Update: Similar fare also available via Denver on Delta and Salt Lake City on United!

Houston rarely sees Hawaii round trips near the $400 mark, so this deal is worth sharing for my Texas friends who want to get to the islands.  This fare will not last long.  If you delay to think about it, just forgetaboutit, because it will be gone.  The deal is on Delta starting at $424 round trip and has availability all the way into August 2014.


I recommend using ITA Matrix and a flexible month search to see what dates that fare is available.  You could also just use the flexible date search on delta.com.  From Houston I recommend looking for the Salt Lake City connections as opposed to the Atlanta connections.


Of course if Honolulu is not your Hawaiian destination of choice, here is a post on using miles and saving cash while island hopping.  Good luck and have fun!


You can learn about this deal at Fare Deal Alert!

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8 Responses to “Houston/Denver/Salt Lake – Honolulu $424 RT Through August 2014”

  1. steve says:

    I’m not seeing these prices at all on Delta.
    I am seeing $113 on Alaska

  2. steve says:

    sorry, $413

  3. rob says:

    Denver, too. $615 with United.

  4. Nick says:

    Delta is cheap out of Denver, I can see the $425 fares. I’m seeing some other cheap fares $530 SFO to Dublin, Ireland, March into April on Delta. So is a fare war brewing, Delta offering cheap fares out of UA hubs and UA attacking back with cheap fares out of Delta hubs.

  5. nic says:

    Come on United match from ATL.

  6. Chris says:

    I saw this pop up this morning on the Flight Deal. My wife and I are flying into Honolulu in November. Haven’t purchased tickets yet. We were planning on flying out of DFW, but when I saw this, I got pretty excited. Well… got home from work and it was gone that quick. Should have jumped on it when I had the chance. Hope something else comes up soon

  7. TomT says:

    gone way too fast

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