As promised yesterday, we are giving away a $250 M Life gift card (courtesy of Hyatt) to help Hyatt and M Life celebrate the launch of their new “Make Vegas Yours” digital hub.  I love Las Vegas, and have visited the city well over a dozen times, and yet I still learned some new things to do in Vegas on their website.  In fact, it made me more excited for my next Vegas trip, which I would suppose makes it a success, at least for me.  I’m also looking forward to the daily new content and frequent giveaways that are said to be a part of the new hub for M Life and Vegas info.

Make Vegas yours

Fun photo from the Make Vegas Yours hub

Enter to Win $250 M Life Gift Card:

Anyway, here is how you can throw your hat into the ring for a chance to win the $250 M Life gift card.  Note that you can use the gift card to go toward your final room bill, show tickets, dinners, drinks, activities and more at the M Life properties such as Bellagio, MGM Grand, ARIA, Mandalay Bay, Mirage, and more.  Check out a full list of places you can use the $250 card here.

To enter, simply leave a comment on this post sharing your favorite thing to do in Las Vegas at one of the M Life properties (keep it PG-13 or below, please!).  If you need some inspiration then check out the new “Make Vegas Yours” page for more than enough ideas.

You can leave a comment and enter once per day between today (Wednesday July 16th) and 11:59PM Central on Saturday July 19, 2014.  That is a total of four possible entries per person.  The winner will be selected at random using and announced on Sunday July 20, 2014.  The winner will then need to provide their name and mailing address and Hyatt will send them the $250 M Life gift card directly.

Easy as that!  Good luck!



Since everything has to have rules these days here are a few:

Must be a legal resident of one of the fifty (50) United States, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, and at least twenty-one (21) years of age.  Void where prohibited by law. 

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828 Responses to “Enter to Win a $250 M Life Gift Card!”

  1. Brandon B says:

    I love the lazy river at the pool at MGM Grand

  2. Brian says:

    I love people-watching at the pools.

  3. Trevor says:

    I love going to the buffet!

  4. Paul says:

    The big cats at MGM Grand

  5. Tyler says:

    drinking poolside!

  6. christy says:

    catching a show!

  7. Julian says:

    Fav thing is the buffet at Aria or Bellagio

  8. Susan E says:

    I love the fountains at The Bellagio!

  9. Carol says:

    Swimming in the pool

  10. Jeff says:

    Taking my kids to the beach.

  11. Dae says:

    musicals and restaurants on the strip

  12. Jen Wilson says:

    Drinking fancy cocktails with paper umbrellas poolside!

  13. Gary G says:

    Seeing a quality show!

  14. alanna says:

    The fancy bakery at Aria

  15. Rakesh lahoti says:

    Playing poker!!

  16. Owen says:

    I’m looking foward to the fountains view at Bellagio.

  17. Ron says:

    People watch

  18. Simona says:

    Slot machines!

  19. David says:

    Concert or boxing match at the MGM!

  20. Jeff says:


  21. ArchSf says:


  22. Sandra says:

    I enjoy buffet at Luxor.

  23. marc says:

    Definitely playing poker and chatting it up with others at the table

  24. Ed C says:

    Obviously racking up stay credits :).

  25. Nguyen says:

    I would love the dinner buffet at Bellagio. Thanks.

  26. Matthew McDermott says:

    Enjoying a high-end dinner with my wife at Jean Georges Steakhouse at Aria.

  27. Joyce says:

    Exploring all the amazing food options both on and off thr Strip.

  28. Daniel says:


  29. David W says:

    People watching.

  30. jimmy says:


  31. nikdro says:

    I love all of the Cirque shows, KA at MGM was my favorite.

  32. Steve says:

    Watch the fountains at the Bellagio.

  33. Ralph says:

    Gamble, Gamble, Gamble

  34. Ash N says:

    I love watching the Bellagio fountains!

  35. Alex says:

    I love just relaxing at the pool with a cocktail in hand and enjoying the desert air while relaxing at a cabana.

  36. Scott M. says:

    Watching the fountains at the Bellagio.

  37. Justin says:

    I love the pool parties!

  38. Phil says:

    Love the buffet at Bellagio

  39. MARINA says:

    see shows

  40. Charlotte says:

    Always have to over to the Bellagio and see what the gardens looks like. Depending on subject maybe even the art museum.

  41. Rui N. says:

    Cirque du soleil!

  42. ed says:

    Buffet hopping !

  43. Brandon says:

    Eat at Joel at MGM!

  44. Carey says:

    I love to see DJ shows at Hakkasan in the MGM.

  45. Craig says:

    Definitely watching the fountains at Bellagio!

  46. Atreu says:

    I love the bellagio Buffet and the shows!

  47. gpks00 says:

    Shows and Restaurants

  48. MSPDeltaDude says:

    Sports Book for March Madnesssssssssssssssssssssss!

  49. Terri says:

    People watch!!!

  50. Cory says:

    What I love doing most in Vegas is finding a sports book and sitting around watching some games. Of the M Life properties, I like the New York New York area best, if only because they have some good pizza nearby :)

  51. Rachel W. says:

    Eating an amazing meal then relaxing poolside.

  52. Sharon says:

    I’ve never been to Vegas, but hoping to go this winter. Would love to try some of the great pools like the LIQUID Pool lounge at Aria.

  53. Abhishek D says:

    Comp stays!

  54. I love eating all the good food nearby.

  55. Abidjan says:

    I want to touch Wayne Newton’s hair!

  56. Annette B says:

    I love the shows and the pools!

  57. James says:

    Watching the Bellagio fountain show.

  58. Chris says:

    Hitting the blackjack tables

  59. Ben says:

    the casinos!

  60. ScottSteg says:

    I really enjoy the pool at The MGM Grand. I spent the weekend there recently and the size and variety of things to do (big pool, small pool, lazy river, etc) makes it a mainstay.

  61. inge says:

    trying out different restaurants

  62. Brendan says:

    While Las Vegas is a pretty lousy place overall, there are many restaurants that cater to people with various food allergies, which I appreciate.

  63. Joe-SC1 says:

    I always look forward to the shows – and the potential for same-day half-price tickets.

  64. Michelle says:

    The buffet at the Bellagio.

  65. Coleman says:

    Eat and drink!

  66. wb says:

    Love the entertainment

  67. Jimmy Yoon says:

    I like to eat at the restaurants and buffets at the MGM properties. Great choices at Bellagioand Aria

  68. Allison says:

    My favorite thing to do in Las Vegas is to go shopping at the two outlet malls.

  69. James P says:

    Sports book and fine dining.

  70. Jon S. says:

    Love the shows. Randomize me!

  71. Tyson says:

    I love seeing the shows and the great restaurants

  72. Vitaly says:

    Hanging at the pool

  73. brian says:

    I love having a decadent breakfast outside before it gets too hot!

  74. Randy says:

    the buffet @ the Bellagio

  75. Scott says:

    People/fountain watching in front of Bellagio in the evenings.

  76. goheerow says:

    watching the Bellagio fountains from Paris.

  77. DJ says:

    the seafood buffet & roller coaster at MGM/NY.

  78. Allison says:

    I know it’s cliche, but I love the fountains at the Bellagio.

  79. Scott says:

    I love having good cocktails at some of the swanky bars!

  80. Jason says:

    Eating allll the good food there.

  81. Christopher says:

    Walking the Strip and watching the people

  82. Rob says:

    Watching my beloved Cubs win (ha!) at the Mandalay Sports Book

  83. Sandeep says:

    The Bellagio fountains never get old!

  84. Brett says:

    See a comedy show at the bottom of the MGM…

  85. RD says:

    Ride at the top of Stratosphere!

  86. Trevor says:

    Definitely buffet hopping!

  87. Santastico says:

    Bellagio fountains with kids is priceless

  88. nellcy says:

    The pool!

  89. Jeffrey says:

    From my last trip: Being greeted by the room itself when you walk in at Aria (close second: the breakfast buffet’s stuffed pancakes!)

  90. beltway says:

    Swim with dolphins!

  91. Octavian says:


  92. Brett says:

    Fountains at Bellagio are always great!

  93. StacyShine says:

    I want to see Bellagio’s indoor garden! – it was closed for reconstruction when I was there :(

  94. Cami says:

    Swim the the dolphins at the Mirage!

  95. John says:

    I love going to the buffet!

  96. Geri J. says:

    The view of the valley at night from the edge of the Green Valley Ranch parking lot.

  97. SFmom says:

    Food and swimming pool.

  98. SJ says:

    Planning my first ever trip to Vegas in August! Looking forward to the shows and sights.

  99. Jafar says:

    Go to shows in Vegas!

  100. Stacy says:

    People watching everywhere! A close second…the buffets!!

  101. Rob says:

    I have always wanted to know what mojo the Blue Man Group had to have so many fans. Oh, and the Jabbawockeez.

  102. Jeff says:

    I LOVE the Cirque de Soleil shows, particularly KA at the MGM Grand. One of the most breathtaking sights I’ve every experienced!

  103. Teddy says:

    Food! Buffet spread! Yuummm!!

  104. AlanL says:

    Trying a different fine dining experience each trip

  105. Dwi says:

    When in Vegas, one must do these things: watch performances and gamble. And that’s what I’d do.

  106. Ben H says:

    I love going to clubs at Aria

  107. Jeffrey says:

    pools and blackjack.

  108. Grant W says:

    Craftsteak at MGM!

  109. Nick says:


  110. Nick says:

    Oh, sorry – had to be at one of those MGM properties…then I guess…buffet!

  111. Krista jones says:

    My favorite thing to do in vegas would be the ziplining!

  112. Andrew says:

    I love trying the new restaurants!

  113. Kelsey says:

    I’ve never been to Las Vegas but I would love to go and check out the pools at any of the M Life properties!

  114. james k says:

    I like those shows..

  115. Bryan says:

    I love eating at different restaurants. Would love to try Robuchon at MGM Grand.

  116. DW says:

    I’d like to see the Jabbawockeez. I semi-shamefully know them from past seasons of So You Think You Can Dance.

  117. Brian says:

    Gambling of course! Who doesn’t love to spend hours at the craps table??

  118. Scott G says:

    Definitely the fountains at the Bellagio!

  119. Troy says:


  120. Patrick says:

    I enjoy watching the Bellagio fountains!

  121. Michelle O says:

    I love eating at all the delicious restaurants.

  122. John Snook says:

    Blue Man Group!!

  123. Raquel says:

    I enjoy stopping by the Bellagio gardens, they’re display is always nice :)

  124. Gene Cronshagen says:

    One favorite thing to do is dine several of the wonderful restaurants. (Current favorite is Sage, but there are so many more!)

  125. Candace says:

    I love the shows you can’t see anywhere else.

  126. Karl P says:

    I like relaxing by the pool with a nice tropical drink.

  127. Michael T says:

    play black jack all night and day

  128. Brandon says:

    Love the pools at mgm grand!

  129. Tom says:

    Going to Vegas for my brother’s 21st bday.

  130. Jonathan H says:

    Bellagio buffet!

  131. Nick F. says:

    Nothing beats the fountains at the Bellagio.

  132. Ang says:

    I love the buffets!!!

  133. Ang says:

    I love the pool parties!

  134. Ang says:

    I love the Cirque du Soleil shows

  135. Ang says:

    Rich people watching is always fun!

  136. Lettie says:

    I love the Fountain shows at Bellagio

  137. Nick H says:

    Drink Jack while I lose money at black jack (the drinking may be why I lose money at blackjack).

  138. Joe says:

    I love the strip! just walking down and taking it all in. Vegas is a different world :)

  139. Brenton says:

    I’d like to check out a wine tasting class led by a Sommelier.

  140. Jason Chiang says:

    Pool and mojitos at the Vdara were awesome! The standard room also fits 3 adults comfortably ; )

  141. Christopher A. says:

    Craps at Aria and then some late night nachos at the Aria Cafe!!!

  142. David says:

    play cards, eat, people watch :)


  143. CJ says:

    I’ve never been able to catch Manilow in Vegas. But I love that I theoretically could. So, yeah, I’d like to do that while I still may have the chance. :)

  144. mark says:

    the shark tank at mandalay.

  145. Patrick says:

    I’m going for the first time on August 28th! I’m sure I’ll have plenty of favorite things after my trip!

  146. edward says:

    relax on mandalay beach

  147. Kathy C says:

    I love the buffet at the Bellagio. Then, I love to walk through the conservatory and look at the flowers and admire the decorations of the season– just gorgeous! Then, I love to go watch the beautiful fountains and listen to the music as the water dances to the fountains. Where else but Vegas? It is truly my favorite destination!

  148. Jackie says:

    Getting married of course!!!

  149. Christina says:

    We love taking the kids to the Shark Tank at Mandalay Bay.

  150. Alexis L says:

    I’d go to the lazy river at the pool at MGM Grand

  151. jason says:

    Gambling at bellagio

  152. Bernard says:

    Playing poker at the Aria!

  153. Gin says:

    Love that beach, wave, pool, and river at Mandalay Bay!

  154. Jeromie says:

    The shark tank sounds awesome.

  155. Jonathan says:


  156. Kevin says:

    I love playing poker at Aria

  157. steve says:

    A steak at Gallagher’s in NY NY is in my top 3 steak experiences of my life (top in Vegas as the other two were Chicago and New York). Everything about the meal hit the spot and what I needed at the time.

  158. Jody says:

    drinking margaritas by the pool at Mandalay Bay

  159. Haik says:

    visiting the spa for some relaxing me time!

  160. WB says:

    poker room

  161. Charlie says:

    The shows at the hotels are really great.

  162. Gary says:

    I like to get out to the desert for a change of pace!

  163. Steve says:

    I want to gamble

  164. Ankur Goyal says:

    Craps at Aria! The environment just sucks you in.

  165. chubbuni13 says:

    Get a heater at the craps table… five hours with the hot hand in the dice game, baby girl… talking ’bout klakkity klakkity klak!

  166. Christin C says:

    We’re fans of the Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage.

  167. Yucci says:

    The awesome swimming pool party!!

  168. Yucci says:

    I also loved the magic shows!!

  169. Yucci says:

    Seafood buffet is also one of the reasons why I would go back!!

  170. Yucci says:

    Earn Hyatt points and stay credit

  171. Ang says:

    I love the pools!

  172. Melissa T. says:

    The dining options are my favorite, especially Heritage Steak at the Mirage.

  173. Sudi says:

    Slots ‘o fun!

  174. Alison F. says:

    We love going to see some of the spectacular shows! Maybe Blue Man Group next time…

  175. Jonathan C says:

    Love enjoying the shows at MGM!

  176. Chris says:

    The fountains at Bellagio.

  177. Susan says:

    All the amazing food! Can’t get enough!

  178. Lauren Finnerty says:

    I love the Wheel of Fortune slots and all of the yummy food!!!

  179. Jose says:


  180. Spencer F says:

    Bellagio fountains and stores

  181. Michael C. says:

    Gamble at Bellagio!!

  182. George says:

    I love the first-class buffet at the Bellagio!

  183. JW says:

    Piano Bar at the NYNY.

  184. HP says:

    Definitely the buffet at the Bellagio!

  185. Laura Case says:

    I love going to hyde at belagio

  186. Julian says:

    I love that M life has a non gambling Hotel in their portfolio with the Vdara.

  187. Zach says:

    Dinner overlooking the Bellagio fountains at Olives!

  188. Dan says:

    Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

  189. John says:

    Sampling the many sweet delights at Jean Philippe Patisserie @ the Aria.

  190. nita bah says:

    Buffet hopping, cirque du soleil “O” and roulette

  191. suechibana says:

    I will go to Burger Bar and try all the burgers there!

  192. Mary Mougeot says:

    Buffet for sure.

  193. Bill G says:

    The Buffett at Aria!

  194. David says:

    I definitely want to ride the Roller coaster at New York-New York next time I am in Vegas, especially since it was down for repairs when I visited last January!

  195. James says:

    I love the crab legs at the Aria Buffet and don’t let me forget about the deserts!

  196. Sandi says:

    I love going to the flower show at the Bellagio.

  197. Mike W says:

    I love the Bellagio fountains!

  198. Dan says:

    Poker at Aria!

  199. Vinicius says:

    Bellagio fountains show!

  200. jack says:

    Watching the bellagio fountains, never gets old.

  201. Paul says:

    Nothing is better than the Mandalay Bay pool! Fantastic!!

  202. Slooz says:

    Cocktails at the pool

  203. Stu says:

    Bellagio is the best.

  204. cyndi says:

    The Pool at MGM

  205. Will in ID says:

    Rafting the lazy river near Mandalay Bay Beach

  206. The Bellagio fountains!

  207. ajm says:

    the food!!!!!!!!!!

  208. Yin N. says:

    The water fountain show at Belligio.

  209. Yechezkel Cweiber says:

    The lobby of the hotel is freaken epic!!

  210. Christel says:

    My favorite thing to do in Vegas is dine out at the buffets or fine restaurants in the area!

  211. mike says:

    cirque du soleil

  212. randy b says:

    The pools!

  213. Don R. says:

    Cirque du Soleil always!

  214. Levi says:

    walking the gaming floor at bellagio – just the best on the strip

  215. James T says:

    The great entertainment.

  216. John K says:

    Drinking and eating at the Bellagio pool

  217. Stonepony says:

    I love check raising tourists at Aria poker room.

  218. Andre says:

    My favorite is hanging out at the pool.

  219. edison says:

    the buffets!

  220. Pegasus says:

    Swim with Dolphins

  221. Robert re says:

    Vegas is an incredible city. I love staying at the MGM, taking in a shiw, the lazy river, and the Blackhack tables.

  222. Hilary says:

    Playing the penny slots, relaxing by the pool maybe a little spa package

  223. Angus says:

    I love drinking whiskey at Whiskey Down at the MGM Grand!

  224. Moler says:

    Shopping at Bellagio.

  225. Chris K says:

    sitting by the pool at the Bellagio!

  226. Kathleen Sanchez says:

    Have a drink poolside!!! Oh and play the slots :)

  227. Tom says:

    I’m going to Vegas next month.

  228. GLobus1 says:

    People watching and exploring various hotels/resorts.

  229. Idahost says:

    Watching over indulgence at Bellagio Buffet

  230. Idahost says:

    Watching indulgence at Bellagio Buffet

  231. John says:

    Watching football at the Mirage sportsbook.

  232. Jay H says:

    The shows!

  233. Andy says:

    Gigantic buffets!

  234. Michael says:

    The BUFFET at Bellagio is probably one of the best. I wish I could eat it all :(

  235. JeffISU says:

    fountains at the Bellagio

  236. Kazu Okumura says:

    Going to day beach clubs!

  237. Chas says:

    Golf is Greatttt

  238. tiffany l says:

    swimming w sharks at mandalay!

  239. Dannyt says:

    Drinking poolside

  240. Rob N. says:

    I love watching the fountains at the Bellagio!

  241. Carl P says:

    Texas holdem

  242. Rob says:

    The pool at Mandalay Bay.

  243. Kim says:

    I like the buffet at bellagio and all the shows.

  244. Eric says:

    Spa Mandalay is great!

  245. Kay N. says:

    Great restaurants by top-rated chef all in one place.

  246. Lee says:

    Enjoying the spectacular weather and pool!

  247. mcdullhk88 says:

    Eating at buffets!

  248. thomas says:

    The pools!

  249. Tom V says:

    Playing roulette

  250. Ryan says:

    MGM Grand sportsbook!

  251. Rich A. says:

    Yeah, the buffet!!!

  252. Liz says:

    Club Light at Bellagio

  253. Rob P says:

    There’s nothing like watching the Mirage volcano!

  254. DaWeav says:

    Yo Baby Yo

  255. Kay says:

    Wave pool @ Mandalay bay

  256. Jennifer says:

    blackjack, eat, drink, repeat

  257. Ramsey says:

    I’ve never been to Vegas, but the pool at Aria looks great!

  258. Kevin says:

    Watching the dolphins at the Mirage

  259. Wei-Chuang Chan says:

    My favorite thing to do in Vegas is surly show-touring!

  260. Vicki says:

    Love to check out the buffets! Especially the desserts!

  261. raj says:

    Nightlife is fun

  262. Kevin says:

    Going in September, seeing the shows that M-life has at their properties.

  263. john says:


  264. Daniel M says:

    Going to Aria’s bakery.

  265. DanR NYC says:

    Having a bite at the Aria Bakery 4 me !

  266. Howard H. Lee says:

    The big cats at MGM Grand

  267. Amanda says:

    Staying at Aria, using their gym, relaxing by the pool, dressing up, going out to a special dinner at Le cirque and then gambling. These are a few of my favorite vegas things!

  268. Kelly says:

    love to see the shows!

  269. ben says:

    buffet at Luxor

  270. joanna says:

    dinner buffet at Bellagio

  271. Agnes says:

    Fountains at the Bellagio! Classic!

  272. Mike says:

    I want to stay in the hotel and watch Britney concert near the area!

  273. Yin N. says:

    The delicious and awesome buffet at the hotels.

  274. Amanda says:

    I would like to swim with dolphins at The Mirage.

  275. Shawn says:

    See the fountains at night at The Bellagio.

  276. Krista says:

    People watching in Vegas is amazing!

  277. Brendan says:

    I really love having a meal at 9 Fine Irishmen at NYNY. The corned beef nachos are insane!

  278. Christian says:

    Entertainment. The shows are amazing.

  279. josh f says:

    Lazy river!

  280. Shaun says:

    Cutting in line at the buffet with my status!

  281. Erik says:

    Would love to get a cabana at the pool

  282. Kent C says:

    Front of the line at the Aria nightclubs!

  283. Mick says:

    Vegas baby Vegas

  284. Michael says:

    The buffet at the Bellagio is always a sure thing.

  285. AlanL says:

    VIP offers for shows

  286. Nkk says:

    There is something for everyone!

  287. Beth says:

    Partying late into the night- something I never do anymore at home!

  288. John says:

    Eat Buffet at Aria

  289. LRZ says:

    I love the spa!

  290. Kevin says:

    I enjoying staying at Aria and going to their nightclub. Then after you finish partying, getting back to your ream doesn’t require much effort.

  291. Eddy says:

    At the risk of sounding like a degenerate with a gambling problem — I love spending hours playing craps at a hot and lively table.

  292. purcitron says:


  293. Naina says:

    Watching the fountains at the Bellagio!

  294. laurent says:

    Sports Bars

  295. JOHN says:

    Love the pool at Mandalay Bay.

  296. Ari K says:

    Losing money at the casino

  297. Paul says:

    The pools

  298. Mandrake says:

    Lounging at the pool!

  299. ehud says:

    just watching a good show

  300. Sher says:

    Love the shows!

  301. Marshall says:


  302. Prateek Jain says:

    Watching the fountains at the Bellagio!

  303. Prateek Jain says:

    Having a cake at the Aria bakery!

  304. Richard says:

    Going to the lazy river!

  305. Michael H.(oldfox) says:

    I love the great shows!

  306. ajm says:

    all the exciting food venues

  307. Scott Travel says:

    This credit would sure come in handy during my August Vegas trip! Love Vegas and it’s great restaurants and bars.

  308. Steve B. from DC says:

    After M Life matched my Hyatt Status, I was able to skip the long lines in the Taxi Que and save probably about 25 minutes……a small, important benefit that i REALLY appreciate taking advantage of at the M Life properties!!

  309. Claire says:

    Eating at the buffets!

  310. polli says:

    I love high tea at the mandarin oriental! have fun….

  311. Rob says:

    I have always been a fan of food. I am sure there is much for a person’s palette to explore.

  312. Paula says:

    People watching

  313. Jonathan says:


  314. mizliz says:

    “O” at the Bellagio!

  315. Marie says:

    Taking my son to see David Copperfield at MGM where we were absolutely amazed.

  316. Peter says:

    I love to see those amazing M buildings.

  317. Eric says:

    Have never been to Vegas and would love to go with my wife!

  318. John says:

    favorite thing to do it do to the billboard music awards at the MGM every may!

  319. SC says:

    hanging out at the pool

  320. Randy says:

    People watching.

  321. Benji says:

    I love the food and entertainment.

  322. Donna says:

    Checking out the amazing architecture.

  323. Ashley says:

    The buffets are most excitng for me

  324. AdamRx says:

    Hanging at the pool

  325. Rob P says:

    I enjoy lazy days at the MGM Grand pool!

  326. Jacob says:

    I would love the pools!

  327. Kay says:

    Watching the tigers @ MGM.

  328. Brian says:

    I love just wandering around the properites and seeing the decorations around the major holidays

  329. Jason says:

    The blue man group!!

  330. Lex M says:

    The awesome restaurants and drinks!

  331. tiffany l says:

    scuba diving with sharks at mandalay!

  332. Darren says:

    The pools and nightlife are unreal!!

  333. J says:

    People watch.

  334. Tami F says:

    The Entertainment would be be my favorite!

  335. McCool says:

    Relaxing in the pool would be fun.

  336. Ron says:

    visit family

  337. dhammer53 says:

    Having a drink and soaking up the atmosphere.

  338. JC says:

    Sitting in amazement at any Cirque Du Soleil show. Those people are amazing

  339. Cami says:

    Go shopping at the Bellagio!

  340. cheesemanager says:

    Best thing to do at an M Life property in Las Vegas is laying by the pool.

  341. steve says:

    with a smattering of Baccarat

  342. Sue says:

    I love the shows.

  343. Nicholas says:

    I love going to a show!

  344. efjx says:

    Love watching shows at the Vegas resorts.

  345. phill gold says:

    Love me some pool time. Thanks

  346. Beth K says:

    I’ve been to almost all of the Cirque shows at the M-Life hotels and love them all!

  347. Jafar says:

    The pools, food and shows!

  348. Aaron K says:

    Watching the fountain at Bellagio!

  349. Julie says:

    I love the fountains at bellagio

  350. Ali says:

    I actually live in Las Vegas and absolutely love it! My husband and I are teachers here, so we don’t have a lot of money to spend on the expensive stuff, but my favorite thing we’ve done so far is see Penn & Teller. Their AMAZING!

  351. mcdullhk88 says:

    Eating buffets and… of course… cutting the line thanks to matched Hyatt/M Life status.

  352. james k says:

    I like the shows.

  353. Kaysha says:

    I love relaxing at the pool with my family.

  354. mike r says:

    never been to vegas, would be great to check it all out

  355. Eugene says:

    Watching the shows

  356. Michael A says:

    Definitely the shows

  357. MJA says:

    The food

  358. Cory says:

    It’s Vegas. It’s all about the food and drinks. Actually, I love doing breakfast at the Paris buffet. I like the ambience as well as the food.

  359. Lisa K says:

    Always wanted to go to the pool at the Bellagio–my parents always made us go to Circus Circus!!

  360. Kelly Ha says:

    Even though I am not a night club person, I LOVED going to LIGHT! I was there on opening night and it was amazing. Can’t wait to go again!

  361. Jody says:

    margaritas by the pool at Mandalay Bay

  362. Ray says:

    it’s all about being by the stellar pool, then hitting up the great food buffets and restaurants! relax & dine, vegas style!

  363. Alycia says:

    Swimming with the dolphins at the Mirage!!!

  364. paul says:

    Food! restaurants

  365. David W says:

    It’s all about poker.

  366. Brandon B says:

    Eating at Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay

  367. Lynn says:

    The pools, after a long day of hiking nearby trails!

  368. beltway says:

    Swim with the dolphins FTW.

  369. Rich A. says:

    Definitely the buffet!

  370. Christopher says:

    Tasting all of the delicious foods

  371. monica says:

    I like heading out of Vegas for a break and visiting Red Rock Canyon.

  372. […] Boarding Area blog, Mommy Points has a giveaway for a $250 MGM Resorts gift card. Leave a comment by 11:59pm, central time Saturday, July 19, […]

  373. Brian says:

    Hanging out by the pool is always great… unless it’s in the summer. That’s not so great!

  374. Krystyna says:

    My favorite things to do in Vegas are shop and see shows.

  375. Brian says:

    The Bellagio Buffet!

  376. Chris says:

    I’ve always loved the shark tank at Mandalay Bay

  377. James says:

    The restaurants!

  378. Rakesh lahoti says:

    watching shows!!

  379. Glenn says:

    Hit the pool at the Mirage.

  380. joanne warger boland says:

    I love the Fountains at Bellagio!

  381. Stargold UA says:

    I Love the Buffets!

  382. Elaine says:

    People watch and see shows!

  383. Bob says:

    I love the Chihuly glass and hiking in the nearby parks. And walking the strip.

  384. Terri says:

    People watching by the pool

  385. pmv says:

    Mirage or Manadalay Bay pools!

  386. John says:

    Lions at the grand!

  387. Debbie says:

    Bellagio Conservatory

  388. Fred says:

    Staying in the room at Palazzo

  389. DW says:

    The pools at Aria are great to beat the heat with.

  390. Li says:

    Fountain-view room at Bellagio is my favorite!

  391. Linna says:

    Do not forget to give your Hyatt numbers at check-in! You can earn both Hyatt points and MGM points!

  392. Debra Nadler says:

    When in Vegas I love going to shows!

  393. Ben says:

    Eat, Sleep, Drink.

  394. Shari says:

    Does people watching count as a vegas activity? I think it does.

  395. David says:

    So many uses!

  396. Kevin says:

    I love getting a gelato at The Bellagio and then watching the amazing fountains

  397. Shaun says:

    Love having a good run at the tables! Double down !!!

  398. Foodie says:

    At the casinos in MGM – its so much fun !

  399. Joe says:

    Daylight Beach Club….nuff said :)

  400. Kelly a says:

    For my family it is all about the pools!

  401. J says:

    cirque du soleil!

  402. Amanda says:

    I would swim with dolphins at The Mirage!

  403. Josh says:

    I would check out the pools!

  404. sean says:

    I like all the good restaurants

  405. ted p says:

    I love the pools.

  406. Al says:

    Lotus of Siam

  407. Danh says:

    Soccer tournament in Vegas

  408. Denise L says:

    Buffet at Bellagio

  409. C boland says:

    I love the fountains at the Bellagio as well.

  410. ejay says:

    You can’t miss with the Bellagio fountains

  411. Tyson says:

    Mirage pool for me

  412. Christina says:

    The waterfall wall at the Aria. So relaxing.

  413. TTN says:

    Vegas shows everytime

  414. TTN says:

    The pools

  415. Buddy M. says:

    Playing in a poker tourney at the MGM.

  416. Trevor says:

    I love seeing the shows!

  417. P La Rue says:

    Playing in the many casinos that M Life/Hyatt Gold Passport has to offer is FUN and exciting! I am going in August again and can’t wait!

  418. James says:

    Buffet-hopping between the different properties!

  419. CL says:

    love the food

  420. Jim says:

    Buffet at the Bellagio!

  421. David says:

    Blackjack at the Aria. That is all.

  422. marc says:

    The buffets are amazing!

  423. James says:

    Bellagio fountain show is pretty epic.

  424. EIG says:

    Its always fun watching the fountains at the Bellagio

  425. Jon R says:

    Hanging out pool side at one of the properties is always relaxing

  426. Ryan L says:

    The breakfast buffet at the Bellagio is unbelievable!

  427. Anthony says:

    Vegas is about the food for me. The Bellagio has some of my favorite restaurants.

  428. StacyShine says:

    I also love the lazy river at the MGM pool!

  429. Eric S. says:

    The cabana’s by the pool at Mirage are fun to rent and make a whole day at the pool quite an experience!

  430. Penny says:

    Grabbing a sushi roll at Yellowtail

  431. James says:

    Enjoying the Aria atmosphere while gambling away my hard-earned money : (

  432. GC says:

    watching the fountain at the Bellagio

  433. Gene C says:

    The Fountains Brunch at Jasmine in Bellagio is as wonderful experience. This has got to be one of the most beautiful Chinese restaurants in the USA

  434. Joe-SC1 says:

    Can’t beat the buffets.

  435. Grant H says:

    Thank you for this giveaway!

  436. Goosh says:

    Eat and drink.

  437. Denise says:

    check out the restaurants!

  438. Kathy C says:

    I love the spas! Can’t hardly go to vegas without a little bit of pampering :)

  439. Clare N says:

    I appreciate the Art at the M-Life Hotels!

  440. Gail says:

    I would like to eat at Joël Robuchon

  441. Chris says:

    Eat, eat, and umm…. eat!!!

  442. Biggles209 says:

    All those restaurants!

  443. Michael says:

    buffet is my favorite.

  444. Sanjeev says:

    Never stayed at MGM, though have attended conferences there. Would love to stay

  445. Tim says:

    all the great food!

  446. Candace says:

    I would love to see the Bellagio fountains!

  447. Karl P says:

    I like the buffets. A chance to eat food I don’t get at home.

  448. David says:

    Pools in the summertime!

  449. Kelly says:

    relaxing with a cocktail!

  450. JW says:

    Live Irish music at NYNY!

  451. eric pease says:

    i love the neon museum and the gangster museum!

  452. Melissa T. says:

    I’d love to use this for a Mirage stay. Love the pool there!

  453. Shawn says:

    Drink and swim!!

  454. Jacob says:

    Getting in on some free shows

  455. chen says:

    I love to eat and hit the pools

  456. Jonathan says:

    Love the FOOD!!!

  457. Broc says:

    Woohoo! I’d love to win the $250 gift card!

  458. James says:

    Take in the sweet views from the top of Mandalay Bay.

  459. Ray says:

    food is the best

  460. Susan E says:

    All of the shows are great!

  461. Travis says:

    I love the pools

  462. Travis says:

    I love the pools with my kids

  463. Travis says:

    That they have a lot of events at the MGM is great.

  464. Alexis L says:

    I’d like to see the fountains at The Bellagio!

  465. Travis says:

    Want to he able to try some new games in the casino.

  466. jack says:

    partake in world-class dining

  467. Debbie says:

    Love watching the fountains at the Bellagio

  468. Randy says:

    Nothing beats getting off of the elevator at 7am, walking through the casino and seeing people gambling, smoking, and drinking. Because…well, it’s Vegas after all.

  469. Jessica says:

    get married!!!!

  470. JP says:

    Lazy River at MGM Grand and the perfect temperature pool at Bellagio.

  471. Michael Christ says:

    Buffett at Bellagio

  472. Moler says:

    Enjoying a buffet.

  473. LeeInDC says:

    Never been to Vegas but would definitely partake in some fine dining and drinks.

  474. sri says:

    Ride One of the World’s Fastest Roller Coasters.

  475. Mandy says:

    I’ve never been, but both the buffet and shows sound nice. I really can’t decide which I’d like more. :)

  476. katie says:

    My family stayed at Mandalay last year and their wave pool is awesome & kids love it.

  477. James says:

    Performing my daily early morning run (before the sun beats down and foot traffic gets heavy) between properties on LV Blvd plus getting a stair step workout as a bonus what with all those elevated, circuitous walking bridges over intersections.

  478. Grant W says:

    Sage at Aria!

  479. Larry says:

    Love everything at Aria!

  480. Martin W. says:

    Love the fountains at Bellagio!

  481. janet says:

    I love the chocolate fountain at Bellagio (world’s largest!) and a walk thru the conservatory!

  482. Peter says:

    I love to see those amazing M buildings

  483. dean says:

    The art walk at the Aria is great.
    The Art Museum at the Bellagio always has some great exhibits as well.

  484. James T says:

    The fountains at The Bellagio

  485. ToddC says:

    I love the fountains at The Bellagio!

  486. Jay H says:

    The pools!

  487. John says:

    Winning a pai gow poker jackpot at Aria.

  488. Daisy says:

    Love Bellagio buffet and the fountains

  489. David says:

    I always love checking out the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay!

  490. james says:

    Mussel Omelet (not on the menu) at House of Siam

  491. JRG says:

    Swimming at any of their pools!

  492. Rushabh Pasad says:

    win a jackpot

  493. Hilary says:

    Pools and the see some of the shows

  494. Marcie says:

    I would love to visit the spa at ARIA and gaze at the lovely artworks.

  495. Bill says:

    Spending an afternoon (or maybe 3 days) at the incredible MGM pool complex!

  496. Jonathan says:


  497. Eric says:

    The beach at Mandalay Bay is fun!

  498. Yin N. says:

    The Bellagio foundation at night is so awesome.

  499. Curvy Panda says:

    chilling at the wheel of fortune slot machines or trying my hand at blackjack or tossing some dice at craps

  500. Kay says:

    So much great food – the buffets are great and the restaurants are delicious.

  501. ben says:

    buffet at any of the hotels.

  502. joanna says:


  503. Kevin says:

    The great restaurants at the Mlife resorts.

  504. Jeremy H says:

    Trying to send my wife and her girlfriend there for her birthday in October. I’m sure they will love to go see the Thunder from Down Under..

  505. M Kim says:

    I would lik to take my family to the buffet at Bellagio.

  506. rich says:

    The pool’s and restaruants

  507. Carl P says:

    The pools!

  508. Quan says:

    The buffet at Bellagio – I need to go back.

  509. Michael says:

    Great pools.

  510. Liz says:

    Hanging out at the pools!

  511. Andrew P says:

    The fountains at The Bellagio are definitely one of my favorites

  512. Ari K says:


  513. Eroica says:

    Buffet and fountains at the Bellagio!

  514. Christina says:

    Gambling at night, and hoping between the M casinos to gamble.

  515. jen says:

    always wanted to play poker *for real*…..

  516. Rachel Eckley says:


  517. Chanel says:

    My favorite thing to do in Vegas is to play blackjack while drinking something fruity. I love free drinks while playing :)

  518. Jon Jovi says:

    I go to Vegas mainly to go drink and dance at the various clubs and definitely check out the Circus De Soleil shows. Each time I visit Vegas I always have to watch at least one different show.

  519. Richard says:

    Winning at craps!

  520. Moler says:


  521. Jennifer says:

    a day at the spa

  522. Kenneth says:

    drinks by the pool

  523. Rob P says:

    I love seeing Love at the Mirage! Thank you!

  524. Julie says:

    The pools!

  525. Debbie says:


  526. steve s says:

    I’m interested in checking out the best pools in Vegas!

  527. terri says:

    pools, spas, drink and repeat!

  528. Amanda says:

    I would like to swim with the dolphins!

  529. Josh says:

    Swim in the pools!

  530. james k says:

    I like the pools

  531. Jody says:

    margaritas at Mandalay Bay

  532. Matt says:

    Watching the bellagio fountains!!

  533. MCB says:

    Seeing the different DJs at Hakkasan MGM.

  534. Nicholas says:

    Visiting old friends from when I lived there and hanging out at the pools!

  535. Carla says:

    We just like gambling at the MGM Grand and laying out at all their pools!

  536. beltway says:

    Swim w/dolphins, I must aver.

  537. Kathy C says:

    I love to play Blackjack and Let it Ride. I think it is so much fun to go around to the different casinos and see the different decor. We aways rent a car so that we can do this.

  538. Cami says:

    I’d see the Secret Garden at the Mirage.

  539. Stacy says:

    Love strolling through the Conservatory at Bellagio. Looking forward to two trips to Vegas in September and staying at Aria!

  540. Cindy says:

    I love the fountain, the buffet and the blackjack!

  541. Jesse says:

    The great arena at the MGM Grand is the best

  542. Cory says:

    I get my eyes a workout by doing an eye roll anytime someone in a colorful shirt tries to hand me explicit material. Or, whenever I see people actually paying money to drunken cartoon characters for a picture. Weird.

  543. jack says:

    catch a cirque du soleil production show

  544. Biggles209 says:

    The art collections are wonderful

  545. Sy Ochoa says:

    my favorite thing to do in Vegas is enjoy a good show

  546. Lucia Ochoa says:

    i love the food in vegas

  547. C boland says:

    the incredible food options!

  548. jw boland says:

    the many fabulous restaurants!

  549. AlanL says:

    Las Vegas’ Best Burgers and Brews looks like a plan

  550. marc says:

    Fountains at Bellagio!

  551. Brian says:

    The M Life properties are the best place to acquire a food coma!

  552. Susan says:

    The pool – and the drinks served poolside

  553. Brian says:

    What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas

  554. Paul says:

    Cirque du Soleil Show at one of the resorts.

  555. Claudia says:

    Fine dining

  556. Kylee says:

    It may be a total cliche but it seriously is hands down my favorite thing in Vegas – The Bellagio fountains, at night, playing Sinatra.

  557. DW says:

    The pool at the MGM Grand is great.

  558. Broc says:

    Woohoo Day 2! I’d love to win the $250 gift card!

  559. Michael says:

    The pool at the MGM Grand is awesome.

  560. Gene C says:

    Watching the fountains at Bellagio with my wife at my side

  561. Jonathan says:

    Food Food Food!!!

  562. James says:

    Play blackjack at MGM Grand.

  563. Ryan L says:

    I hear the newly renovated King rooms at the MGM Grand are really nice.

  564. Ben H says:

    I’d like to play blackjack on my birthday at the monte carlo

  565. katie says:

    My family would love to go to Mandalay Bay for stay-cations and enjoy the beach area with massive wave pool!

  566. Melissa T. says:

    I’d love to see a show, maybe Beatles Love….

  567. Jill says:

    Playing (and winning of course!) at Let It Ride!

  568. Mike W says:

    Watching the Bellagio fountains!

  569. tiffany l says:

    scuba diving w/ sharks at mandalay bay!

  570. CalAggie21 says:

    Eating out at some of the finest restaurants in the world!

  571. Aaron K says:

    A romantic evening at an incredible MGM Hotel!

  572. Eric says:

    get married

  573. james t says:

    The buffets

  574. LM says:

    I’ve never been to Vegas but I’d love to explore everything they offer, including shows, the casinos, and all the ridiculous food and entertainment options!

  575. Eric S. says:

    Vegas has some great food. I love the wide variety of options. Mirage BLT Burger for burgers. Javiers at Aria for some Mexican influenced seafood. so many choices!!!!!!!

  576. AdamRx says:

    Check out a couple of those shows!

  577. joanna says:

    i like the pool

  578. ben says:

    I like the buffets at any of the hotels.

  579. Neal says:

    High limit Pai Gow in the Lotus Room at Mandalay Bay

  580. Travis says:

    I love the buffets! Especially the Bellagio buffet on Friday nights!!

  581. Roy says:


  582. Joelfreak says:

    I like points.

  583. Randy says:

    Split 8s against a dealers 6 at the blackjack table.

  584. Kay says:

    Smooching in front of the Fountains at the Bellagio.

  585. Andrew says:

    Playing blackjack with my dad’s money.

  586. EIG says:

    I like hanging out poolside with a drink in my hand :)

  587. Jon R says:

    I like catching a show

  588. Susan says:

    A swim with the Dolphins!

  589. Trevor says:

    I like lounging at the pool!

  590. Nguyen says:

    I also love to see the fountains at The Bellagio at night. Thanks.

  591. Rob says:

    Maybe they have some kind of extreme circus attraction or maybe skydiving…yeah!

  592. Michelle S says:

    Hanging out by the pool

  593. Haley says:

    The pools!

  594. Mark says:

    Gamble !

  595. Christel says:

    My favorite thing is walking around the Strip and dining at the M life properties!

  596. Charlie says:

    The amazing buffet.

  597. Kathy W. says:

    The fountains at Bellagio are always a winner! That would be after indulging in one of the happy hours, of course.

  598. JeffG says:

    The pools!

  599. Monique says:

    I enjoy people watching at the casinos.

  600. Monique says:

    I also enjoy trying the signature restaurants in each hotel.

  601. DougB says:

    Me & the Missus love dining at Le Cirque and looking out at the dancing fountains – an extraordinary indulgence! Thanks!

  602. Ryan says:

    Enjoying the Bellagio fountain show!!

  603. Josh says:

    The food!! Buffets… mmmm

  604. Andy says:

    Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay is the best bar in Vegas.

  605. JDN says:

    I love the Guilty Pleasures band at Mizuya Lounge in Mandalay Bay.

  606. Thomas S says:

    The past 3 years, I have attended the iHeart Radio Music Festival at the MGM Grand. I am already making plans for this years concert in September.

  607. SH says:

    A day at the spa followed by drinks by the pool

  608. jen says:

    today I’m feeling LUCKY! Like, win a $250 M Life gift card lucky :) So, I think WHEN I get to Vegas I’ll put a $20 bill down on #25 of the third roulette table I walk past…..

  609. Justin says:

    I want to try all the restaurants!

  610. indy says:

    people watch!

  611. Jake says:

    I like to people watch in the casino and shops at Bellagio. There are more than a few interesting characters.

  612. TomyS says:

    I love the buffet.

  613. Mike says:

    pool parties!

  614. mcdullhk88 says:

    Enjoy the hotel suites…. :)

  615. wobrown says:

    Dinner at Noodles at Bellagio

  616. Scott G says:

    An afternoon of Pai Gow poker and dinner at L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon

  617. Nathan says:

    I love to see Cirque shows like Ka at MGM.

  618. Erik says:

    The underwater shark tunnel looks kinda cool

  619. Kelsey says:

    I’ve never been to Las Vegas but I would love to check out some of the shows at the M Life properties.

  620. connie says:

    the food, the music, the bright lights

  621. David says:

    #charliepalmersteakhouse $200 steakfor my trip in October would be awesome. Not sure what the rest of them would be eating!

  622. Hilary says:

    Vegas is so much fun – I love the shows, food and checking out the casinos

  623. Mr. N says:

    Bellagio Water Show

  624. Yin N. says:

    I love the water foundation show at the Bellagio.

  625. Brett says:

    Bellagio buffet

  626. Diondi says:

    The Gun Shop… definitely a must go for me.

  627. Michelle O says:

    I love all the wonderful dining options.

  628. Daniel says:

    Poolside in one of their properties is hard to beat…but the buffets are so good too!

  629. Jamie says:

    Spend time by the pool at Mandalay Bay.

  630. John S says:

    Still rooting for the Blue Man Group!

  631. Q says:

    Drinks with umbrellas

  632. Jeremy says:

    Definitely want to try out the pool at Mandalay.

  633. Aarash Fakhori says:

    The wife loves to hit the Spa! We go every year….can you blame her?

  634. peachykeen says:

    The fountains at the Bellagio.

  635. Drew says:

    Love to play the pop-o-matic craps at Monte Carlo.

  636. Charlotte says:

    Gorging on buffets and using the spas.

  637. Michael says:

    Great dining.

  638. Dan says:

    The over the top suites!

  639. jason ying says:

    Bellagio Water Show

  640. Sam says:

    Walking around in show in LV is my fav activity…

  641. Ryan says:

    I like the food!

  642. Paul says:

    Enjoying “life” !!!!

  643. Dolores Adair says:

    Hanging out at Tatuado in Circus Circus because my favorite musician owns it and I’m always there trying to catch a glimpse of him.

  644. Tomt says:

    Vegas Buffett is always awesome

  645. cl says:

    the buffet at Bellagio :)

  646. John F says:

    Trying Whiskey Down at MGM Grand

  647. B.Quan says:

    The buffet at Bellagio is delicious.

  648. Alan K says:

    Cheap steak and eggs at Ellis Island Casino and Brewery!

  649. David says:

    Would love to stay at the MGM because the first time I ever walked into their casino, I sat down at a slot machine and won big almost immediately!

  650. Alycia says:

    Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens!!!

  651. Janice says:

    I remember staying at the Luxor years ago. There was a hot tub in the room, and when it rained, it ran down the slanted window. I would love to stay there again.

  652. Anirban says:

    I love the fountains at The Bellagio

  653. VP says:

    Enjoy food,shows and relax!

  654. Craig says:

    6 hour blackjack marathons at Aria

  655. Mad Queen Linda says:

    My favorite thing to do is soak up the sun and decent weather in Vegas when winter arrives where I live.

  656. Ann says:

    The pool at MGM Grand. Wish I was there right now!

  657. Kijo says:

    Gamble and eat.

  658. Kijo says:

    Great restaurant and nice hotels.

  659. Ted says:

    Mandalay Bay’s Bikini Party! Woo!

  660. Broc says:

    Woohoo Day 3! I’d love to win the $250 gift card!

  661. Sheryl says:

    I like to gamble at the casino!

  662. ben says:

    the restaurants.

  663. Andrew says:


  664. joanna says:

    I like the food

  665. Will says:

    Definitely checking out the pool.

  666. Michael M MA says:

    A vote for the buffet for sure.

  667. Wenlin says:

    Listening to music and watching Bellagio fountains.

  668. Wenlin says:

    Would like to try the burger bar!

  669. Wenlin says:

    Attending fun Las Vegas weddings.

  670. Wenlin says:

    Swimming with dolphins in the middle of a desert!

  671. Ari K says:

    people watching at the pools

  672. Joe says:

    My favorite thing to do is gamble at the MGM Grand and the Bellagio!!

  673. Michael M MA says:

    Restaurants with the great food.

  674. frank says:

    I’ll be taking a trip to vegas in early august. Hope to be able to use this card on an awesome show and the Bellagio Buffet!

  675. Judyg says:

    Seeing shows, Playing craps, the restaurants and so much more.

  676. Gail says:

    I love the restaurants

  677. Mr. N says:

    Bellagion Buffet

  678. Szilard says:

    Buffet will be on top of my list… maybe a little spa!!!

  679. Kelly says:


  680. Emily says:

    Emeril’s gumbo at MGM Grand and playing craps!

  681. Michael says:

    love the pool scene

  682. Scott says:

    Fine dining at one of the M Life properties on the Strip

  683. Denis says:

    Swimming with dolphins

  684. Christopher says:

    The pools at the MGM Grand.

  685. GringoLoco says:

    Watching the silicon goddesses at the pool while sipping overpriced cold adult beverages is certainly entertaining…

  686. Scott says:

    A blackjack.table

  687. theSuperStar says:

    Drinks and more drinks…

  688. Kathy C says:

    I love the dinners at the upscale restaurants– the ones that I would never go to when I am at home. I love to be pampered. Can’t help it !

  689. Kim says:

    Dueling piano bars!

  690. I choose the Mandalay Bay Pool

  691. juergen says:


  692. Thomas S says:

    The great concerts that we get to see at the MGM Grand Arena. So many to name!

  693. Rich A. says:

    The buffet of course —-

  694. Cami says:

    Eat at the Bayside Buffet at Mandalay Bay!

  695. Dave says:

    Aria buffet

  696. Shawn M says:

    Sharing a special moment with my wife for her first visit to the fountains this NYE!

  697. Nathan says:

    I love the art and the gardens at the Bellagio.

  698. TheBeerHunter says:

    Love to eat dinner at Craftsteak at the MGM grand

  699. Ryan says:

    I like the pool!

  700. Biggles209 says:

    Those fountains are something special!

  701. lisa says:


  702. David says:

    O’ at the Bellagio is a must see.

  703. David says:

    The fountains at the Bellagio

  704. David says:

    The Jean Philippe Patisserie at Aria is a tasty treat

  705. David says:

    Vdara suits have a real wow factor

  706. Jody says:

    drinking margaritas by the lazy river at Mandalay Bay

  707. jay says:

    Dinner at Prime!

  708. MIchael Braun says:

    Great food/drinks

  709. Jeff says:

    My favorite thing to do is tipping the dealers because it means I’m winning at the tables!!!

  710. Valerie says:


  711. SD says:

    I like reserving a limo pickup at the airport for my whole group. Coming down the escalator and seeing a guy holding a sign with my name on it makes us feel like high rollers…then we go find the $5 BJ tables!

  712. Lewis says:

    Wandering the lobby of the Bellagio is wonderful.

  713. tiffany l says:

    sharks and mandalay=fun!

  714. iwantmoremiles says:

    Being able to visit Egypt, Paris, NYC, and Venice on the same day if I want to.

  715. ed says:

    Buffet and Pool

  716. Daniel says:

    People Watch.

  717. Eric says:

    Any brunch buffet!

  718. Daniel says:


  719. Daniel says:

    People watching is the best.

  720. Travis says:

    The buffets!! Especially the Bellagio buffet on Fridays!

  721. Daniel says:

    Hang out by the pool.

  722. John S says:

    Blue Man Group again and again and …

  723. james k says:

    I like the shows

  724. JDN says:

    The concert lineup at the MGM Grand Garden is always outstanding.

  725. Harry says:

    Love food and blackjacks!!

  726. sil says:

    Bellagio buffet YUMMY! Gambling and Winning!!

  727. elemenopee says:

    champagne brunch at The Bellagio

  728. George says:

    We love watching the fountains at the Bellagio!

  729. Ang says:

    Love the Bellagio fountains!

  730. Seth says:

    Party at daylight

  731. Matthew McDermott says:

    A suite at Aria would be a great break from the daily grind!

  732. Cathy says:

    Love the Mandarin Oriental tearoom for a great afternoon decompression after all the hype of the strip. Great girlfriend spot for late lunch.

  733. Nicholas says:

    Going to a concert at MGM

  734. Jake T. says:

    I love the casino floor at MGM. Always lively and energetic on a Friday/Saturday night. Great atmosphere, tons of tables.

  735. Cory says:

    Vegas is one of the great people watching cities.

  736. Michael says:

    Blackjack of course!

  737. Michael says:

    Swimming with Dolphins!

  738. Michael says:

    Sitting by the pools!

  739. Michael says:

    Eating at the restaurants!

  740. Matthew says:

    A good friend got married at the MGM Grand a few years ago – best Vegas weekend, hands down.

  741. Poptarts says:

    People watch while enjoying a meal at Stripburger!

  742. Dolores Adair says:

    I like to go to all the shows!

  743. Carolyn says:

    My favorite thing is to see all the great entertainment there. I try to hit at least 2-3 shows each trip.

  744. indy says:

    I’d love to see some shows!

  745. Bill says:

    I love the BlackJack!

  746. Jesse says:

    The big arena at the MGM grand is the best concert place

  747. Trevor says:

    I love the huge hotels!

  748. Daisy says:

    Live spa and shows

  749. traveldink says:

    I love to see a new show/concert every trip if possible.

  750. stacyShine says:

    Checking out the spa… Dreaming of some treatments.

  751. Kelsey says:

    Seeing the fountains at the Bellagio!

  752. Erik says:

    I’ve always wanted to rent a cabana at the pool

  753. Jessica says:

    I love just walking up and down the strip and people watching!

  754. James says:

    Playing poker at Aria.

  755. Christine says:

    Going next week! Would love a gift card for dinner!

  756. David says:

    I could spend hours watching the Bellagio fountains! And the Chihuly art in the lobby is beautiful!

  757. Kevin says:

    Watching the fountains at Bellagio and then looking down the Strip at night, just taking in ALL the lights ~ sensory overload!

  758. Kevin says:

    The vibe of the strip.

  759. beltway says:

    Must. Swim. With. Dolphins.

  760. KEVIN says:

    Cirque du Soleil with the family !

  761. Michael H.(oldfox) says:

    Catching a show is so much fun!

  762. Rob P says:

    MGM restaurants! Thank you!

  763. DJ says:

    Beffet will be on the top of my list

  764. DJ says:

    Buffet will be on the top of my list

  765. Eric says:

    drinking adult beverages

  766. islandgoddess says:

    LV is a great place to see art @ art museums!

  767. islandgoddess says:

    …but if you want to stay on property, can’t beat the buffet!

  768. Kalboz says:

    Just walking the strip with my family to enjoy the site & people.

  769. JohnB says:

    Hoover dam

  770. JohnB says:

    Bellagio fountains/people watching on the strip

  771. JohnB says:

    Swim with the dolphins

  772. JohnB says:

    Pool at MGM Grand

  773. Ira says:

    Culinary Classroom at Bellagio

  774. Moler says:

    Pool at Bellagio.

  775. TerryH says:

    Bellagio fountains are great

  776. JeffreyP says:

    bring on the buffets

  777. Aaron K says:

    See the Cirque show LOVE at the Mirage!

  778. Beth K says:

    I love hanging out by the pools!

  779. Amanda says:

    I would swim with the dolphins at the Mirage!

  780. Paul says:

    Love the Mandalay Bay Pool and the smell in the casino!

  781. Nancy says:

    Absolutely relaxing while watching the Bellagio fountain dance!

  782. VP says:

    Enjoy the Bellagio founains

  783. Ed C says:

    Nickel slot machines!!!!

  784. Jonathan says:

    Food food and food!

  785. Yana says:

    Experiencing the classiness of Bellagio. Chihuli’s chandelier. Fountains in the evening.

  786. Julie says:

    I love seeing the Conservatory at the Bellagio. Their displays change with the seasons, and they’re always so beautiful and creative.

  787. jack says:

    people watch on the strip

  788. kay says:

    The art at the Aria.

  789. Jim says:

    The food

  790. Nguyen says:

    Love the buffet. Thanks.

  791. Karl P says:

    I would like to try out some of Vegas’ Best Burgers and Brews! (I LOVE a good microbrew!)

  792. Candace says:

    I would finally love to get to see the Blue Man Group!

  793. LM says:

    I want to swim with the dolphins!

  794. Jake says:

    I would like to see The Beatles LOVE at Mirage.

  795. Mike B says:

    Just strolling through these beautiful casinos and taking it all in.

  796. Yin N. says:

    The highly rated buffet at Bellagio.

  797. Dina says:

    The botanical garden at the Bellagio! It’s like a fairytale garden and picture of floral serenity in the midst of Las Vegas excess!

  798. Hilary says:

    Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace best Seafood Buffet!

  799. Joe-SC1 says:

    Ummm, gamble?

  800. Ira says:

    The flower gardens

  801. Ali says:

    Boxing at the MGM!!!

  802. Barbara Manley says:

    We love the shows and playing the slots and Let It Ride cards.

  803. Michael says:

    The casinos!

  804. Julie Smith says:

    I love looking at the beautiful Christmas sculptures made of flowers in the Bellagio’s atrium.

  805. Glenn says:

    Hang at the Mirage pool.

  806. Andrew P says:

    Cirque du Soleil: The Beatles LOVE at The Mirage is one of my favorite shows in Vegas

  807. JeffISU says:

    walking the strip people watching

  808. Jim says:

    I love the Diablo nightclub!

  809. Kelly says:

    I love hanging out at the pools enjoying the sun and people watching!

  810. SusieP says:

    Love the extensive spa services.

  811. Christina says:

    Watching KA at MGM. Love that show.

  812. Ira says:

    botanical garden at the Bellagio

  813. MAD QUEEN LINDA says:

    I hear Tunica, MS is the new Vegas. Don’t we all want to spend our $250 there?

  814. Kenzi G says:

    I enjoy watching the fountains at the Bellagio.

  815. Ira says:

    Hoover Dam and Red Rock National Park

  816. Luciann says:

    Walking the strip then winning in the casino!!

  817. Mark says:

    Hitting the tables.

  818. Hilary says:

    Little gambling, good food and some spa time

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