Buying Gift Cards for 5x at Bed, Bath, and Beyond

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The no-annual-fee Chase Freedom has rotating 5x points bonus categories that change each quarter and can result in 30,000 points a year for just $6,000 in spending if you max out each quarter’s $1,500 max.  For some that is super easy to do, but for others it can be harder (or virtually impossible) based on what the bonus categories are and your level of spending in those categories.


The second quarter 5x bonus categories that will end on June 30th are restaurants,, and Bed, Bath, and Beyond (you must have already activated the 2nd quarter bonuses to be eligible).  Recently I checked our level of spending at restaurants since the quarter started on April 1st using the Chase Blueprint feature, and saw that we were on track to come up several hundred dollars short of the $1,500 5x max for the quarter.  We didn’t have any H&M, or Bed, Bath, and Beyond purchases at that point either it all came down to our restaurant spending.

Track Chase Freedom 5x

However, not wanting to leave 5x points on the table (and wanting to do a little experiment to potentially help some of you), I took a trip to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to see what all they sold that I might “need”.  Of course if you are in the market for linens, towels, kitchen gadgets, shopping off someone’s wedding registry, or even Keurig coffee refills, they have you covered.  However, I didn’t need any of that other than some coffee refills for my husband, so I was out of luck until I walked past the gift card aisle.  I can usually always find something I “need” on that aisle.

Gift cards at Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Gift cards at Bed, Bath, and Beyond

The Bed, Bath, and Beyond gift card aisle at my particular local store had gift cards to retailers and restaurants such as: Panera, Outback, Cheesecake Factory, Subway, Jamba Juice, AMC Theaters, Starbucks, Fandango, Regal, and iTunes.  If you don’t need a gift card to a specific retailer they also had Visa, MasterCard, and Amex gift cards in amounts ranging from $25 – $200.  The one I got was a $200 Visa gift card issued by Sunrise Bank with a $6.95 activation fee.

Visa Gift Card Available at Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Visa Gift Card Available at Bed, Bath, and Beyond

This info won’t help everyone, but it may help some of you so be sure to check out your local Bed, Bath, and Beyond stores if you are in the market for linens, kitchen gadgets, or even a gift card or two.

Remember you can transfer the points earned by the Chase Freedom to Ultimate Rewards hotel and airline partners if you also have the Ink Bold Business Charge Card, Ink Plus Business Credit Card, or Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card.

If you want to get a jump on the 3rd quarter 5x bonus planning, here is a post on those categories and the link to activate the 3rd quarter 5x bonuses.

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  1. I’m guessing it is highly location dependent. I went to my nearest BB&B on Friday hoping to do the same, but they only offered their own store GCs and iTunes cards at the register area.

    • Kenny, I am sure it varies somewhat. I have seen a good number of other reports online that other stores have similar selections, but exact stock I’m sure varies.

  2. Why bother? You can do all this with Ink card if needed, and $6.95 per $200 is too high a cost to buy them speculatively for a tiny profit.

      • That’s shocking given that you claim that even people with dog-sitting businesses can sign up for Ink cards. How come people still don’t have Ink cards?

        • No space for rudeness here. Some people do have pet sitting businesses, some don’t. There is no one card that everyone has, so multiple earning options are good.

  3. Been receiving free magazines for a few months. I have found a BB&B 20% coupon in one or more publication on a regular basic. Fair warning, what these coupons won’t cover is a long list.

  4. Thanks MP. I’m coming up short on one of my Freedoms and forgot there was BBB option kept thinking it was just restaurants.

  5. The BB&B bonus should work out well for me, I’m expecting a baby in January so I’ve been buying tons of gift cards there to use at Buy Buy Baby. Should be able to max out the bonus easily and then I can go on a baby shopping spree in a couple of months, God willing 🙂

  6. Really like the reminder posts of deals that warrant an extra look. Thanks for sharing.

    In contrast to the Freedom 5% category last minute tip, I have to limit the same GC purchase to K-mart using the BOA Travel Rewards Visa with the Amerideals promotion at 5% (normally 10%). Since I don’t use URs for travel (No CSP), I work on redemptions for travel expenses on the BOA TR card already billed. It is the consolation card since my Arrival was closed due to the AF.

    My purchase of two GCs will net only $6.10 after fees plus 10%. But, I will add 600 travel points plus 10% on that, too! (BOA customer)

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