Not Too Late to Get a Year of 50% Points Return with Amex Business Platinum

Houston Centurion Lounge Wall

In an unfortunate turn of events, today American Express announced that the fan-tas-tic ability to get 50% of your redeemed points back via The Enhanced Business Platinum® Card from American Express OPEN and its Pay with Points feature was apparently too fantastic as they are going to change the percentage to 35% effective June 1st. This 50% points return perk was introduced in October 2016, and with your selected airline for the year you would essentially get 2 cents in value when booking…

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Family Travel: One Year Later


What a difference a year makes. It may be a trite saying, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. It is true in so many circumstances and situations, but today I’ll mostly keep the discussion travel related. Roughly one year ago today I was doing exactly what I am doing today. I was boarding a plane to head to the annual Freddie Awards. The Freddie Awards is a travel/loyalty program gathering where the best programs, promotions, and more from around…

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Details on the Limited Time Hilton Surpass Weekend Award Night

Waldorf Astoria Park City

The limited time offering of 100,000 Hilton sign-up bonus points when you hit the spending requirement on the Hilton Honors™ Surpass® Card may be the most eye-catching portion of the offer, but it is actually only part of the deal. This bonus that runs through 5/31/17 also has a unique component that is awarded at the first anniversary in the form of a weekend anniversary night that is valid at most of the Hilton properties around the world! For those not overly familiar, this anniversary award…

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Turning Two Caribbean Trips Into One for 4,000 Avios + $27.50

Baby S likes British Airways!

One of the places we have visited that really imprinted on my oldest daughter, who at the time was only four, was The Bahamas. I’ll be honest and say it wasn’t my all time favorite destination, though the beaches were postcard perfect and there were things about it that I really enjoyed. However, she really, really enjoyed it, and with things like the Atlantis water park, beautiful beaches, and this small but apparently impactful play area at the airport, how can I…

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How to Pool Your Hilton Honors Points for Free

Pool Hilton Honors Points Steps.jpg

As promised yesterday, Hilton Honors is now live with their Points Pooling feature where you can share points for free with up to 10 other Hilton Honors members! They are the only loyalty program that allows you to share points for free with anywhere near that number of people without any address, family/household, or elite status restrictions. How to Pool Your Hilton Honors Points for Free To pool your Hilton points, first log into your online Hilton Honors account. Click on…

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Hilton Free Points Pooling Coming Online Tomorrow!

Hilton Honors

Earlier this year Hilton Honors announced that a really cool points pooling feature would be coming online this spring. Now that time has arrived, and they just let me know that within the next day they will have their free points pooling feature live! This could be especially useful if several of your friends and family members wanted to get in on the limited time 80,000 – 100,000 point sign-up bonuses from the Hilton Honors™ Card from American Express and Hilton Honors™ Surpass® Card from…

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11 Items to Buy at Close to 50% Off From

Boxed logo

Earlier today I wrote about a way to buy select gift cards at for over 50% off by stacking several deals including a new customer sign-up, Amex Offers, free shipping, and potentially even 8% cash back on top of all of that. Unfortunately, the popular gift cards options like Outback sold out shortly after my post went live, but that doesn’t stop this from still being a good deal for many of us. It just means you have to…

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JetBlue Flash Sale: Fly From 400 Points or $20!

Beautiful Bahama Beaches

Right now you can take advantage of some fun JetBlue Flash Sale fares to fly from $20 or 400 JetBlue points each way. These flash sales are only valid on very specific flights/dates, so they won’t work for everyone, but they are pretty fantastic if you can make them work for you. Head here to see the full list of flash fares and exact flight details, but a sampling includes: Boston – San Juan $70 Boston – West Palm Beach $50…

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Gift Cards for Over 50% Off By Stacking Discounts!

Boxed logo

Update: Looks like most of the gift cards are sold out at the moment, but these steps below will still work for other items. I’ll update if/when gift cards come back in stock! I know lots of you like to stack discounts and go deal hunting for things outside of just travel, so here is a way you can stack some serious discounts to save over 50% on purchases. They sell similar things to what you might find at…

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Available Today: Avis Car Rental Certificates for $30

Avis Daily Getaway Discount.jpg

Today’s Daily Getaways deal will appeal to some who frequently rent cars in more expensive markets as Avis car rental certificates that will be available for $30 each. The Daily Getaways is an annual sale put on by the US Travel Association that acts as their annual fundraiser. There is one new offer available at 1PM Eastern per weekday for five weeks, and those offers can vary from discounted hotel points, to theme park tickets, to rental car points, to hotel packages, and more.…

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