Earn 5x and Get $15 Amazon Gift Card with Household Purchases!

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I’m a fan of deals in all forms, so I want to share a non-travel related deal today because I think it will be handy for many of us…and it earns points you can use for travel  A popular deal from several months ago is back – you can get a $15 Amazon gift card with $50 in Amazon purchases on select household items.  These are items most of us need anyway like shampoo, toilet paper, soap, laundry detergent, razors, etc.  You know, the really exciting stuff. 

$15 Amazon Gift Card with $50 in Household Purchases

Free Amazon Gift Card

All you have to do is buy $50 worth of these items (scroll to the right to see more item options) and also add the $15 Amazon gift card to your card.  The gift card will magically become “free” once you reach the $50 minimum required.  I just bought dish washing detergent, toilet paper, and razors and the $15 gift card came off automatically.

I also paid with my Chase Freedom® card since Amazon is one of the 5x bonus categories this quarter.  That means that I not only got a $15 Amazon gift card to use on a future purchase, but I earned 5x points on the Amazon purchase thanks to using my Freedom card!

Stacking deals is the way to rack up savings and points in a hurry!  Of course make sure that the price you are paying for the items is a good one, but that is often the case with Amazon.

Thanks to the Deal Mommy for sharing this deal!

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  1. The concept of “have to buy anyway” doesnt mean you dont need to compare prices. what I found with Amazon was if you dont compare, prices are always higher. dont be too quickly to follow carrot on the stick.

    • Choi, the post says exactly that and I totally agree with you. If you buy these things a lot you probably already know what an average, bad and good price is for the items, but absolutely compare and don’t overpay.

  2. Thanks for the tip. FYI, you can’t select any of the other “options” for the items that you see if they are not shipped by Amazon directly, it seems (e.g., I tried to buy the Cascade dishwasher tabs, but when I changed the default from the 80-pack for $20 to the 85-pack for $17 as part of my order, it no longer offered the $15 gift card at checkout).

    • “That’ll be $0.50, thank you very much!” – P&G

      Yeah, those paper towels are ~$8 more than they are at Sam’s Club, and even the stuff at Sam’s is sometimes a rip off (e.g. PopTarts are MORE expensive than at Wal-Mart!!!).

      However, while the savings were about a wash after factoring in the gift card, it did push me above the $25/cart rule for add-on items that I’d been waiting (and needing) to buy anyway. Worth it for me, but make sure it works out better for you financially.

  3. Our Amazon purchases came down significantly since they started charging tax in texas. Like 85% less. Glad that there is a costco wiithin a mile where we live.

  4. I am unable to see the $15 charge taken off. Is this a targeted offer? I bought 2 Panda Express GF for a total of $50 then added the $15 AMZN card. But the final tally was $65 + taxes

    Is there something different I should do?

    • Raghu, it is just valid for $50 in purchases on select household goods, not on any purchase. Getting Panda Express gift cards sadly won’t count. It is for things like select paper towels, soaps, etc. that should be displayed on the link.

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