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We Decided to Say Aloha to Hawaii


A few weeks ago I posted about my indecision regarding whether or not to go forward with a planned spring break trip to Maui, or (again) decide that we bit off more than we want to chew, and scale our trip back to something much closer and easier to get to with our two girls. Most of my hesitation came from taking a hard look at our very long itinerary to get there (that had been made worse with an airline…

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To Maui or Not to Maui?


In spring of 2016 I booked our 2017 family spring break trip to Hawaii using airline miles, hotel points, suite upgrades, and more. I was pretty excited with how it all worked out and that we were able to get the availability to line up. I figured (hoped) that by the time of the trip we would be at a point where that big of a journey wouldn’t be too terrible of an idea. Our oldest daughter would be nearing the end…

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New: Book Awards to Hawaii Online for Just 25,000 Miles RT!

Grand Hyatt Kauai or St. Regis Princeville

Hawaii is a very popular award travel destination, and of course families are always looking for the best way to stretch their airline miles to get everyone there in as economical a way as possible. For a few years now one of the cheapest airline awards to Hawaii from the rest of the United States has been available via Korean Air. As is often the case with theses sort of things, you don’t actually fly on Korean Air to Hawaii…

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Ditching the Spreadsheet and Finding Your Special Destination


Some trips, some places, some moments are just special. I don’t mean special as in someone else made your coffee and you didn’t have to go to work that day special, though of course that is special. What I mean are the places that are really and truly breathtakingly special. They are the places where you feel at home even though you may be thousands of miles away from your own bed. They are the destinations that imprint on your soul. They are…

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Stack Deals: Two Tickets to Hawaii From $363 Each!


One of the coolest airline credit card perks out there is the Alaska Airlines credit card’s annual companion fare certificate that allows you to bring along a companion on a purchased Alaska Airlines flight in economy for just $99 base fare + taxes and fees that start at $22. If you can put that certificate to good use each year, then that alone makes the card’s $75 annual fee worth it in my view.   The real play to me…

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Details on New Amex 25% Membership Rewards Transfer Bonus

New Hawaiian First Class

I’m a huge fan of American Express Membership Rewards transfer bonuses where you get more points than normal when transferring to a hotel or airline partner during a bonus period. As I shared on Twitter earlier this week, there is now a 25% transfer bonus from Amex Membership Rewards to Hawaiian Airlines HawaiianMiles running through 6/21/16.   This means you will get 1,250 HawaiianMiles for every 1,000 Amex Membership Reward points transferred during the transfer period if you have cards…

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Airline Award Success Story: Aloha Hawaii!

Can't wait to see this view from the window!

There is nothing you can do to will airline award space into existence (though boy I sure have tried), but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have far more successes than failures when using miles, even when what you want is the “impossible”. All it takes is planning, persistence, patience, and, of course, a little bit of luck. Earlier this week I shared our status in planning a Spring Break 2017 trip to Hawaii using mostly a mix of miles and…

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Which Is the Best Way to Fly to Hawaii With a Young Kid?


As you probably know, I plan trips as far in advance as possible both in my mind and on the computer with actual dollars and points. If you are a family on a school schedule who is trying to leverage miles and points you likely do the same – or at least probably should do the same whenever possible. This strategy helped us secure suites using a combination of miles and points in Hawaii for next spring break, something we probably…

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Fly to Hawaii From $488 Round Trip from Houston, Chicago, and More!


Hawaii is a very popular destination for those who are looking to travel on miles or via a great airfare sale, so I love sharing low airfare prices to Hawaii when they pop up.  Right now there are sub-$500 round trip tickets to Hawaii from several cities.  As always, these won’t last long, so pull the trigger or at least put them on hold for free (if flying American Airlines). Via The Flight Deal round trips are available to Honolulu…

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Reminder of Change Coming to AAdvantage on 9/1

Hawaiian Airlines Route Network

In the craziness of the summer it is easy to forget a few changes coming to miles and points programs this fall, but since I know many families are busy planning next year’s summer vacations I wanted to share one change that kicks in on September 1st that is absolutely worth a reminder. On September 1st American Airlines will no longer permit you to redeem AAdvantage miles for travel on their partner Hawaiian Airlines between the continental United States and…

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