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20 Airline Stroller Policies Around the World

Strollers are essential for travel with toddlers

The events of the recent American Airlines flight 591 from San Francisco to Dallas where a mom of young twins had her stroller taken from her on-board the aircraft set off a chain reaction that ended with a yelling flight attendant, the mom in tears, the baby narrowly being missed by the stroller, and much more. The initial reaction of many, even frequent flyers, was that the mom should have known better than to bring a stroller on-board the aircraft in…

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AA 591: Are We at a Tipping Point for Air Travel?


Tempers are high, patience is short, cell phones are out, planes are full, and the tension is palpable. Recent incidents including yesterday’s American flight 591 where a passenger and a flight attendant had a run in over a stroller seem to be systematic of what looks like a larger problem. Are we now at a tipping point for air travel in this country…

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Fly to Scotland for Less Than $500 From Houston and Atlanta

Doesn't Edinburgh just look like a movie set?! #nofilter

Right now you can book tickets on a mix of British Airways and American Airlines operated flights from Houston or Atlanta to Edinburgh, Scotland from about $490 round trip! I know those in some parts of the country have gotten used to sub-$500 flash sales to Europe, but here in Houston we often aren’t included in those great deals, or at least we can’t usually use those sales to get to the United Kingdom. I found the low fares bookable…

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Finding Saver Awards With American AAdvantage Miles

American 787

A few months ago I shared that I thought American Airlines AAdvantage miles had overall become worse than Delta SkyMiles, which is to say they had fallen to the bottom spot of the major US based airline loyalty programs. My dissatisfaction with American AAdvantage was based largely on the reality that saver awards, even just for pretty ordinary domestic hops, were simply not available…or were very, very barely available, and then only on non-logical itineraries where it took three flights at…

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Final Call for Spirit Airlines Service to Cuba


Just a few months after starting up service, Spirit Airlines has decided to end their flights to Cuba effective May 31, 2017. Spirit is currently operating one to two daily flights from Ft. Lauderdale – Havana, depending on the date of travel until June 1st. Some dates that Spirit had planned on operating two daily round trips will be going down to one, so your travel plans on may be impacted even if your reservation is before June 1st. Similar to what Frontier and Silver cited when they…

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We Can All Do Better Than United 3411


I don’t know if it is the weather, the time of the year, just me, or what, but I feel a little on the verge of a Jerry Maguire flip out. You can’t fire up Facebook or turn on the TV without seeing and hearing about truly heart-wrenching catastrophes both close to home and on the other side of the globe. It sometimes seems like people have just lost their minds. Then there is the travel world, which is decidedly a part of the…

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Unbelievable and Avoidable: Man Dragged Off United Flight

Boston United Club Plane Spotting

The proliferation of smart phones in almost every pocket is both a blessing and a curse, but there is no denying that their ability to record video anywhere and everywhere shows the world things that otherwise seem unbelievable…or at the very least seem exaggerated. And unbelievable is the only way to describe the video from yesterday evening’s United Flight 3411 from Chicago to Louisville. The flight was full, United needed to get crew on board to position them to Louisville, and it seems that…

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Lap Babies Eligible for £250 EU Delay Compensation Awards!

Lap baby in the EU

If you have flown to or in Europe you are probably at least somewhat familiar with the EU Regulations that provide for monetary payments if you arrive at your final destination with a delay of more than 3 hours, as long as the delay wasn’t due to extraordinary circumstances such as political instability, air traffic control, weather, or security situations. For those not familiar with how this compensation works, we aren’t talking about getting a small airline voucher for your troubles, we are…

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Flying From Maui in One of the Most Vintage American Airlines Aircraft


We concluded our family spring break trip to Maui with a much anticipated award flight sitting in the “good seats” on an American Airlines 767-300. Hawaii is always worth it, but that doesn’t take away from it being pretty darn far away and from having a time zone that is rough for us both coming and going. Factor in having a seven year old and one year old to take care of no matter how tired you are when you land,…

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The Award Booking Mistake I’m Not Making Again


In the very near future, we head off on a much awaited return trip to Hawaii. Hawaii is a super interesting destination for many reasons, one of which is that even though for most of us is pretty far away spot, the majority of the planes that fly to Hawaii don’t have the fancy lie-flat seats that you would find if you were heading the opposite direction to Europe. However, from here in Houston it can easily take us longer to…

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