Sometimes I like to share snapshots of why miles, points, and travel are important to my family. We travel for many purposes, but the main one has been, and always will be, to stay connected to family near and far.


Today my kiddo is reunited with her grandparents from Kansas and her cousins from Connecticut. Thankfully these family members aren’t just pictures on a wall Facebook to her, they are real people she knows, and we have miles and points (and low fares) to largely thank for that.

That’s the point of all of this for us, and I hope many of you are able to recreate similar scenes around the world with your friends and family this summer. Here’s to a week of fun with cousins!



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  1. BOShappyflyer says:

    That’s very sweet, and it’s a great “point”. Life’s little reminders. Moments treasured.

  2. Aaron says:

    Awesome! I am a fan of Mommy Points.

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