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Use the New Kimpton Secret Password to Unlock Freebies

As you may recall, the Kimpton program is going to roll into the IHG program in 2018, which understandably has some Kimpton Inner Circle elites worried about what exactly the future will hold for this very hip and generous program. However, some things we all love about Kimpton are likely to stay, and one of those things, the secret password, just kicked off another round of ‘freebies’ through January 28, 2018.   Get cozy with it. The social password is back, now…

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Kimpton Karma Rewards to Become a Part of IHG Rewards in Early 2018

Almost three years ago I shared the news that the IHG program was improving with the acquisition of Kimpton. Now, almost three years later, we have movement on the amazing Kimpton properties and their Karma Rewards program actually rolling into the IHG Rewards umbrella. This probably isn’t great news for Kimpton Karma members, but by taking three years to roll the two programs into one, it does seem like IHG has given some thought to protecting some of what makes Kimpton special, though it…

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Quickly Earn Top Tier Kimpton Status and Two Free Nights in Just Seven Stays?!

A very intriguing and rewarding program with which I have virtually no personal experience is the Kimpton Inner Circle program. I’ve stayed at a couple of really swanky Kimpton properties, but I haven’t even come close to having any sort of Kimpton status with my very infrequent visits. But, maybe that will change.   Before I get to how that can change much faster than you might guess, let me spend a minute on what the official perks are for…

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Hurry Up and Just Pick a Hotel Already…or Don’t.

“Analysis Paralysis” is a real thing, and while it isn’t usually a serious dilemma in the miles and points world since you typically aren’t dealing with very serious subject mater to being with, it can still take up some brain space and prevent you from just making a reservation and moving on with your life. When making a hotel reservation, if your mind is wired to factor in things like points, promotions, and elite status perks such as upgrades or…

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Unlock Freebies with Brand New Kimpton Secret Password!

Kimpton Hotels may have been acquired by IHG but they are still just as cool as ever, and I really wish I stayed more regularly in their properties such as their new hotel in Grand Cayman or the Sky Hotel in Aspen. The Kimpton properties that I have stayed at are cool, modern (yet still sometimes historic), and just plain sexy. Not only are their properties cool, but their promotions are pretty fun, too. Promotions like their “secret password”…. New Kimpton Secret Password…

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Use Kimpton Secret Password to Get Freebies

Kimpton is just an all around cool hotel program. Their hotels I have stayed at are cool, modern (yet still sometimes historic), and just plain sexy. I haven’t stay at them as often as I would like in recent years, but I still like to keep tabs on how to score some extra freebies with them in the event a stay pops up. Since they are such a cool hotel program, they even have a secret password that unlocks freebies.…

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