Some of my more active older posts are ones related to the housing situation at the upcoming 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.  This is because there is a real situation (AKA problem) and a large number of travelers still don’t have any idea where they will be staying in Sochi (including me).  There are now cruise ships that will be docked nearby that some people have been reserving, but that idea just isn’t exactly my first choice – especially since it is a pre-paid non-refundable reservation.  My opinion has always been that rooms will eventually be available as construction is completed on some hotels, and the IOC releases the un-needed rooms.  Though there has always been a 0% guarantee that my opinion will turn out to be correct. 

Today there is a big step in the right direction as I got an email from (the official ticket source for the United States and several other countries) that they have some room-only accommodations available.  Historically they have had some rooms, but only as a part of a larger and much more expensive package.

sochi hotelI currently see two hotel selections – one 3 star and one 4 star (though they may be grading on a curve).  The downside is that they are for select date ranges only, and none of those dates seem to line up with what I need, but the prices are reasonable compared to some “black market” options I have seen.  The 3 star Zelenaya Roscha comes to $1189 all-in for three nights, double occupancy.  The 4 star Pansionat Yuzhny-Hotel II comes to $1489 for three nights, double occupancy.  Breakfast is included in that price.

I have not done much research on those hotel options, but if you are still looking for rooms then it might be at least worth a look to see if the available dates line up with your needs.

If you have finalized your Sochi hotel reservations, I’d love to hear about it!

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  1. Dean says:

    Make sure you look at the location of the hotels. The one is 10km from the Adler train station. The other is 15 minutes (does not say walk or drive) from rail connections.

    Also, I am very surprised that CoSport does not have to follow the hotel price laws that Russia has passed.

  2. Whiskarina says:

    hmmm, i thought i was signed up for the notifications with i didn’t get an email… doh! nonetheless, I am thinking of biting the bullet on the hotel which is for check in on February 6th for 4 nights… my event tickets are for February 8 and 9th.

    • mommypoints says:

      Whisk, thought about that too but don’t think I arrive until 7th so not sure that will work for me.
      Dean, interesting indeed. Still a fair price I think, but interesting.

  3. Scarlett says:

    Funny how I did not get this notification either. I did go with the Grand Holiday ship since I’m there for the whole Olympics and these dates don’t come close to covering it. These prices are higher than the cruise ship.

  4. voice of reason says:

    I guess no one here cares about the horrific state sponsored gay bashings and discrimination taking place in Russia and the worldwide calls for sanctions and protests.

  5. mommypoints says:

    Weird it didn’t seem to make it to everyone’s inbox yet.
    VOR, I very much care. However, I think that the more diverse people that can come in from around the world the better. I don’t think that will solve the problems in Russia, but it sure can’t hurt.

  6. DanR NYC says:

    I just withdrew my ticket bid application for World Cup 2014 in Brazil. Is seems that, even though a year away, none of the chain hotels are showing any availability ($ or points) and airfare is ridiculous (even though it is their winter)…. Aargh !!

    Keep in mind, I have attended a WC abroad and one domestically and managed to book flights and hotels rather easily, but tickets were the problem. Now it is time entire package.

    I would say the biggest dilemma was that I would be flying with my spouse and children, and certainty (where to stay) is a priority ..

  7. Joey says:

    Judging how CoSport priced their London Olympic tickets last year, I’d say they did price the rooms correctly under Russia’s laws, but their foreign exchange from Russian Rubles to USD is just plain unreasonable/horrible.
    My tickets are from Feb 8-10 and I was thinking of also getting that room starting Feb 6th but I doubt I will.
    @VOR, I very much care as well.
    @mommypoints, I still don’t have accommodations but I think I’ll be ok. Did you see how Cosport finally has Opening Ceremony tickets for individual ticket sale?!? At $1800 each, though, I’ll pass.

  8. puck says:

    Originally bought a couple of nights with event tickets through CoSport. Have since bought other event tickets individually on surrounding days and was just able to add 2 additional accommodations only nights at Zemchuzina Hotel through Cosport. Will be in Sochi 2/19-2/23.

  9. Dean says:


    Just did some checking. I checked the conversion rates that they use on tickets and yes they do use a very lousy rate. It is about a 30% higher than the actual rate. This rate does not make up the difference between the “official” $200 per night for a 4 star hotel and the $500 per night that they are charging.

    We booked the Grand Holiday at about $200 per night and are very happy. It is within blocks of the coastal cluster so even if the weather is bad, we will be able to get to the events. The hotels that CoSport is offering are miles from transportation and it may be a real problem getting to and from the hotels.

  10. Ken says:

    @DanR NYC, I’m in the same boat as you. Want to go to the WC with the family, but pretty much zero hotel availability. For flights I could do award to Sao Paolo then cheap revenue to Rio.

  11. Joey says:

    @Dean, thanks for the analysis. I just made that assumption since Cosport always has a tendency to bend the rules usually by providing a very lousy/poor exchange rate in their favor.

    When I mentioned the London Olympics tickets last year, an example would be a gymnastics preliminaries category B ticket that was originally sold 95 GBP by LOCOG was being sold at US$207 from Cosport. At the time, 95GBP would be around US$155.

  12. pete says:

    There are LOADS of hotels available. It’s Russia, not Canada. You don’t book through I had 5-6 competing offers, picked one 1 km from olympic park, $180 for 2rooms accommodation. But u need to be ready to communicate in Russian.

  13. pete says:

    And, btw, unlike the ever increasing its rate cruise line, only 2 days deposit.

  14. pete says:

    And, they meet meet u at airport for free. If anyone interested, in my research, let me know ur email, will share with several Russian websites. Unless u r looking for 4*, you will find a hotel after a few days of research.

    • mommypoints says:

      I actually just had some pretty re-assuring communication with a big wig at a chain hotel in Sochi that they believe demand outside the official IOC type folks is pretty low and expects that there will be rooms when they are released in November.

  15. pete says:

    Yes. I’m sure there will be.

  16. pete says:

    Gotta give it to Svoy. Capitalized fully on 3rd world level tourism business in Russia outside big cities. Made a lot of dough, but still hungry.

  17. pete says:

    Also, svoy, Rivera, bolshoi sochi, all run by the same people. Rivera runs bolshoi sochi, after buying wholesale hotel rooms., sells with huge compassion. Some plum piece of olympic business.

  18. pete says:

    Compassion- commission.

  19. Dean says:

    It is actually the Russian Government that has set these companies up to take care of all the reservations. For the ships, the Russian Port Authority is the ones who leased the ships and gave the contract to Svoy to do the selling. Same with Bolshoi, it was the Government that put them in the position to be the “official” accommodations organization.

  20. Wings says:

    Pete, can you send me links to those websites. Im still looking for hotel in Sochi as well. My email is goredwings (at)


  21. pete says:

    No doubt, Dean, “the Russian gov’t” set it up, channeling this handsome business to itself,i.e, one of its distinguished members. Hello, it’s Russia! When you communicate with Bolshoi, you know who responds? Salesperson from Rivera. Do a bit of trying and searching, and you’ll see it. Nice job they did. This Bolshoi thing was ostensibly set up so sochi hotels will join it to serve as a hub akin for sochi Olympics. Instead, the only hotels that could join it were those who would sell its rooms wholesale to Bolshoi/Rivera/Svoj at discount. Few agreed which is why Bolshoi is such a bust, while hotels without access to western tourists directly are half empty. But the plan worked – member(s) of the Russian gov’t monopolized sochi lodging until ioc cancels its reservations, while westerners flocked to cruise ships. So yeah, the plan set up by gov’t worked indeed.

  22. DanR NYC says:

    Thx Ken. Best of luck !! I do believe in miracles :)

  23. Joey says:

    Hey pete,
    I’d be interested in learning the russian websites as well and am willing to write in Russian (thanks to google translate!) my email is joeymello at yahoo dot com. If you can please send me the links, that would be great! Thanks in advance.

  24. pete says:

    Joe, will do in couple of hours.

  25. janet says:

    hey there pete, I’d also be interested in those websites if you don’t mind… it’s such a hassle trying to find accomodations.

  26. janet says:

    oops, forgot to leave my addy…it’s janet.j.han (at) gmail…thanks!

  27. pete says:

    Janet, will do today.

  28. Dean says:

    When you make a reservation, make sure you understand where the hotel is and how far it is to the train station. Many hotels say “close” or “10 minutes” but they don’t say how close or if the 10 minutes is driving or walking.

    It will be winter and the weather may be very bad and getting a taxi to come to some out of the way place may be difficult.

  29. pete says:

    Dean, in the 21 th century, there are maps on internet, showing where hotel is located. Once you know the address, you can go to Google street view and walk to the Olympic park. And no, It’s neither snowy nor cold in “sochi” in the Winter, in Krasnaya Polyana it is though. Cruise ships don’t need anothre running commercial, TA already has one.

  30. Dean says:

    Pete, Where did I say “snow”? To me, rain is bad weather, especially if you have to walk a couple of km in it.

    I recognize it is the 21st century and there are various maps on the internet. I was just wanting to make sure that people do not rely on what the “hotel” or anyone else says about how close they are and that they personally check out the distances. A perfect example is CoSport who has a hotel only package but it says “15 minutes” from rail connections.

    Also, in the post you are referring to, I never mentioned the cruise ships. I personally don’t care where people stay, I just want to make sure everyone knows what they are getting into and they have the most enjoyable Olympics.

  31. pete says:

    Fair enough, Dean. And agree on Cosport, location of most of their hotels is pretty bad. But anyone familiar with Google maps can easily figure it out. And the best locations are near Adler train station., not Adler port or other places that will require to stuck in traffic in taxis or buses. Anyone who saw Adler small 1-2 lanes streets willl see it.

  32. Amanda says:

    Hi Pete! Would you mind sharing those Russian websites with
    me as well? Thank you in advance! amandatrogus (at) gmail (dot)

  33. pete says:

    Will do.

  34. Sarah says:

    Has anyone tried booking a hotel room through Trekking Hellas Homes? I sent them an email and they sent me two mini-hotel options in Adler, for 320 Euros/night. Seems high but I’m wondering if they are legit? They ask for 50% deposit non-refundable…
    Anyone know?


    • Dean says:

      They are legit but very expensive. Also make sure you understand the location of the hotels and how to get to the clusters.

      • Sarah says:

        Thanks Dean,
        Good to know Trekking Hella Homes are legit. I’m going to try reaching out to a Russian speaking travel agent here locally to see if I can get some help booking a mini-hotel directly through one of their Russian language websites.

  35. Nancy says:

    Just booked a plane reservation to get to Sochi late on the
    20th and leave on the 26th. Anybody want to share some costs for
    any of the days — can even sleep on a floor. I have been to quite
    a few Olympics and never gotten my hotel in advance but thought I
    might ask around to make it a bit easier on myself. Also not sure
    about the visa requirements of having a place to stay before you
    get there. Thanks!

  36. Diana says:

    Are you arriving in Sochi on the 20th at midnight on Aeroflot? I am on that plane, and was a little worried they would kick us to the following morning flight, as the last time I checked, there were only about 3 people booked on the last flight out on the 20th.

  37. Loren Gerlach says:

    If you are still struggling to find lodging, a boatload has just come available on the web, some (not all) of it reasonably priced.

    Russian speakers start here: . This has by far the best selection and the listings are up to date, most posted in the last 72 hours. Almost every listing has a phone number, and you’re talking directly to the landlord in most cases. I spoke to several landlords listed and they all confirmed current availability, ready to take my deposit now. I settled on a room for 4 people with fridge, TV, wifi etc for $180 per night on the beach in Adler, exactly halfway between the Coastal Cluster and the Adler train station where you catch the train to the Alpine cluster.

    The second site is in English. The selection is smaller but it has a few good ones, and you can do direct bookings via web: Select “Map search”, then “Russia”, “Southern Federal District”, “Krasnodar Krai” and then “Sochi”.

  38. Gaby A. says:

    Late to the party here, but curious, anyone know where I can actually find reviews or pictures of Pansionat Yuzhny-Hotel II? They don’t seem to have a website I can hunt down? Everything is committed and bought, but curious as to what I’m in for. :)

  39. Frances says:

    Any advice on reserving a car from the airport to the Pansionat Yuzhny-Hotel II? We arrive on Feb. 5th at 12:25 pm. Thanks.

  40. kim says:

    Hi! I have been looking for info/photos etc also on the Pansionat Yuzhny Hotel does anyone have any?

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