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Eating in Maui on a Family Vacation


We all (hopefully) have our travel “happy spots”, and as I shared in this post and video, I am head over heels in love with Hawaii. There are so many things I love about Hawaii that it is worth the long trek every time we make it, and one of those many things that I love about Hawaii is the food. In truth, food is one of my favorite things about travel.   When I travel with my youngest daughter…

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Ending This Week: 10x at Restaurants, 2x Elsewhere, and More!


THE BLUE FOR BUSINESS OFFER REFERENCED BELOW IS NO LONGER OFFERED. CHECK BACK FOR UPDATED OFFER. Earlier this month a pretty under-rated credit card sign-up bonus was scheduled to end, but it then got a last minute extension through this coming Wednesday, February 22nd. The new expiration date is coming this week, so if you missed it on the first pass and are looking for a card that won’t impact your Chase 5/24 status due to being a small business card,…

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Panera Coupon Code for 50% Off Online Delivery Order in Houston


Like most people, I have a couple vices or indulgences that cause me to spend a little more money than I probably should. None of my vices are particularly exciting or seedy, in fact they are generally almost embarrassingly boring. One of my quite boring vices is ordering Panera salads for lunch delivery. They may taste good and be pretty good for you, but especially when ordered for delivery with the added fees and tip, they are really not great for…

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Pre-Ordering American Airlines First Class Meals…Just Not for Kids

Child's meal

When you are booked in a premium cabin on American Airlines, you can go online into your reservation from 30 days until 24 hours before departure and select a meal option. Selecting a meal choice doesn’t 100% guarantee that you will get that choice, but it certainly increases the chances of getting your first choice. Since we are within 30 days of some American Airlines first class flights I logged in to my reservations to check out the menu choices and select the ones…

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5 Ways to Earn Miles and Save Money on Thanksgiving


I was in legitimate shock last night when I realized that Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK! I knew it was November and consequently Thanksgiving must be coming up soon, but I fully lost track of the notion that this is officially the week before Thanksgiving. Wow, time flies when you are having fun taking care of sick kids, or something like that. So, let’s regroup and go full on Turkey Day for a bit. Equally as shocking as the reality that…

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Targeted: $10 Starbucks Gift Card for $5


If you enjoy a Starbucks treat on your travels or at home then know that right now you can buy a $10 Starbucks e-gift card from Groupon.com for just $5. These Groupon Starbucks deals are always super popular! On top of that you can add on a little more savings to your Groupon purchase by first going through Ebates or your online cashback/mileage portal of choice before going to Groupon! Enjoy your savings, red cups, and peppermint lattes!

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Easy 1,500 Membership Rewards Points or More from Eating!

Save Big With New Amex Offers

I like to think I don’t have any ‘addictions’ in life, but I certainly have a few things I really, really enjoy on frequent occasion. Travel, miles, and points could probably fall in that category, but so does Panera Bread. Oh Panera. Here in chain-store-Suburbia we sadly don’t have juice bars and independent salad shops and similar as I enjoyed once upon a time in Manhattan, but we have Panera.   They have salads you can customize to your heart’s…

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Chipotle Buy One, Get One Free Coupon

Chipotle coupon

If you like Chipotle and BOGO deals then you can play an online 60 second match game and earn a Buy One, Get One Free Chipotle coupon for a burrito, burrito bowl, salad, or tacos that is valid through 11/30/16. After completing the match game and related online form the coupon link was texted to my phone within a few seconds. Whether you are hitting up Chipotle on a trip or at home I love deals that keep some extra dollars…

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Free Chick Fil A and Shake Shack Food!

Free Chick Fil A

Here are two opportunities for free food…one requiring a certain rewards credit card and one open to anyone willing to download a brand new app. Free Shake Shack for Delta Amex Cardholders Similar to what they offered last year, those with a Delta SkyMiles Credit Card can go to one of three New York Shake Shack locations and free meal! I suppose in theory you could have a free meal three days straight…along with a complimentary extra few pounds gained. At the following…

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How to Get Free $10 in Starbucks Credit With $10 Purchase!


If you haven’t yet completed your Mother’s Day shopping, an easy and often appreciated gift is often a Starbucks gift card. It may not be the most creative gift, but I don’t know too many moms that couldn’t put it to good use! Whether you want to buy this for a mom in your life, or for a teacher gift, or even for yourself, right now you can get a $20 Starbucks e-gift card for just $10 by paying using Visa…

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