Update: Holy smokes, I stepped away for a second thinking only a couple people would want one anyway, and we’ve quickly passed by the 25 I planned to initially give away.  Happy to accommodate all that have asked so far (through comment #46), but will then put a halt on as I need to get all those shipped out before sending out more.  You guys rock, and if you missed out this time I promise there will be more chances in the future once I get caught up!

A free Mommy Points shirt is guaranteed to make you happier…or your money back! Though sadly it does not slice, dice, chop, or have 15 multi-action-always-sharp blades. We want to keep spreading the word to families that travel can be fun, happy, and (almost) free. At the very least it doesn’t have to break the bank, or cause nervous breakdowns, but that was more characters than I had to use on a t-shirt.

Anyway, we are now introducing two brand new Mommy Points t-shirts!


Oh yeah, we now have matching shirts!


Smiles come instantly when you put on the shirts!

There are two different styles that both come in mens and womens cuts in a variety of sizes. While we like our travel to be global, we like to keep some business local, so they are all printed on shirts made in the USA (American Apparel and Canvas). The version that Little C has on above comes in little kid sizes (2-6). Apologies for some of the self-portraits that follow!




What do you have to do to get one?

Just be one of the first 25 folks to ask in the comments section of this post and it’s yours.  The first round is spoken for, but once I get those done I promise to get more out.  You guys rock!

Somehow I don’t think these boxes of shirts go with my living room decor, so I want them out of my house and onto you! All I ask is that you wear it. Otherwise I will just keep them and never do laundry again. I’ll also have them to giveaway for folks at future seminars, those who help with the Little C’s Traveling Friends series, and things like that. I also will give more away here and on Twitter.


Why would I want to wear it?

Well because it is awesome, made in the USA, and guaranteed to make you happier! ;) On the other hand, maybe you wouldn’t ever want to wear it, and that’s totally cool, too.  I’ll do my best to find them all happy homes.  I’m also starting a tab on the homepage with photos of you guys wearing the shirts on your travels, and I would love to add your photo to the site. I plan to give those who submit a photo wearing the shirts a small Starbucks gift card, and do some other fun stuff and giveaways related to them in the future.

Traveling without the stress of a huge price tag makes the whole process so much “free-er” and happier. That’s the motto of the shirts, this site, and hopefully many of you. Let me know if you want one by leaving a comment in this post and we’ll email you to get your style, size, and shipping details. Next thing you know you will have a shirt that is money-back-guaranteed to make you smile!

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100 Responses to “A Free Mommy Points Shirt Will Make You Happier! (All Gone for Now)”

  1. Simona says:

    I want one, I want one! :-)

  2. Hutch says:

    Love the shirts.

  3. Andrew C. says:

    I’d love one, but can I have the female one for my wife (she reads you all the time too) instead. Thanks.

  4. ankit loya says:

    I would like to get one tshirt!! :)

  5. Joe says:

    I would love one!!! And would wear it proudly in the great state of NY.

  6. Elena says:

    OOO I want one! Ladies Small of the first one if you have it :)How will we get it?

  7. David says:

    I’ll take one, maybe one for me and the wife?

  8. Sameep says:

    I want one!! :)

  9. JCR says:

    I would like a XXL of either one if you have it. Thanks

  10. tiffany l says:

    oohhh, can i have the second style in a small?

  11. Michelle says:

    Lovely!! I’d love to own one :)

  12. Ankit says:

    I want one!! :)

  13. oneeyejack says:

    can I have a medium for myself and small for my wife?

  14. JD D says:

    My wife would really like one of those shirts, look how selfless I am

  15. Doug says:

    Great shirts! Can’t wait to wear it :)

  16. Adi says:

    Can I’ve one please? Style B -:)

  17. I definitely have to get one of these!

  18. Jerry says:

    One for myself and one for my grand daughter ??

  19. pegs says:

    I’ll take a small please! Do you have a toddler size? ;)

  20. Nickfromct says:

    I’d love one too

  21. Brad says:

    These are great!

  22. Rachael says:

    Cool- thanks for the offer! Now to decide if I get one for myself or my son…

  23. KEVIN says:

    mens, style b, Large please!

  24. Mark says:

    I’d like one of these shirts!

  25. Chris says:

    Can I get one? Thanks!

  26. steve says:

    Can I get a style b in large? Thanks!!!

  27. PhatMiles says:

    I want one. Do you want me to ask again? OK. I want one.

  28. Rob Ramos says:

    These look awesome! Would appreciate a large style B!:)

  29. Novik says:

    I want one please

  30. SC Parent says:

    I would love an XL mens (and a kids 4, if I can be greedy). I love the womens style to, but as a rule I let my wife get her own clothes :)

  31. Evan says:

    Can I have one? Please mommy points???

  32. Novik says:

    Me again. Can I have one for my wife as well. Greedy me :D

  33. SC Parent says:

    Oops, I forgot to request Style B.

  34. SC says:

    Can I have one?

  35. bluto says:

    I’d like one please.

  36. bluto says:

    (if possible, in style A men’s large)

  37. jorge says:

    Please send me one style B ( large )

  38. Chan says:

    Would love to get one.

  39. Joanna says:

    I would like one please Ladies M style B

  40. Vivek D says:

    Please send me a small mens :)

  41. Ralph L says:

    Style A, Men’s XL please

  42. Marc W says:

    Would love to get one of these!! Thanks

  43. AsiaTraveller says:

    large please, or whatever is fine. thanks.

  44. Keith says:

    Great promo. Love to have a style b mens XL.

  45. evan says:

    XXL if available…
    yes, i’m big.

  46. Ryan says:

    Women’s small style B for the wife

  47. Israel says:

    I would love to have 1 style B mens Medium..Thanks

  48. mommypoints says:

    Happy to accommodate all that have asked so far – had no clue so many folks would want one. Yay! But, will have to draw the line here as shipping is going to be a bit time intensive. Will get more out after I do this first batch.

    Expect an email from us next week to get sizing, style, and address info!

  49. Iceman says:

    Darn it, guess I’m too late. I’d take an L in any style if you have any left over.

  50. glen says:

    I’d LUV one! XXL, if you have it!

  51. Bayguy says:

    I would also like to get one (Large size)

  52. sue says:

    I love to have woman’s B, size M.

    Thank you!!

  53. Elizabeth says:

    Looks like I missed out but cute shirts…..especially your logo on the back :)

  54. Evan says:

    I am headed to singapore next week in first thanks to your post last July 8th!!! Give me a shirt and I will send you a picture of me wearing the shirt drinking Dom and eating caviar!!!!

  55. Carol says:

    I am new to this collecting miles and points to save alot for travelling. I used to use points to get gift cards….I just realized how much I missed out!! Well, never too late to start, right?

    Thanks for writing this informative blog, when you have a busy life( I don’t know how you do it!)

    I think I am too late to ask for a t-shirt?

  56. A DYE says:

    I would love a large one!

  57. Perryplatypus says:

    You know I have to have one

  58. Nkk says:

    One please – for my partner. Thanks!

  59. tommy says:

    Men’s XL please. I’ll rep MommyPoints around Houston :) Even better, my wife and I will rep you at Park Hyatt Tokyo end of this month. (The Mrs. is size M :) )

  60. Lisa says:

    Just did my daily check of your blog (via Google Reader) and I saw the article. I would love to have a XL size of either design (prefer 2nd but would wear either one on my trips). Just got back from Washington and have plans to go to Orlando. Only wish our Radisson had not gone up in Orlando. Keep on doing the blog thing!!!

  61. Aly says:

    I would love four (deepdeeptrouble@hotmail.com) – two children sizes and two adults. Thank you! We love free travel!

  62. Jonathan says:

    Men’s XL please! for a fellow Houstonian!

  63. Itchy says:

    One for me, please. Thank you!!!

  64. Danny says:

    One for me too please, Medium or Large, Style A. Thanks. I promise that I will use your link for my next app-party.

  65. Raghu says:

    Are you sure all are gone ? one for me please :)

  66. shanna says:

    Me too!

  67. Mitty says:

    Love the shirt design. :) I would love to get a free one, but would also be happy to buy one from you if you’re thinking about selling them!

    Maybe as a fundraiser for Little C’s college fund. ;) Never to early to start saving!

  68. Ken says:

    I think I’d get weird looks wearing a Mommy Points Tshirt, but my wife wants one. I’ll keep a lookout for when the next set comes in.

  69. J says:


    I just got an email notification and the tshirts are already gone!

    I want that T-shirt mommmmmmy! Baaaaaaaahhhhh!
    LOL. :)

  70. Joey says:

    This is really really awesome! I’m registered for Tampa FTU and would love to wear it one day there. When you have more available, can you please reserve some for Tampa FTU attendees?

  71. Adam says:

    Can I represent your shirt in Seattle? It would make everyone jealous. Thanks!

    Style A in a Medium or Large

  72. chum says:

    One for me please! Style A in medium womens.

  73. Tommy says:

    holy cow batman… that was fast.. email is not as fast as they use too.. lol I’m A local houston, may i pick one up

  74. John says:

    Style A, mens XL. Love your blog… thanks

  75. Jim says:

    I want one please

  76. Scooter says:

    I want to go there in a B, size large.

  77. Jake says:

    I would like to have one style A, mens small if I still have a chance. Love the design. Thanks!

  78. Raj says:

    Style B, Mens M. Care to sign ;-)

  79. dj says:

    thx for all that you do awesome mommy. men size L when avail thx.

  80. Scuta says:

    Am I too late for the MP party?:-(

  81. Shaquanna says:

    MP! I want one with the Logo on the back next round. Super cute!

  82. DanR NYC says:

    Hello Mommy, can I get a men’s xl ? Thanks in advance

    • Ken says:

      Does anyone read the article? The FIRST paragraph:

      Update: Holy smokes, I stepped away for a second thinking only a couple people would want one anyway, and we’ve quickly passed by the 25 I planned to initially give away. Happy to accommodate all that have asked so far (through comment #46)

  83. NatR NYC says:

    HAVE A HAPPY MOMMY’S DAY, MOMMY ! I would love one (L) too !

  84. Simon says:

    Bunch of freeloaders!! Stick a $9.95 + shipping into the equation and let’s see who’s interested ;)

  85. Jonas says:

    I’m going to need a Magnum XXL size please

  86. Jacob says:

    I would love a style A in XXLl!

  87. Mark R. says:

    Can I please get a style “B” adult medium and one of the smallest child’s size (18 mos.?) – for my daughter and granddaughter.

  88. Please Mom, Please. Double X Style A. Autographed. Please, Mom, Please

  89. Lisa K says:

    Style B in a medium would be awesome!

  90. Wes says:

    Thanks for your generosity (both written miles/points word) and for MP Tshirts.

  91. daniel tobias says:

    I would love either shirt in size large.-thanks

  92. Amy says:

    Mom…mom….mom…….mom…mom…mom…can I have one too, please?

    BTW, I’m happy to pay for shipping and the shirt for that matter. :)

  93. Stacy Smith says:

    Can I please get one?

  94. Rich A. says:

    When can I sign-up for the next round? I would appreciate a large and the better half a medium. Promise these would be seen internationally and no, not Mexico or any place near it. Thanks again ——-

  95. Lisa says:

    Would love one of these shirts (maybe then more of my mommy friends would listen to my travel advice!). Womens style B, size large.

  96. mommypoints says:

    Love that there are so many folks who want these shirts! Like I mentioned, I need to get through the first round which I think ended up being through comment 47 for now, and then I’ll see where we stand and get more out. I absolutely want to get one to everyone who wants, but need to come up with a good system to do that. ;)

  97. Cheryl Ellis says:

    would love a t shirt too (so cute). XS

  98. Corky says:

    Need a bigger Mommyponts logo. If I’m going to we’re a Mommypoints t-shirt, it might as well be old.

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