssa says:

    United duffel bag!

  180. Ashley W says:

    The SMD4 Pin

  181. Luis says:

    The duffel bag

  182. Andrew says:

    I think the duffel bag is the coolest!

  183. Srini says:

    Passport Holder

  184. cathy edwards says:

    The leather passport holder is my first choice, duffel bag a second : )

  185. Shriya Gupta says:

    The duffel bag, obviously! :D

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