This morning I spent about 10 minutes earning 885 free and easy American Airlines miles via their AAdvantage® Passport Challenge on FacebookYes, you do have to have Facebook for this one, sorry to those who aren’t into social media.  It also states it is for legal residents of the US 50 states/DC.  They advertize it as earning over 10,000 miles, but here is how that breaks down.

  • Play trivia and other games to earn up to 700 miles
  • Share and complete social actions to earn up to 350 miles
  • Fly our expanded network to earn over 9,000 miles

AAdvantage Passport Challenge

The challenge is open now through May 23, 2014.  I spent about 10 minutes playing and didn’t do most of the ones that required you to “share” things with friends or join other social media channels, and I earned 885 AAdvantage miles.  You could easily hit 1,000 miles if you wanted to share things with some friends.  Otherwise, you will likely top out at around the same amount I earned.  However, that is pretty great in my view for 10 minutes of your time answering some trivia questions about American Airlines, US Airways, and their partners.  Don’t worry if you don’t know all the answers.  Many are easy to guess, you get two tries (of three possible answers), and even if you miss it you seem to still earn the miles.  Make sure to click on all the icons, even the ones that seem related to actually flying, as you can often get at least 50 miles for answering some trivia questions.

AAdvantage Passport Challenge Icons

This is a great way to not only add to your mileage total, but also earn some easy miles in some accounts you manage that may not have very regular activity.  Of course, those accounts do have to have Facebook to take advantage.  If you actually have travel on US Airways or American coming up you may earn even more miles thanks to this promo!

How many miles did you earn?  Thanks to View From the Wing for sharing!

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16 Responses to “1,000(ish) Free and Easy American Airlines Miles”

  1. jerry says:

    It looks to me like they want my friends list to play. No way!

  2. Jason says:

    For the ones that want you to “share,” when the share dialog box comes up you can change the setting right then and there to post so “only me” can see it, that way you can get your miles without spamming your friends!

  3. Jason says:

    Just finished, got 1080 miles!!

  4. Bob says:

    Thks MP! Got 970 miles. Airlines are using twitter and instagram more, I think I need to take advantage of that!

  5. John K says:

    I got a Service Unavailable error =(

  6. David says:

    thanks for the info! got 930 miles and it is free.

  7. Every time I try to play it says the page is busy. :(

  8. Stephen says:

    Just finished playing. Earned 1100 miles.

  9. Dave H says:

    910 free miles – thanks for the heads-up.

  10. Jonathan says:

    I “shared” for the points, but immediately deleted them from my page… tired of bugging friends.

  11. IPG says:


  12. Bethany says:

    How long did it take for the points to post to your AA account?

  13. Andi says:

    When I click the link I am taken to the FB page, but I don’t see an option to play?

  14. mommypoints says:

    When I click the link there is a red button that says “I am ready to start playing”.

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