Several months ago, Bank of America quietly stopped issuing Hawaiian Airline credit cards.  This was unfortunate for many reasons as these were popular cards for people to get…sometimes more than once.  Even if you didn’t plan to use your miles on Hawaiian, some people got the cards in order to transfer the miles at a 1:2 ratio to Hilton (though that was more popular before the Hilton devaluation last year).  The cards never returned to Bank of America, but instead they are now available via Barclays.

As you likely know, Barclays is the bank that also issues rewards cards like the Barclaycard Arrival Plus™ World Elite MasterCard® and US Airways MasterCard (both of which I would personally want before the Hawaiian cards in most situations).  Now they have added both business and personal versions of the Hawaiian Airlines cards to their list of card options!

 Hawaiian Airlines World Elite MasterCard (check airline credit card page for updated offer)

Here are some of the features of this card, and you can get more details by checking out the terms and conditions.

  • 35,000 Bonus Miles when you spend $1,000 on purchases in the 1st 90 days
  • Complimentary Checked Bag for the primary cardholder when you use your card to purchase tickets directly from Hawaiian Airlines
  • Receive a one-time 50% Off Companion Discount for roundtrip coach travel between Hawaii & North America on Hawaiian Airlines
  • 2x miles on purchases from Hawaiian Airlines, 1x on everything else
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Hawaiian Airlines MasterCard Cardmembers may receive miles transferred from friends and family for free up to 10 times per calendar year
  • When you spend at least $10,000 in Net Purchases within each anniversary year, 5,000 bonus Miles will be credited to your HawaiianMiles Account.
  • $89 annual fee

There is also a Hawaiian Airlines Business MasterCard (not an affiliate link) that awards 35,000 bonus miles after your first purchase.  The business version of the card has slightly different benefits than the personal card, including not offering the free checked bag, but instead offering 20,000 bonus miles on your account anniversary with $50K-$99K in annual spend, or 40,000 bonus miles with $100K or more in annual spend.  It also has a $89 annual fee.  You can read the full terms for this offer here.

To give you an idea of how to use Hawaiian Airlines miles, coach SuperSaver flights between the islands start at 7,500 miles each way, and coach SuperSaver awards to/from Hawaii to North America start at 20,000 miles each way (potentially 17,500 each way with the discounted awards available via having the card).  You can view the Hawaiian award chart here and the partner airlines award chart here.

I am in the middle of planning another Hawaii trip for my family for next summer, and will post more about these cards and how you can potentially use them for your own Hawaii planning in the near future.

Thanks to The Hustle Blog for sharing this news!


Disclosure: I do receive a commission on the Arrival card.  All of these are the best offers I know of for these cards.  Thanks for your support. 

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11 Responses to “New Hawaiian Airlines Cards Introduced by Barclays”

  1. Couldn’t resist adding in the unrelated links to other cards, could you? And show we assume that all links are affiliate unless otherwise specified?

    Where’s the coverage of UA changing their UM policies? I’ve been waiting for your analysis of that move. Seems quite relevant to family travel.

  2. Michelle S says:

    Interesting that the pictures still say Bank of Hawaii ;)

  3. mommypoints says:

    Seth, you should have said something earlier if you were interested in my thoughts on the UM change at UA. Would have been happy to share. Actually have a draft started on that topic, but just haven’t finished it yet. Will certainly circle back to it once things get back on a normal schedule here next week. Overall though I personally don’t think it is a bad change, though it will make things harder for some families who rely on the UM option and need a connection to get their kids where they need to be.

    One of the links in this post is mine. The US Airways and Hawaiian cards aren’t. All are to the best offers. I think that since Barclays doesn’t hand out an unlimited number of cards to someone it is important to prioritize in case you hit your limit and can’t get the one you really wanted.

    Michelle, ha!

  4. JTP says:

    WA, stop spamming other people’s blogs. We all see it everywhere.

    Seems like you couldn’t resist putting in an unrelated link back to your page, either.

  5. Robert Hanson says:

    Chastising a blogger for cc links, in a comment linking back to his own blog. LOL !
    BTW, those links were not “unrelated”. MP was pointing out Barclays offers which she considers superior to the Hawaiian cc offer. Which is a major thing to consider before applying, since Barclays is known to be very stingy about how many ccs they will give you.
    I was disappointed to see it is Barclays, and not B of A, bringing back the Hawaiian card. B of A used to issue both a Bank of Hawaii card, and a B of A Hawaiian card. I would alternate getting one of them every 3 months, then transfer the sign up bonus miles to HH points at 2:1. Giving me 280K Hilton points a year. Those were the days ;)

  6. Michelle S says:

    I’m not too impressed with this offer. I think families (or anyone really) could do better with the Arrival card and/or a couple of companion passes from BofA/AS.

  7. Kevin says:

    Happy to see that this card doesn’t exclude Iowa like a lot of Barclays cards do. I really wish I knew why most of their cards exclude IA but some don’t.

  8. mommypoints says:

    I agree this isn’t an overly impressive card offer, and most will do better starting with one of the other Barclays offers I mentioned, but I’m still glad there is a Hawaiian option back.

  9. Carrie says:

    Count me in as another disappointed it is Barclays. Not sure when I’ll be able to get them to agree to my app!! LOL!

  10. Carol says:

    The link for the personal card does not get me to an app. The link for the biz card does, but it shows Bank of Hawaii rather than Barclay’s. Has anyone figured out how to get to the apps for the Barclay’s cards?

  11. Torsten says:

    The new 35,000 miles Hawaiian Airlines card is a good deal. The 50%
    companion ticket to Hawaii is not as bad as it sounds too.

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