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Final Free Flight as a Two Year Old Costs a Family Hundreds of Dollars

Most family travelers probably know that the second birthday is one that is met with cheers and celebration, but also perhaps a small tear as it is the line of demarcation between being able to fly for free as a lap baby and having to buy a full blown seat. The United States-based airlines require you to purchase a seat for your child as soon as they turn two even if that means that they potentially flew for free on…

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Traveling for Growth Instead of Escape

Travel can be an escape. Travel can be your life. Travel can change your life. It can be all of those things at different points within a lifetime, but it can’t serve all of those purposes simultaneously. We’ve spent a few years, maybe more than a few years, often skimming the surface of what travel can offer. The reason isn’t surprising; we’ve had more than enough on our plates at home. Having our girls was hard. Caring for them as…

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Skiing With a Beginner at Whistler Blackcomb

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t have the best track record of teaching my oldest daughter to ski. From blowing my knee when our skis got tangled, to having her legitimately run away from ski school, to having to have her ski patrolled off the mountain when I took us the wrong way, to resorting to hiring a (very expensive) private instructor more than once when nothing else was working, let’s just say it has been a…

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Escaping the NYC Snow Storm to Fly to Houston Via Hawaii?!

With the recent epic winter storm in the Northeast, thousands of flights were canceled and airports even shut down due to the snow and wind. Lots of travelers needed to reroute themselves to get home, and in some cases the routings were entertaining. So entertaining in fact that you could fly home on United from Newark to Houston via….Hawaii!

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10 Tips to Enjoy ICE at the Gaylord Resorts

The crown jewel of the Gaylord Resort’s holiday experience is their holiday-themed ICE exhibit that is kept at finger-numbing 9 degrees and features two million pounds of themed hand-carved ice sculptures, ice slides, and also houses approximately three million people at any given time. Kidding, of course, there are only two million people. Seriously though, ICE is a very popular attraction that is quite crowded and sells out during peak times. Enjoying the Gaylord ICE Experience to the fullest takes a bit of strategy, so after going earlier this season…

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