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You Can Book 2017 Holiday Award Travel Now

I sincerely hope you are having a fantastic holiday season with family, friends, pets, or perhaps even on a solitary beach thousands of miles from home. We kept our holidays pretty close to home this year, and I think that was the right call, but next year may be a different story. Wherever it is that you like to be for the holidays, now is actually a perfect time to consider booking your 2017 Thanksgiving award travel as the airline calendars that…

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Our Holiday Wish For You

Merry Christmas from Grandpa Points and all of us. Here is a special holiday wish from him to all of you…. Our holiday wish for the traveler in you Is that each day brings something exciting and new Adventures and journeys to far and near places Experienced with joy and with smiles on your faces   By ship or plane or by car or by train We hope that oohs and aahs are your constant refrain As you set out…

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5 Ways to Earn Miles and Save Money on Thanksgiving

I was in legitimate shock last night when I realized that Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK! I knew it was November and consequently Thanksgiving must be coming up soon, but I fully lost track of the notion that this is officially the week before Thanksgiving. Wow, time flies when you are having fun taking care of sick kids, or something like that. So, let’s regroup and go full on Turkey Day for a bit. Equally as shocking as the reality that…

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