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If You Don’t Do This, You Have Too Much Money

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It is full-on spring, which means we are cleaning up our yard, planting the garden, tackling projects that waited patiently all winter, and literally attacking the girls’ closets since at least 50% of what fit when summer ended last year does not fit now that warmer weather is again here to stay. These girls are growing faster than the flowers I can guarantee! All this seasonal change and purging means there is new yard equipment, shoes, shorts, sunglasses and more that…

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Getting 10% of Redeemed American AAdvantage Miles Instantly Rebated

A view from the American Airlines 787 Dreamliner flex wings on the inaugural flight yesterday.

In the last few weeks I have been using more American Airlines AAdvantage miles than I had in recent history, and in doing so I have noticed a very cool trend that may be old news to others, but was new info for me. One of my favorite perks of the Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select World Elite MasterCard, the Barclaycard AAdvantage Aviator Red, and Barclaycard AAdvantage Aviator Silver Elite credit cards is that they return 10% of your redeemed American miles to you each year. This…

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Getting Holiday Shopping Cash Back Thanks to Citi Price Rewind

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This shopping season I have been using a “secret weapon” to serve as a savings back-up plan in case I didn’t really find the best deal out for some of my holiday purchases. This “secret weapon” isn’t really a secret as I have written about it before, but the Citi Price Rewind feature with some of my Citi issued credit cards is really helping me out this holiday season by tracking online prices for me and ultimately saving me money. Here’s how…

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Limited Time: 50,000 Mile Citi AAdvantage Public Bonuses Return


Like many other rewards credit cards, the American Airlines Citi issued credit cards often bounce their sign-up bonuses around a bit, at least in terms of the official public links. For the last several months, the personal and business Citi AAdvantage Platinum credit cards have publicly promoted 30,000 mile sign-up bonus, but recently they have brought the bonuses back to the 50,000 mile level after $3,000 in spending in the first 3 months for a limited time! These cards have a…

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New Option for Earning JetBlue Points


For years the JetBlue co-branded credit card was issued by American Express, and during that time JetBlue was also only a transfer parter with the Amex Membership Rewards program. However, as you likely know, the JetBlue co-branded cards switched over to Barclaycard this year and now there is a new JetBlue transfer partner in the game that isn’t even Amex or Barclaycard! Transfer Your Citi ThankYou Points to JetBlue As of earlier this week you can now transfer your Citi ThankYou…

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Big Changes to Who Can Get Citi Credit Card Sign-Up Bonuses

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Once upon a time people used to get lots of rewards credit cards issued by Citibank – in practice this often led to lots of American Airlines miles from the various co-branded American AAdvantage cards and their sign-up bonuses. Then they tightened up on how frequently you could get the cards and the related sign-up bonuses. Then they tightened up a bit more. For the last few months the terms of Citi rewards cards often indicated you couldn’t get the sign-up…

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More Big Citi Prestige Changes Revealed

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I wrote a few days ago that changes were on their way for the popular but pricey Citi Prestige credit card. At that point we knew that the card was losing American Airlines Admirals Club access effective July 2017, but that even more changes were likely to come. Now we seem to know what more of those changes are…and they aren’t good. Some of these changes are obvious by looking at the new sign-up website, but some are inferred by…

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What is Changing with the Citi Prestige Card?

Orlando Admirals Club

Over the last few days I’ve seen lots of tweets and blog posts about upcoming changes to the popular but pricey $450 a year Citi Prestige credit card. To be clear this isn’t a card I have a direct affiliate relationship with, but it is pretty common for those who do have an affiliate relationship with a particular card to get a head’s up that changes are coming so they can be prepared to adjust their websites and posts with…

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How to Use Citi Price Rewind to Save Money Easily!

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If you wish to support the site, you can click on ‘Other Rewards Credit Cards’ at the top of the blog to view current sign-up bonus offers by issuing bank. Like many of you I’m no stranger to credit card perks outside of simply the miles and points that they earn. I’ve used credit card protections to cover things like a broken iPhone (more than once) and $200 flight change fees when my daughter got sick and we couldn’t travel. However, I was…

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American Reduced Mileage Awards from 5,850 Miles for Short Flights

American 787

When the American Airlines AAdvantage program changed last month, some award chart prices actually got cheaper, including flights that were a total of 500 miles or less within the 48 states and Canada. These short flights are now 7,500 miles for a saver award each way instead of the normal 12,500 miles price for longer routes. There was question about how those flights would price with the discount that co-branded American Airlines credit card holders get on certain routes get…

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