Update on Korean Air as an Ultimate Rewards Transfer Partner

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On Friday Chase Ultimate Rewards dropped Korean Air from their transfer partner list on some parts of their website.  This would be somewhat worrisome, but not alarming by itself as it is always possible there are technical issues that needed to be updated with Korean Air point transfers, just as there have been in the past. .  However, instead of an error message or update on the website, Korean Air was just gone as an option.

Chase Ultimate Rewards Transfer Partners

When calling in to Chase many were being told about a memo indicating that the relationship with Korean Air had ended.  That would be a pretty bad thing, especially if it happened without notice.

In the meantime, I reached out to a contact at Chase about the disappearance of Korean Air as a transfer partner and was told today that:

“Chase is not currently processing point transfers to the Korean Air SKYPASS program. We will update the Ultimate Rewards Web site when the functionality returns.

The bolding is mine, and it is the most important part in my view.  It doesn’t say if the functionality returns, it says when the functionality returns.   It’s a temporary bummer that transfers to Korean Air are not functional right now, but a temporary glitch is infinitely better than if they were gone for good.

I’ll update if I hear anything additional about when transfer functionality will return.

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    • Scott, not plagiarism, more like we got the same response from Chase around the same time after asking the same question.

      • I’m going to have to agree with Scott on this one…yes similar response from Chase….but EVERYTHING was similar, which is a euphemism…

        • Kat, now yall got me curious so I looked at Gary’s post and the basic info is of course the same, but the posts didn’t seem overly similar to me. Either way, not sure if I even read his before writing mine, but I can assure you it wasn’t copied. Gary’s my friend and I would have linked to his post if I at all sourced it for info, like I always do. Main similarity is we both called out the part of the quote that said “when transfers return”…and anyone who missed highlighting that probably wouldn’t have written the post in the first place.

  1. Thx Mommypoints. I got the same message.
    @Sam, how did you manage to do that? That’s a lot of points!
    I really hope Chase will at the very least provide a 30% mileage bonus for UR transfers to Korean Skypass once they reinstate the feature on their website.

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