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When people think of rewards credit cards, one of the things that scares some folks away is the idea of paying annual fees and coming out on the losing side of the equation. While lots of rewards cards may waive the annual fee the first year, usually by the second year you are indeed often paying at least close to $100 per year for the honor of carrying that card. I’m not personally afraid of many annual fees because I travel frequently and use the built-in card perks enough that I can get my money’s worth. However, I know that not everyone is in that scenario, and for many people, focusing on no annual fee credit cards really makes the most sense.


No Annual Fee JetBlue Card Doubles Sign-Up Bonus


I see the value of JetBlue points head north of two cents each with some regularity during their sales, so 10,000 bonus points could be worth up to $200 or so towards JetBlue flights. Your value may end up being a bit less than that if you aren’t able to be picky on when you redeem. To give you an idea of some JetBlue flights available for under 10,000 points, here is New York/JFK to Bermuda for 5,300 points.

Houston – Boston for 4,300 points.

Austin – Orlando for 4,900 points.

As you can see, if you are choosey about when and where you spend your JetBlue points, 10,000 points is sometimes enough for two JetBlue award flights, or even more if you can jump on their crazy Flash Sales where award flights are sometimes just a few hundred points each!

If you want a bigger sign-up bonus, the ability to earn more points per dollar on JetBlue charges, and waived checked bag fees, then you may want to consider the $99 per year JetBlue Plus Card

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  1. T.Norfleet jet blue creditcards sponsored by Barclay’s bank how do you get pre-qualified offersome from this company currently a customer 16 months no credit line incress or offers zero balance on $1800 any suggestions? Thanks

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