Thanks so much to a reader who gave me four GoGo internet passes that will expire at the end of the year.  They had a pack of passes, and have four left they won’t be able to use before they expire, so I want to help them get in the hands of someone who can use them.  I have only ever been on one flight that had on-board internet, so I can’t put them to good use myself.  Hopefully one of you flies an airline that has the on-board capabilities to use these passes so you can read all about miles and points while soaring through the sky.  In case you aren’t familiar, some airlines where you are likely to be able to use the GoGo passes are: American Airlines, Delta, AirTran, Alaska, and Virgin America.  Head here to see all of the participating airlines.

To enter to win the four passes, just leave a comment here stating why you like on-board internet.  Limit one entry per person, must be 18+, void where prohibited, no camels allowed, etc, etc.  Entries/comments must be left on this post by 11:59PM on Tuesday November 27th.



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178 Responses to “T-Day Giveaway #3: Four GoGo Internet Passes”

  1. Bill H says:

    Love onboard internet.

  2. arthur says:

    I use wireless this time so i can send out all my Xmas wishes as i will be in the air on my way to NYC Xmas eve!

  3. Kalpesh says:

    Its helps me stay connected and make the flight a big more interesting

  4. Justin M. says:

    Being connect during flights helps me keep up-to-date on my favorite bloggers!

  5. Joel says:

    I have never used the Internet from cruising altitude, but I have a few transcon mr’s scheduled next month that will get me to AA Platinum. Having GoGo would sure help pass the time. I’d even post pictures from the flight on my Facebook for friends and comment on your most recent blog post. I might even watch a movie on Netflix. So many possibilities!

  6. Joel says:

    Read Boarding Area in flight.

  7. P S says:

    To let my kids know I’m alright….

  8. Ron says:

    It relieves inflight boredom.

  9. smittytabb says:

    In flight GoGo Internet is great for keeping up with family. Free in flight GoGo Internet, even better!

  10. Candace P says:

    On board internet lets me keep up with all the wonderful places I can travel to!

  11. Pamela T says:

    It helps me keep connected with my family!

  12. Larry D says:

    Surfing in the clouds …. Literally

  13. eponymous coward says:

    I love it because I can “work from home” at 35,000 feet. Makes MR’ing easier.

  14. Tri says:

    if im in economy ill take what i can get.

  15. Scott B says:

    I would use on the pass on my flight to Europe in December. While my plane going to Europe will have internet, my flight coming home does not and that is going to make it a very long flight. I will be flying home from Amman, Jordan so it will be a long 12 hours. I love using a pass on GoGo internet because more time than not, the internet is hardly useable. When I use a free pass it is less stressful when you are trying to use the internet and it wont work. You don’t feel like you are losing as much.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  16. Tim2 says:

    Mommy points, I actually have 4 trips planned next year, I would love these vouchers!

  17. Nick P says:

    helps to pass the time and makes for easier re-arranging of plans if something goes awry and you need to get in touch with customer service!

  18. Ketan S says:

    I’d love to get this one, thanks for the give away.

  19. Mike says:

    So I can stream KROQ2 instead of watching the god awful movies

  20. SBG says:

    I would love to use two of them on my first United PS flight in Dec.

  21. Jim M says:

    I do have a flight scheduled for early Dec. Internet lets you surf the web and time flies. If I would win I can only use 2 this year so please split them up. Thanks Jim

  22. TAM says:

    Never have used on board internet. Would love to try it out on upcoming flight in Dec.

  23. Charlene says:

    On a 5 hour cross-country flight in economy, it’s the only thing that keeps me sane!

  24. Scott says:

    We are traveling to my in-laws for Christmas with two toddlers…. internet games on the iPad would be marvelous!

  25. Jimmy says:

    Love onboard internet

  26. Mark R. says:

    I love staying connected at 30K feet!

  27. steve says:

    only thing better than internet while flying is… BLEEP!

  28. Leonard says:

    so i can find the best deals around the clock of course

  29. Lindsay says:

    Are you kidding me? I’m entering this contest right now using on-board internet!

  30. Ed says:

    emails, FB, twitter, mommypoints blog (can’t miss that one for sure)

  31. Spike says:

    I like in-flight Internet access because it saves me the embarrassment of the “You’re not connected, dummkopf!” response when I try to refresh my mail or RSS or Twitter client out of habit. :-)

  32. Sean says:

    I like on-board Internet because I can’t sleep on planes

  33. Gavin says:

    Get work done….

  34. Kevin says:

    It’s a great time to catch up on email, Flyertalk, and Milepoint.

  35. David says:

    Keeps me occupied on the plane!

  36. Cecilia says:

    I use it to download videos for my kids when I forget to do it at home before i travel – yikes!!

  37. SSM says:

    to obsessively check my fantasy football scores!!

  38. RZ says:

    Finish last minute work before vacation with the family..

  39. Duxflyer says:

    I have an upcoming MR between MCO and SFO within a 24 hr period. Would love to fill in the time on the plane with GOGO internet :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  40. viguera says:

    I get to keep up with Boarding Area :-)

  41. Kenny says:

    so i can get work done when i would otherwise be just plain bored

  42. ari says:

    Onboard internet to avoid geyting board

  43. Kristina K says:

    To procrastinate doing anything useful, sadly.

  44. Zahn says:

    I would use it to chat freely and cheaply with our kids and keep them up to date during our upcoming trip to Europe. It would of course also be helpful keeping me up to date with all my RSS reading:)

  45. Super helpful for blogging in the air!

  46. Martin says:

    On-board Internet / Wifi is great

  47. T says:

    Lover it because it makes a long flight seem much shorter.

  48. Sil says:

    sure would love to win something from someone somehow

  49. FF says:

    I would use it to chat with my kids while flying!

  50. phill gold says:

    want to keep working on the plane so when i land i can actually breath and relax a little

  51. Kris Ziel says:

    It’s Internet, can’t complain about that. Probably not fast enough for StarCraft 2, but I could keep up with twitter instead of having a 6 hour backlog when landing.

  52. Pointasaurus says:

    It gives me something to do.

  53. Lee says:

    To stay connected and stave off boredom. And read Mommy Points, obviously :-)

  54. A. S. says:

    Onboard internet is a life-saver when the doors are almost closing and you have just another paragraph to type on that all-important email! Now, you can be as productive in the air as on the ground. Though I admit that I still prefer to just unplug and relax occasionally! :)

  55. Eddy says:


  56. Paul G says:

    Are you kidding? SO I can read Mommy Points Mile flying of course!

  57. Rich says:

    I like on-board internet because its yet another way to be be occupied during a flight.

  58. Tommy says:

    We would us this for our Asia long haul trip. To keep the kids entertain

  59. York says:

    Lovely. Never tried it, but it would be cool.

  60. HockeyCoachBen says:

    I love Gogo because even though I fly a lot, I get quite bored very easily and on-board Internet helps to keep me from getting restless and annoying my neighbors!

  61. jane says:

    would enjoy te pass

  62. Gow says:

    To feed my boarding area addiction in flight!

  63. Chris says:

    Two more trips this year. Great for tracking my flight DURING my flight!

  64. CodeAdam10 says:

    GoGo prevents panic attacks which arise from being without a working phone for more than 60 seconds! ;)

  65. James says:

    Nice way to stay connected.

  66. Bill N says:

    Keeping on top of email.

  67. Lis says:

    So I can keep up to date with blogs like mommy points while flying!

  68. CCORD says:

    Will read boarding area bloggers.

  69. Mike says:

    Don’t want to miss out on the next mistake fare while I’m in the air, need that on board Internet!

  70. Jay says:

    I snore. :(
    So I don’t sleep during my flights.

    Internet would help me kill the time. :)

  71. Tonei G says:

    I like being able to get things done and stay in touch while i’m in the air.

  72. Love gogo… never feel like spending the $$!

  73. MrChu says:

    In flight internet is the most essential feature while flying instead of watching stupid movies again and again and going crazy! It even beats meal service!

  74. Kristi says:

    To blog!

  75. Hans says:

    To do work email.

  76. Scott says:

    My favorite YouTube videos for a laugh.

  77. Miro says:

    Love gogo in-flight internet!!

  78. Jason says:

    It helps me keep up with all my favorite travel blogs – including Mommy Points =D

  79. Michael says:

    Makes the time on the plane go go by that much faster.

  80. Isaac B. says:

    A long trip goes so much faster with these!

  81. Andrew P says:

    I’ve never used on-flight internet, but I love the idea of staying connected with friends and family from 35,000 feet!

  82. Simon says:

    Search for travel deals.

  83. Paul says:

    Browsing up at 36k is fun

  84. MSPDeltaDude says:

    So I can read Mommy Points!

  85. mary m. says:

    so I can forget that I’m 30,000 feet in the air! :-)

  86. Ruy says:

    Staying coonected!

  87. Shaun says:

    keeps my son busy on the plane

  88. chirs says:

    Go Go Gadget Internet

  89. Truthiness says:

    Check e-mail, watch west wing streaming on amazon prime, read BA.

  90. Stephen says:

    To keep up with all the MP and FT threads I follow. :)

  91. derick t says:

    because I ALWAYS get stuck near a baby, and my sanity depends on it

  92. Tanya R says:

    I can bug my friends about how I’m going on a holiday and they’re stuck at home in the rain… ;-)

  93. Jimgotkp says:

    I like the ability to be in contact with my friends while being up in the air.

  94. Richard K says:

    How else am I going to read Mommmy Points while flying home for Christmas??

  95. Don G says:

    I would love to use on board internet for getting personal emails out of the way when on business trips, but I’ve never used it before since I can’t afford it!

  96. Abhishek Duggal says:

    The best productivity & entertainment tool on a flight!

  97. Scuta says:

    so I don’t miss out on miles/points deals!

  98. Derek says:

    keeps the kids occupied with the ipad

  99. Brent says:

    Would love to get a gogo pass for my upcoming trip! Internet on the plane makes the trip go by so much faster.

  100. elcunado says:

    keeps me connected!

  101. Tim says:

    Inflight internet is one of the best ways to pass the time on a flight.

  102. Nancy H says:

    Flight time is the best time to catch up on personal emails…….especially around the busy holidays.

  103. MM says:

    So I can use twitter in the skyyyy

  104. john says:

    best way to keep up with flyertalk and MilePoint deals while taking advatage of those deals!

  105. TP says:

    Insuring I don’t have to play catch up once I land.

  106. Pete says:

    To keep in touch with my wife and kids. Work has me away from home too much!

  107. I have some mileage runs this year and I could really use these!

  108. John says:

    Would love to try Gogo to keep up on the news

  109. Alan says:

    Plan for activities (esp. food) at destination in flight

  110. Jeff says:

    I can get a TON of work done on board so when I get to my destination I feel more free to enjoy myself!!!

  111. Harlan V. says:

    I like to write on flights, and internet comes in handy for quick fact checks (and

  112. Jason says:

    Stay in contact with ppl not in the plane.

  113. George says:

    I love being able to track my flight using FlightAware in real-time, so that I can identify all of the cool stuff I’m seeing from 36,000 feet!

  114. Aleks K. says:

    To keep up with BoardingArea and other travel blogs, of course!

  115. Nick says:

    I like to be able to clean out my email box before I land!

  116. Yaokai J says:

    It’s always good to be connected!

  117. RomsdeAls says:

    I like to be connected on the plane.

  118. Abhinav G says:

    To get work done.

  119. Flyer says:

    be able to read blogs, emails and tweet friends from 35,000 above the ground.

  120. Deb says:

    Have never had the chance to use it but can keep up with my fav bloggers including MP of course :)

  121. Alex L says:

    So I can entertain myself by watching an entire season of Seinfeld. Sorry for slowing down the bandwidth!

  122. James H says:

    To help overcome the inflight boredom when I forget to pack a book.

  123. Mike B says:

    To keep me updated from the Boarding Area blogs while in the air.

  124. Cassie R says:

    My new position requires me to fly a lot more but I have a lot more responsibilities that need to be taken care of in the office as well. Much of my work requires internet connectivity. I love onboard internet because this affords me the peace, quiet and focus time I need to tackle tasks that would otherwise be spent on wasteful tasks or on tasks that are more difficult because I’m trying to work on only those things that could be saved to my hard-drive. I have a few trips coming up in December & January where these credit would be super helpful!

  125. JohnL says:

    Keep up with my blog feeds and facebook :)

  126. John B says:

    I fly DL and would use the passes. Thx!

  127. Kelly says:

    I have a bunch of trips coming up in the next month that I would love to use these on!

  128. Rob Donnelly says:

    The make the flight go so much faster.

  129. Jean says:

    I don’t fly for work and have never tried in-flight Internet before. I usually just get a good book and a good beverage to get through the boredom. I’m a newbie to all of the blogs and will have a hard time not being connected on my trip to Hawaii this Christmas. (Yes one of my first free air rewards with all of the great advice I’ve gotten!!). I would love to try gogo (especially if its free).

  130. RK says:

    Surprise all my friends and family by sending messages and FB chat while flying.Not sure if they are aware that we can now connect to internet on flights :)

  131. Trevor says:

    I love on-board internet because I plan for my trip at the last moment…while flying to my destination, ha.

  132. Stefan says:

    I love on board internet because I can look up the bus route at my destination enroute!

  133. Renee says:

    Wifi on-board lets me get some work done so I have more time to enjoy my destination!

  134. chris says:

    Keep my REDDIT addiction going over the long flights.

  135. Eddy says:

    Honestly, nothing helps pass time on a flight like surfing Facebook.

  136. Max says:

    FaceTime with family on the plane!

  137. Timothy says:

    Keeping up with work so the clients (and the boss) are happy. That makes me happy. Or less unhappy.

  138. Chris P says:

    Onboard internet access will get me connected and allow for work while in the air and not at my vacation destination.

  139. LL says:

    Flying during the holidays for cheaper fares, it is perfect to keep in touch with family

  140. Brian s says:

    Never used it, but it would be fun I suppose :)

  141. Kathie Allen says:

    Because on my last flight the entertainment system was not working!

  142. sue chibana says:


    It mekes possible for me to communicate with my family.

  143. Martin B says:

    Family is going to Vegas in a few weeks and this would come in handy during the flight there and back to keep the kiddos entertained – thanks!

  144. Shashi says:

    To be able to work and also to be in touch with the world below while flying high up above it.

  145. Bridgett says:

    Gives me something to do during flight time

  146. Ryan Guggenmos says:

    Best place to work. Ever.

  147. Atif says:

    Onboard internet allows me to get lots of work done! I am flying a lot in December so a pass would be awesome!

  148. Marathon man says:

    I would like go go internet access and passes so I can make mileage and points comments on the mommy points blog WHILE actually traveling!
    Think about it: One could hurdle through the air mile by mile earning or burning them as fast as one could type about them! It would be trippy and might even disrupt the space-time continuim but in a good way!

  149. Mitch says:

    I like to keep up with the points bloggers.

  150. Owen says:

    I would like onboard internet so I can keep tabs on how much money I made while flying across the USA or maybe on the trip to Hawaii ;)

  151. Kodoma says:

    I can read all my e mails and it keeps me from getting bored on longer flights.

  152. WLO says:

    Helps me stay connected through the flight

  153. R Gage says:

    I love internet

  154. Anthony says:

    Staying connected.

  155. GoodTimes says:

    Thanks for the generosity. Would love to have access while in the air.

  156. Clara says:

    On-board internet lets me catch up on my favorite blogs

  157. Andrea Abegg says:

    Yes please :)

  158. Archon1995 says:

    Being able to keep up on email and social media in the air gives me more time for offline things when I’m on the ground.

  159. Ray says:

    I would like the passes so I can login to my work computer and be available (so that I won’t lose a vacation day off ;-) even when I do travel )

  160. Walton says:

    Keep on checking what is going on the earth.

  161. Aarash says:

    I like on board internet because it helps me continue my conversations right through my flight (via IM and G Chat) :-)

  162. DZ says:

    Love on board internet to catch up with work emails during long transcon flights.

  163. Ang says:

    I can stay connected!

  164. Russ says:

    To read Flyer talk

  165. Andy N says:

    It helps kill the time.

  166. emily e says:

    I love being able to keep up with my tootle reader in flight.

  167. Sheila says:

    To keep my girls from driving me crazy on the 13 hour flight to Hawaii right after Xmas!

  168. CE says:

    I love on-board internet to browse the internet. It makes flights go by so much faster!

    I also have a cross-country trip (coast to coast) this year for Christmas. I just started a new job, so I only have a few days of vacation. The long plane rides are SO much easier when I can “surf” :)

  169. Sy says:

    I love on-board internet so I can stay up to date like contest like these :@)

  170. Steve W says:

    To stream netflix at 30k feet.

  171. I.Castillo says:

    I forgot to say, I’m kinda afraid of flying, so I don’t sleep at all during flights, so the pass would help me to kill the time browsing the Internet, maybe chating with friends while

  172. Harrison says:

    Love in flight internet for obnoxiously tweeting “I’m on a plane!”

  173. Luis says:

    They make flying a lot less boring!

  174. Laura C. says:

    Definitely handy to get a couple of these for my New Years trip!

  175. Laura R. says:

    I love onboard Internet bc I get to stay connected at 30,000 feet.

  176. Andrew says:

    I love on board Internet because, since I don’t travel a lot, when I do I like to update constantly about my child or the experience or the flight itself!
    Like this last week, my and baby flew for the very first time! It was an amazing experience but since I didn’t have Internet, I couldn’t share it with the world.

  177. Srini says:

    The very feeling that I’m at over 30,000 feet but still connected to the world…:P

  178. Nishanth says:

    Thats when I research and make my restaurant reservations :)

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