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Did You Win Hyatt Globalist Elite Status?

Hyatt Globalist United Club

Last week I launched the best giveaway we have had in quite a while as it was for roughly a year of top tier Hyatt Globalist elite status! Normally earning this new status would require 60 eligible nights in a calendar year at Hyatt properties, but this lucky winner will get it for free until February 28, 2018! Not to rub it in for those who didn’t win this time around, but the Hyatt Globalist status will confer with it: No resort…

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Win Top Tier Hyatt Globalist Status!

Hyatt Globalist United Club

Earlier this month Hyatt launched their new World of Hyatt loyalty program, and for Hyatt elites the changes brought with them good and bad news, depending on your own situation. Those who were used to qualifying for top tier Hyatt Diamond status annually with 25 eligible one-night stays were met with a sack of bad news to the face as the new program requires 55 – 60 eligible nights per year to qualify or re-qualify for top tier Globalist status. Because…

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Earning and Keeping Top Tier Hyatt Globalist Status

Churchill Living Room Suite

The new World of Hyatt loyalty program launched this week and while there (thankfully) weren’t any big surprises, there is still always a little bit of a learning curve when figuring out how everything will work in practice. While there are a few people who have reached out to me with some delays and glitches unique to their accounts or situations, as expected, those who did the “Last Great Mattress Run” and completed 25 eligible Hyatt stays in January and February…

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Cheaper and Better Way to Purchase United Elite Status Perks

Earn elite status by mileage running

This year, as it recent years, United has mailed out targeted offers to some folks to purchase elite status that they failed to qualify for the old fashioned way. The prices to purchase this status are almost always higher than I would be willing to pay, but since they keep making these offers, I have to assume that some people do indeed pony up the cash and lock in status for 2017 that they otherwise wouldn’t have. This week my husband…

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Have Your Kids Miles Count Towards Your Star Gold Elite Status?!


Those who fly with some regularity may quickly become interested in the magic and mystery of airline elite status. Airline elite status can unlock things like upgrades, preferred seats, lounge access, better customer service, priority boarding, waived fees, and more. However, while you can sometimes leverage one airline elite status to match to another, you usually can’t just generate your initial airline elite status out of thin air. You generally have to put your tail in an airplane seat on a…

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5 Great Things About My Matched Alaska Airlines MVP Gold 75K Status

Alaska Matched Elite Status.jpg

Before my United elite status dropped a few days ago from the relatively high Platinum level to the bottom of the elite barrel Silver level I had a few to-do’s to leverage my elite status as far into the future as possible, and I encouraged anyone in a similar situation to do the same. One of these tasks was to try and match my United Platinum status to Alaska Airlines MVP Gold 75K status. To be honest, I wasn’t 100%…

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Four Things to Do Before Your United Elite Status Level Drops

Closest I'd been to United Global First

I have United Platinum status for about another week before it drops down to lowly silver status. Shudder. I’m not looking forward to that change, but it is just a direct byproduct of choosing to be home with my family as much as possible, and not flying in circles just for the sake of flying. It was the right choice, but before that precipitous drop in status and benefits occurs, I have a few final things I want to do with the higher…

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The Best Reason to Mattress Run for Hyatt Globalist Status!

Enjoy suite upgrades with Globalist status

Right after Hyatt Gold Passport announced their big changes for the program that kick in on March 1, 2017 with the introduction of the new “World of Hyatt” program, I outlined a way to earn top tier Hyatt Globalist status until February 2019 if you complete 25 eligible stays in January and February 2017 before the new rules take effect. Depending on how inexpensively you can get the stays you need, and how much value you will get out of…

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You Don’t Need Those 50 Nights and 100,000 Miles This Year!


Happy New Year! We were sound asleep at midnight and didn’t see 2017 until at least six hours into the day, which is to say we had a pretty good night sleeping! I couldn’t have ask for a better way to start a new lap around the sun. I hope that you are also having a good first morning of 2017 wherever and however you are bringing in the new year. One of the first miles and points related headlines…

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In the Name of Miles and Elite Status…

Boston United Club Plane Spotting

My favorite kind of miles, points, and elite status are the ones that you get primarily by just maximizing the things you were already doing. However, I have been known to go out of my way to earn points and even elite status by doing things I wasn’t going to otherwise do such as check-in for a hotel stay I didn’t need, or take a flight to just turn around at the airport on the next flight home, etc. I did…

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