Another Rewards Card Cans Foreign Transaction Fees + 3,500 Bonus Points!

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Foreign transaction fees were once very common among rewards credit cards, which was kind of unfortunate especially in the realm of travel rewards credit cards since those cardholders (unsurprisingly) travel outside the United States with some regularity!  In recent years more and more credit cards have eliminated foreign transaction fees, which is great so that you aren’t hit with an extra 3% or so for each transaction that was processed with a foreign currency.  Canada tripped me up more than once since it just didn’t feel “foreign” in my head!

You can now add the U.S. Bank FlexPerks® Travel Rewards Visa Signature® card to this growing list of cards that do not charge a foreign transaction fee beginning September 1st.


In fact, it is getting hard to think of too many rewards cards left that do charge foreign transaction fees – at least among those that also charge annual fees.  The Starwood Preferred Guest Amex notably comes to mind as still charging the foreign transaction fee, as does the US Airways MasterCard, Club Carlson Premier Rewards Visa Signature,  and Amex EveryDay Preferred.  Most of the Chase travel rewards cards that come with annual fees do not have foreign transaction fees, but it will be nice when some of these remaining hotel co-branded cards drop the foreign transaction fees so they can be used to at hotels abroad to earn extra points without paying extra fees.

Back to the FlexPerks card, along with the info about the foreign transaction fee going away, the mailer I got also included info on a new promotion that awards 3,500 bonus points after spending $750 on the card from September 1 – October 31st.  This may be targeted, but you can check for promos on your card here.


The FlexPerks card just helped me get a “free” airline ticket worth close to $400 that will also earn me elite qualifying and redeemable United miles, so while it isn’t the #1 card I use in my wallet, promos like this help keep the card around.


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  1. I think we’re moving in the right direction and let’s keep up the pressure. Tell them that their card stays in the sock drawer at home when we travel and spend internationally, if they charge this “We’re ripping you off because we can” fee.

  2. You got me excited because I saw something from US Bank in the mail on the counter.

    But alas, it’s only for a buy a $50 gift card for 5,000 points and get a $10 Fandango card free….

    No thanks 🙂

    • Points with a crew, boo. Mine had that on there, too, but also the 3,500 points thing. Log into the promo website just in case (if you haven’t already).

  3. Would be great if the Carlson card waived Forex fees.. I Saw U.S bank and got excited! It’d really make sense for that to have Forex waived, Carlson footprint in the U.S isn’t all that. Sucks not being able to use the card at overseas CC properties.

  4. Mine was 3500 bonus for spending $1500 – not really worth it as I have just over 30,000 points now and that would get me to 35,000 (still short another 5,000 for the next level) and I don’t know if I’ll keep the card for a second year. I am not happy about these levels for redemptions. If I spent the $1500 on groceries only I could get an extra 1,500 points … When I consider all the other cards and opportunities I have, I am not too impressed.

    My wife got no offer on this at all.

  5. Frankly, I’m not sure I should have gotten this card. Finding fares that might the stupid rules is nearly impossible. I keep coming up with $407, or $612, fares. Which for some absurd reason cannot be rounded off with cash. Or $200 fares where you get virtually no value from the points.
    I’m sure they do it this way so that many, many people never get the chance to use their points. Not at all clear that I will find a way to use my points before the AF comes up again. And I’m not paying to renew a card that has given me no value for an entire year. 🙁

  6. USBank FlexPerks Travel Rewards VISA Cards still charge foreign transaction fees.

    Their staff says “no” — their website says yes.

    Can anybody actually confirm or deny this rather than just parrot the marketing materials?

    Here is says “No Foreign Transaction Fees” but it’s not a statement, it’s a LINK to the terms.

    The terms it links to state there ARE foreign transaction fees.

    Sure looks like foreign transaction fees to me:
    Transaction Fees
    •Balance Transfer Either 3% of the amount of each transfer or $5 minimum, whichever is greater.
    •Convenience Check Cash Advance2 Either 3% of the amount of each advance or $5 minimum, whichever is greater.
    •Cash Advance ATM Either 4% of the amount of each advance or $10 minimum, whichever is greater.
    •Cash Advance Either 4% of the amount of each advance or $10 minimum, whichever is greater.
    •Cash Equivalent Advance Either 4% of the amount of each advance or $20 minimum, whichever is greater.
    •Overdraft Protection None
    •Foreign Transaction 2% of each foreign purchase transaction or foreign ATM advance transaction in U.S. Dollars
    3% of each foreign purchase transaction or foreign ATM advance transaction in a Foreign Currency

    • I know this is an old post and comment. But, it is still relevant. The terms still have the foreign transaction fees in there.

    • Following up in case someone reads this and finds it useful. I applied and received the card in the past week. The card agreement that came in the mail along with the card STILL had the 2-3% foreign transaction fees in there. I emailed US Bank a couple times asking for documentation without the foreign transaction fees (the second time was more direct). All they could do was assure me that there are no foreign transaction fees. It’s not that I don’t trust them, it’s just kind of crazy that they haven’t changed their card agreement yet!

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