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Amex Limiting Family’s Complimentary Access to Centurion Lounges?!

Miami Centurion Lounge Design

Update: You can move this from rumor to confirmed. Amex has now confirmed with me that beginning March 30, 2017, the Centurion Lounge guest policy for Platinum Card® Members will change. All Platinum Card® Members will be limited to two total guests at no additional charge. One-day passes for any additional guests, including immediate family members, may be purchased for $50. All individuals, regardless of age, will count towards the 2-guest-maximum for Platinum.” The Amex Centurion Lounge network has certainly made…

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The Priority Pass Select Membership That Includes Free Guests!


One way to make travel easier, or at least more comfortable, is to have access to airport lounges where you can usually get complimentary snacks, drinks, places to sit, clean(er) restroom, decent internet, and if you are super lucky, even a family room. I’ve sat on the floor in a corner of a crowded gate area with my phone plugged into a outlet that looks like it was left over from the Walking Dead, and I’m sure I will find…

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Winner of Amex Centurion Lounge Day Pass!

Miami Centurion Lounge Plugs

There are so many great things about this country, and an almost endless list of amazing places worth a visit, so to focus on some of those “must visit” spots I encouraged folks to share their favorite travel moments in the United States. I also promised to give away an Amex Centurion Lounge Day Pass I had laying around to one random comment on that post. Expires 12/31/16 and you must have a same day boarding pass and any Amex card to use the day pass.…

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Holiday Season VIP Lounges Returning for United Cardholders!

Chase VIP Lounge in San Francisco

For the last several years the Chase United co-branded credit cards have gotten cardholders complimentary access to temporary VIP lounges at select shopping areas during the busy holiday season. This year they will again offer the lounges in The Westfield San Francisco Centre and The Mall at Short Hills in New Jersey. United MileagePlus Cardmembers and up to three of their guests can access the lounges for free if they bring their United card (or confirmation page of approval if they just applied)…

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The Recent Evolution of Airline Lounges

Delta Sky Club in Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (PRNewsFoto/Delta Air Lines)

Perhaps like many of you, I’ve gone full circle with airline lounges. For the first couple of decades of my life I never saw the inside of one and assumed I never would as I’m not a CEO, VIP, mover, or shaker. I assumed airline lounges were for very important folks with very big bank accounts. I then learned that airline lounges aren’t just for VIPs and super elite business travelers, but are also for those who like rewards earning credit…

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New Houston Amex Centurion Lounge Menu


The Houston American Express Centurion Lounge has been open since June in the D Terminal, and in those few months we have had the privilege of visiting the lounge before a few flights using our Platinum Card® from American Express   I love the Amex Centurion Lounges for their high end drinks, their full buffet of actual food, family rooms, and more. However, on my most recent visit to the Houston Amex Centurion Lounge, something had changed…the food menu! I…

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Visiting the Miami Amex Centurion Lounge When Flying From Other Terminals

Baby S playing in the Family Room

We took a quick trip to Miami over Labor Day Weekend, and for a number of reasons ranging from because I’ve never been there before, to there’s a family room for Baby S to play in, to amen to “free” food and drinks after some kinda pricey Miami meals, we wanted to visit the American Express Centurion Lounge at the Miami Airport before our flight home. Having a Platinum Card® from American Express gets you and up to two guests in to the…

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Day 1 Inside the Now Open Houston Amex Centurion Lounge!

FullSizeRender 122

I know I have given more than a fair amount of coverage to the Amex Centurion Lounge Houston in the last 48 hours, but it isn’t every day that a world class lounge that so many of us have access to opens in my own backyard, so hang with me through one more post if this isn’t your topic of choice. I actually wasn’t planning on going to the official opening day of the Amex Centurion Lounge Houston since I…

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Inside the Brand New Houston Amex Centurion Lounge!


I love airport lounges when they are done well as they offer a perfect respite from the craziness that can be airline travel. Heck, if they have a corner for my family, I love them even when they aren’t done that well. A decade ago I thought airport lounges were just for super busy executives who couldn’t waste a minute of downtime, or for rich and important people that didn’t want to mingle with the “commoners” between flights. Since I…

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The Best Sight on the Trip Home


We are currently at 35,000 feet flying home from the Frequent Traveler University in Las Vegas, and while I have lots about the trip I want to share, right now I am just so thankful for one thing. Well, technically two things. After the ups and downs of a two night work trip in Las Vegas with two children, two grandparents, two hotels, and two hotel rooms, the most welcome sight (other than the flight home showing on-time) was the…

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