A 5x Points Earning Reminder that I Forgot About

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As we adjust to my husband’s different work situation and him getting home later than we are used to we have been picking up to-go orders a few times a week.  As busy and chaotic as things have been around here recently I have found myself making a mileage mistake while doing so pretty frequently.

More often than not I noticed I have been grabbing the wrong credit card to pay for our meals and to-go orders the last few weeks.  Out of habit I had been grabbing my Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card or Hyatt Visa as each give 2x at restaurants, but that wasn’t the right call to make.  In the midst of busy family life I had forgotten that the Chase Freedom® is currently giving 5x at restaurants from April 1 – June 30, 2015 up to a $1,500 max.

Bed Bath & Beyond (Registered Trademark), H&M (Registered Trademark), Overstock.com (Registered Trademark).

Heck, I have written about this quarter’s 5x bonuses and it keeps slipping my mind, so I thought that perhaps some of you might need a similar reminder to not miss out on some pretty easy bonus points.  The Freedom card is also offering 5x during the second quarter at Bed Bath & Beyond, H&M, and Overstock.com in case you have some purchases to make at those retailers, too.  While we are on the topic of reminders, be sure that you have registered for this quarter’s 5x bonus.

Sometimes earning points is easy, but sometimes you just have to re-program your brain a little as the months roll by to make sure you aren’t missing out on different offers.  Hopefully you and I can both remember to pull the right card out of our wallets when picking up food for the next few months!

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    • Most stores will let you “Return the item on paper” and then repurchase it with the correct Freedom card. Worth a try if it was a large purchase. Check with the service desk

  1. I took away my wife’s sapphire preferred (we only use it for dining, everything else goes on Amex everyday preferred) so we wouldn’t mess this up. She will get it back when we hit $1500!

  2. Don’t forget that Bad Breath & Beyond sells $200 Visa gift cards (at least some stores including mine do). If you’re not near $1,500 by the end of June it makes sense to pay the $6.95 fee just for the points. In fact, even if you don’t ever set foot in a restaurant it still makes sense to buy 7 of these cards and pay $48 in fees in exchange for almost 7,500 points, which are worth at a bare minimum $75, so there should be no reason not to maximize this quarter.

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