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Details on New Amex 25% Membership Rewards Transfer Bonus

New Hawaiian First Class

I’m a huge fan of American Express Membership Rewards transfer bonuses where you get more points than normal when transferring to a hotel or airline partner during a bonus period. As I shared on Twitter earlier this week, there is now a 25% transfer bonus from Amex Membership Rewards to Hawaiian Airlines HawaiianMiles running through 6/21/16.   This means you will get 1,250 HawaiianMiles for every 1,000 Amex Membership Reward points transferred during the transfer period if you have cards…

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Reminder of Change Coming to AAdvantage on 9/1

Hawaiian Airlines Route Network

In the craziness of the summer it is easy to forget a few changes coming to miles and points programs this fall, but since I know many families are busy planning next year’s summer vacations I wanted to share one change that kicks in on September 1st that is absolutely worth a reminder. On September 1st American Airlines will no longer permit you to redeem AAdvantage miles for travel on their partner Hawaiian Airlines between the continental United States and…

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BOA Hawaiian Card Accounts Converting to Barclays Accounts

This isn’t necessarily surprising news, but I still found it to be interesting news when I read a letter I got today about my Bank of America Hawaiian Airlines credit card (that I haven’t had in months).  The letter I got in the mail indicated that my BOA Hawaiian Airlines credit card will be converting to a Hawaiian Airlines World Elite MasterCard issued by Barclaycard.  The letter indicated I should receive the new card by mid-April and that I will…

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New Hawaiian Airlines Cards Introduced by Barclaycard

Several months ago, Bank of America quietly stopped issuing Hawaiian Airline credit cards.  This was unfortunate for many reasons as these were popular cards for people to get…sometimes more than once.  Even if you didn’t plan to use your miles on Hawaiian, some people got the cards in order to transfer the miles at a 1:2 ratio to Hilton (though that was more popular before the Hilton devaluation last year).  The cards never returned to Bank of America, but instead…

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Flying Hawaiian Airlines Between the Islands

On our recent anniversary trip to Hawaii, we “island hopped” from Oahu (Honolulu) to Maui.  Ideally our final, and only Hawaiian, destination would have been Maui, as Oahu wasn’t really an ideal stopping point for this trip.  However, due to the fare sale we got in on, having a little stop in Honolulu was necessary.  If you want to catch-up on our Hawaii adventure thus far, here are the other posts. Planning an Anniversary Trip to Hawaii Flying to Hawaii…

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The Three Offers I Picked for My Credit Card Churn (and why I picked them)

On Friday last week I applied for three rewards-earning credit cards.  Many in the miles and points world refer to this as a “churn”.  The definition of “churn” can mean applying for the same card over and over, or it can mean applying for rewards earning credit cards in batches even if you have never had them before.  In this case my definition of churn is the latter. First, I looked at my credit scores and points balances to determine…

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Groupon Fantasticness + Miles for Your Purchase = Happy Mommy!

If you haven’t already discovered the fantastic-ness of Groupon, then crawl out from under your very large rock and check them out.  Groupons basically give you incredible discounts to try out restaurants or services in your area that you otherwise might have overlooked.  The discounts are usually in the 50% and up range.  That is fantastic for families on a budget!  This mommy has a giant love affair with Groupon! Just a couple days ago, I was able to buy…

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Say Aloha to Your New Miles!

Update: Hawaiian Airlines now only awards one mile per dollar for shopping online using their portal at Amazon.com. Hawaiian Airlines is giving away 500 free miles for linking your Hawaiian Airmiles account to your Twitter account. Five minutes ago I had neither a Hawaiian Airmiles nor Twitter account. So, don’t quit reading just yet if you don’t have those accounts either. I’m not sure if 500 miles alone would have been enough to make me get two accounts that I…

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