As I do at the beginning of each month, I want to summarize some of the payout changes in the online shopping portals, including (but not limited to) Chase Ultimate Rewards.  In case you aren’t overly familiar with how the Chase Ultimate Rewards shopping portal works, then head to this post for detailed instructions.  While the Ultimate Rewards portal doesn’t always have the best payout (or the most retailers), they do seem to have some of the better customer service when something goes wrong with the points posting, so keep that in mind as well.

To access the Ultimate Rewards card you must have a card that earns Ultimate Rewards such as Chase Freedom Visa, Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card, or Ink Plus® Business Card.  Here are some of the payouts I saw at some popular retailers via various online shopping portals:

Ultimate Rewards:

Kohl’s 10x (this stacks with the third quarter 5x bonus category on the Chase Freedom for a total of 15x on that card up to the $1,500 quarterly limit!) 5x

Anthropologie 7x

Famous Footwear 10x

J. Crew 5x

Old Navy 4x

Pottery Barn 3x 10x

Last Call by Neiman Marcus 7x

Some popular retailers that decreased this month via Ultimate Rewards include: Apple 1x, Lowes 3x, Nordstrom 4x, and Brooks Brothers 6x.

United MileagePlus Shopping:

For some of the MileagePlus payouts you must have a United co-branded credit card and be logged in to your account 15x

Brooks Brothers 15x

Dell Home 6x 12x

AAdvantage Shopping:

Pottery Barn Kids 3x

Adobe 45x

British Airways E-Store 8x 12x

Neiman Marcus 8x

Fossil 12x

Converse 8x

US Airways Dividend Miles Storefront:

Maui Jim 10x

Southwest Rapid Rewards 8x

HSN 6x

Macy’s 6x

Sears 6x

Remember to compare these rates to other portals to make sure you are getting the best payout possible.  You can use a site like to quickly compare different portal payout rates for a given retailer.  However, especially for a large purchase, I would manually compare the portals myself to make sure I am getting 100% accurate info on the payouts and any possible bonuses.  These payouts can and will fluctuate throughout the month, so don’t be surprised if for example the 15x from United at Brooks Brothers doesn’t last the whole month.

Did I leave out any good payouts you spotted?


Disclosure: I do receive a commission if you are approved for a credit card using one of my affiliate links. As always, thanks for your support!

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12 Responses to “15x at Kohl’s, Brooks Brothers + Other Online Shopping Portal Payouts for July!”

  1. Kathy says:

    HikerT has a notice on his site that he will no longer be updating it as of 6/1/13. I wish I would have jumped on the Apple 2X that ended in June. I need to by Mac Book Pro for my son that is starting college in the August. I could wait until August 1st and see what the bonuses are but I hate to cut it that close.

    • mommypoints says:

      Kathy, ah good to know. I noticed yesterday it hadn’t been updated yet for July, but missed that note. Will fix that part of the post. Thanks!

  2. Erik says:

    You may want to consider putting a disclaimer next to the Kohl’s 15x denoting the $1,500 spend cap, it may spare some noobs from overreaching.

    • mommypoints says:

      Erik, good call – though who would spend more than $1,500 at Kohl’s in a quarter…other than re-sellers? ;) Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Greg M says:

    A couple of questions on the Chase Freedom MasterCard. Does it earn Ultimate Rewards Points as a stand alone card? Or is it necessary to also have the Sapphire Preferred or an Ink Business card to realize the points? I am not at all familiar with this card.

    • mommypoints says:

      Greg, it does earn Ultimate Rewards as a stand alone card. However, the specific redemption option of transferring to hotel and airlines does require also having Ink Bold, Ink Plus, and/or Sapphire Preferred…or your spouse having one and you transfer to them first. So you could have the Freedom, earn points and let them sit until you add one of those other cards to your portfolio if you wanted.

  4. Anthony Shin says:

    Brooks brothers was only 15x til July 1. Back down to 5x, so UR mall is better currently.

  5. choi says:

    does Kohls stil pays out points buying physical GC at UR

  6. DaninSTL says:

    Anyone spending $1500 at Kohls just got $500 worth of stuff at a normal store, less Kohls cash :)
    Sorry just not a fan of Kohls

  7. Raghu says:

    Kohls prices are certainly ridiculous. No go for me. points from ur mall is totally random now (for kohls gc’s). its a gamble

  8. Glenn says:


    If you have an Ink Bold/Plus card you can buy Apple Gift cards at an office supply store. You can then apply them to your account and buy ANYTHING from Apple, whether its your iCloud subscription fee, an iTunes movie purchase, an app on your iPhone or a MacBook and it will subtract your gift card balance first. So you can get 5X at Apple any time you like…

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