I just wrote a whole post dedicated to the old vs new US Airways MasterCard credit card offers.  There are some differences in the two offers (and for most the old one is better), but at the end of the day it is a great card to not only get for the sign-up bonus, but to keep.  I have had mine for a little over a year now and the targeted spending bonuses just keep coming.

I have written about how this card is the “dark horse of spending bonuses” before, but just last night I received another targeted promo (I think this is my 4th or 5th one in a little over a year).  This time the offer is for 5 US Airways miles for every one dollar spent from January 1 – March 31 in the following categories:

  • Grocery stores
  • Movie theaters
  • Utility bills (phone/cable/satellite/standard utilities)

The offer is capped at $500 for a total of 2,500 bonus miles, so this isn’t a way to milk unlimited US Airways miles out of this card, but I have consistently received promo after promo.  So much so that almost all of my spending on this account has been at a rate of 5x.  I pretty much only use the card when the spending falls under one of these promotions, so for it is virtually a 5x card (albeit with some real spending caps).

If you have this card, be on the lookout for mailed and emails promotions like this one that you can register for.  If you don’t have the card, be aware that many (but not all) people that get the card get pretty regular targeted promos, so it can be a card to not only acquire, but to actually use.  I have also never had any problem with the bonus miles earned for the promos automatically posting within the stated window.

If you have the card, did you get this most recent promo, or did you get something different all together?

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40 Responses to “The US Airways Card Wants So Badly to be 5x”

  1. My offer was “earn 2 bonus miles for every $1 you spend—up to 2,500 bonus miles”…

  2. Vik says:

    I got an offer of 10 miles per dollar, upto 2,500 dollars. Seems like they are trying to find the sweet spot that will encourage more spending.

  3. Barclay’s is a tough nut to crack. Wish it was Chase who owned the USAir Card.

  4. Greg M says:

    I received the same offer as Mommy points.

  5. Mike L. says:

    Mine is up to 5,000 miles

  6. Trevor says:

    I didn’t get the target offer. I’ve got one that ended in August but that’s it. Had the card for years. Rarely get offers. Do you get them in an email only containing this offer?

  7. DaninSTL says:

    I just got my card. I was floored as I did a churn a couple weeks ago and got us bank flex perks, chase BA, got denied An AMEX card which I plan to reconsider and I got the dreaded “you will received a decision in X weeks” from Barclay. I got the other cards in the mail quickly and then I was shocked that my us air card showed up just after that. Even with high scores and good income debt ratio, etc I kept getting turned down from Barclay. Maybe the flood gates are finally open for me there, I can’t wait for the promo emails. I didn’t know about them until your post. Thanks.

  8. Scott says:

    I got an offer for 5bonus miles up to 5000 miles. It said that’s in addition to the 1 you get with the card. So really it was 6x which beats ink and freedom!

  9. nknight says:

    I got this offer, too. I read it a bit differently … it appears to be net 6x in those categories, as my offer says “Best of all, this is in addition to the miles you already earn for using your card every day”. It’s 5x BONUS miles on top of the 1x, yes?

    I signed up my card, but my anniversary date is Feb, and I was going to cancel. I signed up for an offer that DID NOT include the retention bonus, so paying another $89 for a card I don’t often use seems silly. Even if I can eek out $500 spending in Jan, the $89 cost is questionable to me.

    I wrote Barclays before asking if I could get on the 10k bonus bandwagon. They told me flat out no; what I signed up for was what I get. I’m tempted to do the old 40k link NOW and see if I can get the additional card with better perks. Either way, Feb is “it” for my currect card.

  10. nknight says:

    I went and read it again. It’s ambiguois … perhaps on purpose? I’m not going to cross my fingers for 6x, but I will try to get some of the bonus miles from the offer. Groceries at least!

  11. curious george says:

    I’m in the middle of $750/month for 3 consecutive months for 15k miles

  12. Damon says:

    I’ve had the card for 6 months, never have gotten an offer.

  13. d says:

    No offer to me, but January is the last month of my spend 750/mo, get 15K offer. Layering a 5X bonus at the same time would have been awfully generous.

  14. Autolycus says:

    Thank you very much for this post! I had completely missed an email that gave me a 5x bonus at restaurants, department stores and electronic stores through 12/31. Because of your post, I searched my deleted emails and found it. I will be buying a new ~55″ TV in early January and will probably make a trip to Best Buy to pick up gift cards to max out this offer (2500 mile max) and my Freedom quarterly bonus. That’ll be 5x for a big purchase.

  15. Rich A. says:

    No bonus offered!

  16. Nerd Traveler says:

    My current offer ending in December was 5x bonus up to 2500 miles on restaurants. My new offer is for 10x bonus up to 5000 miles in the same categories as you. It sure looks they are testing different offers to find the most successful one to use in the future.

  17. Kathy C says:

    I applied for the Barclays US Air offer last week and got turned down. When I called, they told me the reason was because I have had the card in the past. I have perfect credit. Really?

  18. Steve says:

    my current bonus is spend more than $750 in Nov, Dec, Jan and get 15,000 bonus miles.
    If I spend 751/month, it works out to 7.66x. I’ll end up with 17,253 miles by hitting the $2,253 spend for the 3 months. Considering a low level reward ticket is 20k miles, it’s a pretty solid offer.
    It’s pretty much covering my xmas present to my aunt (free plane ticket to come visit).

  19. Taryn H says:

    I received an offer in the mail a few weeks ago. Spend $750 in Dec, Jan and Feb, get 15,000 bonus miles! Whoohoo

  20. Merrily says:

    No offers for me or the hubby. So sad.

  21. Laura says:

    I got the earn up to 5000 bonus miles on groceries, movies and utilities email for the 2nd card (just received last month). My first one (last Feb) only got one offer back in Sept (the 5x at restaurants etc.) since I received it. YMMV.

  22. Kevin W. says:

    No offers this time, but we also just received our second 40,000X for 2012. Between the two cards and 15k/2500 promos, 2012 was a Grand Slam. Have a Merry Christmas to everyone in the miles & points world!

  23. Szymon says:

    I received same offer but up to 5K miles. Question for Laura and Kevin W.: was the second card without cancelling first and for the same person? I have my card for about 7 months now and was thinking of applying for second. Thanks

  24. AK says:

    What was the subject heading of the email? Rest of the family has US MCs but aren’t really on top of keeping track of bonuses.

  25. Robert Hanson says:

    Approved for a US card Feb 2012. Got a spend $1200 a month for 3 months for 15K bonus miles last April, no offers since then. I was turned down for a 2nd US card for “business expenses” last August. The CSR said “you can’t have two of the same card”. Was instantly approved for the {meh} Frontier Airlines card last month, I guess as a bobbie prize for the US denial.

    I refuse to put more spend on my US card when I know everyone else is getting bonus offers and I’m not getting any. I emailed Dividend Miles to find out if I’m going to get the promised 10K bonus miles on annual renewal. If the answer is no, and I haven’t gotten any bonus spending offers by then, I’m cancelling the card.

  26. michaelp says:

    Got the same offer, 5x up to 2,500 miles.

  27. Keith says:

    The email was titled “Earn up to 2,500 bonus miles in three easy ways” and the offer my wife got was “earn 2 bonus miles for every $1 you spend—up to 2,500 bonus miles”. And once again, I didn’t get any offer at all :(

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  29. Dave says:

    No offer here. Prior average spend was about $500 a month. They now get ZERO until some incentives appear.

  30. Curtis B says:

    @Autolycus — Just be aware that using gift cards on such a large purchase may be penny wise and pound foolish in the event you need the protection you would have gotten by buying with a credit card. (Purchase protection, extended warranty, etc.)

  31. Chris says:

    I got the same offer, except limit is 5,000 miles. I think it is 5 bonus miles per dollar spent, in addition to the 1 mile I already earn (making it 6x).

  32. Nathan says:

    I’ve yet to be targeted for anything!

  33. Anita says:

    I got it, but my husband (with 2 Barclay US Airways cards) did not.

  34. marathon man says:

    I have yet to see that one but got the one that ends this week where you get 5x ($500-2500miles) for electronic stores (best Buy counted) Department stores and restaurants (where we used it most and also collected rewards points)

  35. Gardy says:

    This card is so frustrating for me. Literally the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. Had the card for over a year, and I’ve only gotten one targeted offer (5x on restaurants up to 2500 two months ago) but when I wrote to ask about the posting windows and everything, they said I wasn’t registered (I had registered, and had a confirmation email from them), couldn’t confirm, and I was basically SOL. It took literally 9 emails to get them to say, yes, I was registered, but by that point, the card was already back in the drawer and I won’t be using it again. I’m actually really looking forward to canceling this card when it comes time for renewal – either I get a retention bonus, or I don’t have to deal with Barclays anymore and my clock resets on the next time I can sign up. Either way, I’ll be happy.

  36. Anita says:

    Nuts, just looked at my postcard again, and mine is 2x, not 5x, and capped at 2500. Still fun for a few extra points, but not as good as yours!

  37. Ken says:

    I’ve had the card since last April and I haven’t gotten any similar promotions.

  38. Adam K says:

    I got the card in Jan, received 5X offer in both email and postal mail. Wife got card in June and has not received any offer.

    I also interpret it to mean 6X. I can knock that out in 2 months of groceries, so it’s perfect.

  39. AJTrenkle says:

    I received the same offer, I was wondering if there were any ideas on leveraging it? The grocery store seems particularly good with gift cards, have there been any reports on Barclays not bonusing gift card purchases?

    Cable/TV/internet, I already get 5x with the INK Bold, which has been great this year. Since those are big expenditures, I reckon I’ve gotten around 10k additional points this year thanks to that card.

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