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Deciding Between Hyatt Lost Pines or Hyatt Hill Country Resorts

I don’t like deciding between two destinations as I think if you have narrowed the whole wide world down to two spots, odds are they are probably both worth visiting at some point. However, since I don’t think anyone has yet figured out how to visit two places at the same time, I totally get that ultimately you still have to pick one…or at least just one at a time. Along those lines, two resorts that many Mommy Points readers…

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Inside the Historic Driskill Hotel’s Junior Suite

We didn’t visit with any ghosts in the haunted Driskill Hotel in Austin in our most recent visit, but we did get to experience both a junior suite and a small standard room. Here’s a look at what those rooms are like as well as a peek at what elite status and booking via luxury hotel programs can get you at this historic property…

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