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You Don’t Need Those 50 Nights and 100,000 Miles This Year!


Happy New Year! We were sound asleep at midnight and didn’t see 2017 until at least six hours into the day, which is to say we had a pretty good night sleeping! I couldn’t have ask for a better way to start a new lap around the sun. I hope that you are also having a good first morning of 2017 wherever and however you are bringing in the new year. One of the first miles and points related headlines…

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In the Name of Miles and Elite Status…

Boston United Club Plane Spotting

My favorite kind of miles, points, and elite status are the ones that you get primarily by just maximizing the things you were already doing. However, I have been known to go out of my way to earn points and even elite status by doing things I wasn’t going to otherwise do such as check-in for a hotel stay I didn’t need, or take a flight to just turn around at the airport on the next flight home, etc. I did…

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Last Minute Ways to Earn United Elite Status


There is less than a month left to hit your elite status goals in the various airline and hotel loyalty programs in order to secure your desired status for next year. I used to push for elite status with multiple hotels and airlines much more than I do now since I’m just not hopping around the world that much with two kids, one of who is only a one year old. However, I know that some of you are deep in the…

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Airline Elite Status Extension for New Parents!


As all parents know very well, having a baby changes just about everything. This includes, but is certainly not limited to, travel patterns. I flew quite a bit while pregnant with my second daughter, but eventually stopped flying for the last two months of pregnancy and didn’t fly again until my daughter was two months old, which is still pretty soon to return to the skies. That sort of gap and ramp down period before and after the baby is born…

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5 Things to Know Before Booking New United Basic Economy Fares


Yesterday United announced a brand new Basic Economy fare that will theoretically allow them to compete more with the Ultra Low Cost Carriers like Spirit and Frontier beginning in early 2017. I’m a big fan of low fares, however I’m not jumping on the cheering bandwagon and crossing my fingers that these fares will really represent a cheaper way to fly United than exists today. Only time will reveal if these new Basic Economy fares will turn out to be a…

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Earn Hyatt Globalist Status for Two Years for Less Money

Main pool at the Park Hyatt Maldives

Shortly after Hyatt announced the ‘World of Hyatt’ program changes that will kick in on March 1, 2017, I wrote a post outlining the “Last Great Mattress Run” and how completing 25 eligible stays between January 1 – February 28, 2017 would result in you earning Hyatt Diamond status, which matches to top tier Hyatt Globalist status on March 1, 2017, and will last you until February 2019. There were/are some skeptics that the elite status dominos will fall in exactly that…

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The Last Great Mattress Run: Hyatt Globalist Status Until 2019


Twenty-five hotels stays in two months. That is how many you need in January and February 2017 in order to earn Hyatt Diamond status for not only that year…but that status will map to the just announced top tier Hyatt Globalist status on March 1, 2017. That top tier status will then be all the way valid until February 2019. This is 100% confirmed by Hyatt and, is what I like to call “the last great mattress run”. Because of its…

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Confirmed: New “World of Hyatt” Elite Program


Hyatt Gold Passport did indeed have a “little” leak today, and the majority of the rumors about the coming “World of Hyatt” are true. I just got off a call with Jeff Zidell, among other Hyatt Gold Passport big wigs, and while you have to rely on my quick notes as there weren’t yet written materials available, here is what is now confirmed. The new “World of Hyatt” launches on 3/1/17 and the concept comes from a celebration of people, places,…

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Breakdown of the Rumored Hyatt Shakedown

Hyatt Diamond Confirmed Suite Upgrade at Grand Hyatt Kauai

Today was a sad morning. I woke up before the sun to not one but two girls crying in two rooms for different reasons, and then things got worse when I fired up the soft blue glow of my iPhone and read rumors (that I suspect to be at least mostly true) about my favorite elite program, Hyatt Gold Passport. Hyatt Changes Benefit True Road Warriors, Hurt Those Who Stretch to Earn Diamond Before I get into the rumors coming…

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