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Early Black Friday Deal: Silvercar Promo Code Saves 40% for All Customers

The rental car process can be one of the worst parts of family travel if you aren’t careful. There can be long lines, nowhere to safely contain tired and cranky children while you wait at the check-in desk, old cars that have seen better days, nasty and over-priced rental car safety seats, and even sneaky surprise fees and charges. Sure your rental may have only cost you $9.99 per day at first, but in the end, you may owe a…

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One-Way Car Rentals to Florida for $4.99 Per Day!

Each fall we see rental car companies offer some crazy deals to get renters to help them move cars from the Northeast where temperatures are cooling down to Florida where tourism is heating up. It’s no surprise that as the temperatures drop in the northern half of the country, folks flock south and need cars to rent. In fact, Hertz wants you to help move cars down to Florida so badly that they are offering one-way rentals to eligible Florida destinations…

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The Included Roadside Assistance Coverage You Need to Remember

Yesterday I did something I rarely do, well, other than the whole flying in a private jet thing. The other very unusual thing I did was driving from our house north of Houston all the way to Hobby Airport in South Houston. I get some flak on the blog from time to time when I talk about how I just almost won’t go to Hobby. It’s not the airport itself I have an issue with, I just really hate driving through…

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My Favorite Car Rental Company, Silvercar Expands Into New Cities

In my day to day life, and even along some of my travels, I can be pretty spartan and basic with my needs and choices in order to minimize expenses. However, on other trips, especially those with my little kiddos, I like to make logistics as easy as possible even if that means paying a bit more. Nowhere is this more evident than with rental cars. The rental car process can truly be one of the worst parts of family…

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I Love Car Seats, but They Are the Worst

I’ve had kids in car seats for 7.5 years, with many years to go, and while I love the safety and comfort they give my kids, I absolutely hate dealing with car seats. I mean, really hate it. They are simply not easy to install, adjust, carry around, and they are absolutely not easy to clean when toddler car sickness strikes at the least opportune time. This happened to us on a road trip last weekend, and while we did triage…

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Planning for Future Road Trips at the Houston Auto Show

Now that my second baby isn’t really a baby, goes to school, and is even closing in on her second birthday, I’ve been trying to push myself to say yes to things when I had otherwise gotten into a habit of saying “no, I just can’t right now” to anything out of the ordinary. Along those lines, when I was first linked up with a site called She Buys Cars, my initial reaction was to say very nice to meet you,…

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