How to Earn 20x+ United Miles on Sears Purchases

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Right now the United MileagePlus shopping portal is offering up to 4,000 bonus miles based on cumulative purchases you make in their portal from July 21, 2015 through August 12, 2015, but that is only half the good news.  As I mentioned here, starting today you can earn 20x+ miles per dollar at Sears for a very limited time. 

These miles will be awarded on top of the bonus miles that are awarded as outlined below:

  • 500 bonus miles for cumulative qualifying purchases of at least $125
  • 1,750 bonus miles for cumulative qualifying purchases of at least $600
  • 4,000 bonus miles for cumulative qualifying purchases of $1,500 or more

4000 bonus United miles

In recent history, Sears e-gift cards earn miles when you purchase them through online shopping portals, and then you can earn miles when you go back through the portal to spend the gift cards and purchase merchandise (not additional gift cards). This is not the case with many retailers, but as shown below, the terms for Sears typically expressly permit the earning of miles on gift cards.

For example, at 10x, that means if you purchased $125 in Sears e-gift cards you would earn 1,250 United miles for the purchase, 1,250 if you go back through the portal to spend the gift cards during the 10x promotion, and then 500 bonus miles from the United bonus promo.  That would be 3,000 United miles on your $125 purchase, plus whatever miles the rewards credit card you use to make the original purchase earns.  Remember that department stores are a Discover 3rd quarter 5% cash back category

20x miles at Sears

That comes out to 24x United miles per dollar in that example, which is very, very good.  If you happened to need a new washing machine, refrigerator, or other larger purchase you can see how earning at a 20x+ miles per dollar rate would add up in a very big hurry.  Some folks have also used Sears gift cards in the Sears store to purchase other types of gift cards with some success.

If you do decide to get in on this offer, be prepared to have to call and verify your gift card order with the Sears Fraud Department at 1-888-396-5299.  They also typically reach out to you by phone, but calling them can expedite the process.

Sometimes you need a co-branded United card like the United MileagePlus® Explorer Card to get the highest payouts from the United shopping portal, but the 10x at Sears seems to be available to everyone!

Some other current payouts in the United MileagePlus Shopping portal include:

Footsmart 8x

Kohl’s 5x – this will stack with the 3rd quarter 5x payout on the Chase Freedom®

Nordstrom 6x

Neiman Marcus 6x

Ralph Lauren 8x

Walmart 3x

Anyone making some Sears purchases today?

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  1. Purchasing Sears gift cards online through their website in some cases is coded as a purchase which results in a different bonus or none at all. This has happened to me twice. Although Sears and K Mart are technically the same company coding the purchase as being sold by K Mart causes the glitch. Hope for the best, but be prepared to contact portal customer service as YMMV.

  2. Do you ever have a problem with points getting clawed back? I had a few orders in May where I purchased Sears GC’s then used them to purchased my items. I leveraged some promotions on the American Airlines Shopping Portal and also United’s Shopping Portal. Logging in this week, I see negative points in both shopping portal accounts?! I’m worried now, but trying to wait patiently for the “contact us” process to work itself out. But again, curious if you’ve ever had problems or experienced anything similar?

    • Same with me for both the United as well as Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards portal. Cartera says that Sears is aware of the problem and is working on posting the points back. Said I would have the United miles back by the end of the week (this was two weeks ago) and I have nothing, For Southwest, they said two to three weeks.

  3. Once I tried the “buy Sears gift card, then use to make purchase” and I didn’t get the points for the actual purchase. They claimed there was an error and that it was from another vendor. It was directly from Sears, they were appliances. The headache I had to go through to verify then the 3 months (yes, 3 months!) of followup email and phone calls were not worth the 1,500 miles I was supposed to get (and never did).

  4. Ive been avoiding the double dip through the same portal myself but today did buy Sears GC through Discover (10% doubled to 20%) and then used those GCs to buy merchandise at Sears through the United portal. Will see if it tracks. Never a problem with any portals if I dont use the same to buy the GCs as buy the merchandise with the GC…but time will tell on this one

  5. You can use more than one gift card for a single purchase, right? I’m about to buy a 1400 dollar refrigerator and I’ll need 3 e-gift cards.

  6. Didn’t have $600 in purchases. So I tried doing three separate gift card purchases of $125 x2 and one at $150 to attempt three separate 500 mile bonuses. Will attempt the same when making the purchases. Hope it works!

  7. I see that I can buy Home Depot gift cards through the Sears Mileage Plus portal. Sears is currently offering 9x. Would I get the 9x buying Home Depot gift cards?

  8. Sears is currently offering 9 miles per dollar through the Mileage Plus portal. If I buy a Home Depot gift card through the portal, do I get the miles?

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