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The Grandma Factor


In less than a month we have a long awaited trip to London and Edinburgh coming up. This trip has been scraped in various forms and rebooked more than once over the past couple of years because of job changes, pregnancy, and brand new baby factors. I thought we finally had it all booked and squared away when an unanticipated variable entered the equation…because that’s how family travel works.  That variable is the Grandma Factor. I’m a huge advocate of multi-generational travel on…

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Even More Cheap Flights to Europe from $400’s+

Exploring Dublin

Good travel deals seem to come in waves…and the last few weeks we have been riding the wave of great airfare sales to Europe (yes, even before #Brexit). While I hate to sound repetitive mentioning these similar sales periodically as the parameters change, I guess I really don’t mind being repetitive about awesome airfare prices.   What really caught my attention this morning about these fares is that unlike most of the other days this fare war has happened, this…

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Cheap Flights to Europe Continue for $400+ RT!

Fun in Zurich!

These amazing fare wars to Europe just aren’t letting up – and that’s a great thing for budget travelers! I simply can’t keep up with sharing them all, but the one this morning was just too good to ignore. Just like I can’t believe I can fly to Denver during ski season for $39 from Houston, I really can’t believe I can fly to Europe and back on many dates this fall and witner for $400 something dollars. That. Is.…

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Save 15,000 Miles on Select United Round Trips to Europe!

Ready for some European exploring...after a nap.

Right now you can save 15,000 United miles on round trip economy saver round trip awards to Europe! This represents a 25% savings of just 45,000 miles for the round trip instead of the regular 60,000 miles. This sale is valid for bookings through June 28, 2016, and for travel between August 23, 2016 – March 31, 2017, which is pretty great since that will cover several school breaks like Thanksgiving and some Spring Breaks! Sadly it does not cover the holiday travel…

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Crazy Good Airfare to Europe – $400-ish Round Trip!

Can't wait to get back to Europe in the very near future, especially with my dollar going 30%+ further than it did on my trip last spring.  Post on the blog now.

There have been unusually cheap economy airfares available to Europe for about a week now – as in the lowest I have seen in a long time on traditional carriers minus mistake fares. I thought I was hot stuff getting $600-ish round trip tickets to Spain a couple years ago, but these flights to Europe are in the $400-ish realm for round trip travel!   The exact cities and airlines available has been changing a bit day to day as airlines…

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Four Ways to Save Big on Business Class Flights to Europe

United BusinessFirst seat

I have had the honor of introducing several of the travelers in my family one generation older than me to the world of business class international travel (using miles) both because it is just flat out more enjoyable than coach regardless of you are, but also because as that generation is now in their 60’s and 70’s, longer haul coach travel just can’t possibly be comfortable. It is one thing, I’m sure, to curl up overnight in a coach seat at…

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Discounted Flights to Europe from $509 Round Trip!

Exploring Dublin

If you are looking to add a trip to Europe to your itinerary, today is a good day to do some airfare shopping as per The Flight Deal prices to Europe are around $500 RT to/from many US cities. The easiest way to quickly spot some good deals is to head to Google Flights and put in your departure city and then a general destination like “Europe” with as specific or flexible of a date range as you can offer. The…

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Fly to Europe From 22,500 United Miles Each Way!


United MileagePlus doesn’t have a regular off-peak discounted award chart the way American AAdvantage does, but instead they offer temporarily discounted awards periodically during off-peak travel seasons via pop-up sales. Right now they are offering discounted awards to/from Europe during the winter since that is typically an off-peak travel time from North America. Specifically they are offering a discount of between 15% – 25% off economy saver award prices for United operated flights from January 11 – March 10, 2016…

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Cheap Flights to Europe From $345 Round Trip!

Enjoy Ireland from $345 round trip!

Just a quick note to say if you have been toying with the idea of heading to Europe in the next several months, today is the day to check airfare prices as they are under $400 round trip in some cases, and a few hundred dollars more in others.  This is exactly the scenario when I bought tickets to Spain last year with cash instead of using miles at what have been roughly a one cent per mile return –…

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List of Family Friendly Activities in Madrid

Excited to be at the Mercado de San Miguel

We went to Spain for the first this spring on a three-generations girl’s trip without too scheduled of an itinerary.  Life was pretty hectic at the moment (when is it not?), so the idea of going and just sort of taking things as they came sounded very appealing.  Of course, we did have some idea of things that might be good family friendly activities in Madrid, but we also improvised a bit once we got there. Our Madrid activities are…

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