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New and Increased Parking Charges in Las Vegas

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Last year a huge wave of change hit Las Vegas when M life casinos started doing the unthinkable and began charging for parking. Up until that time not only was self-parking free, but even valet parking was free other than gratuity. The casinos just wanted you in the building as you were very likely to be a money maker for them once you entered the facility. However, since gambling rates aren’t quite what they used to be, the casinos now want…

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Why You Should Link Hyatt Status to M life Now!


One cool perk of having some level of Hyatt Gold Passport status is that you can match it to M life status for some perks and savings in Las Vegas and casinos such as MGM, Mandalay Bay, Bellagio, Aria, Luxor, Mirage, and beyond. This relationship has been in place for a few years now, but it is about to undergo a pretty big change when the new World of Hyatt program takes over in a little over a week. The Hyatt…

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Las Vegas, the City Where Things Used to be Free


Ahhhh, Las Vegas. Bright Light City. The city where anything is feels possible. The city where parking, even valet parking, is was free. The city where the free drinks flow used to flow. The city where virtually free food and rooms are available for those who gamble even a little. The city where resort fees of up to $39 per night can cost now more than a nightly room charge. A couple of years ago when I wrote a break-up note…

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Earn More Hyatt Points on Las Vegas Stays!

Las Vegas Mix

As you may already know, for the last few years you have been able to take advantage of the relationship that Hyatt Gold Passport and M life have to match elite status levels and earn Gold Passport points while staying at M life properties in Las Vegas. Hyatt and Las Vegas are two of my travel favorites, so I have made use of this partnership many times.   Now they have temporarily sweetened the deal and from October 19 –…

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35 Years of Chasing Neon: Vegas from the 1990’s to Now


A few days ago Grandpa Points talked about the revitalization and the growth of Las Vegas in the last 35+ years. Today, Grandpa Points again talks about the morphing of the city from the 1990’s to today as it evolves since the in its ongoing quest to serve many different masters and to keep the visitor count up and the money flowing in. In the 1990s, Vegas noticed how many people and how much money was being filtered to the various theme…

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IAH to LAS: 35 Years of Chasing Neon


While we are away in Scotland, in this two part review, Grandpa Points takes a detour from his usual recaps of outdoor adventures as he goes from the mountain top to the over-the-top as he and Grandma Points re-visit their 35 years of chasing neon in Las Vegas, Nevada. My first interest in Las Vegas took root fifty plus years ago when I was a teenager. Two movies, Viva, Las Vegas and the original Ocean’s Eleven planted a seed of…

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How to Get Free Parking at Mlife Properties in Las Vegas

Mlife Parking Charges.jpg

Las Vegas used to be the land of cheap rooms, cheap food, and free parking. Their money was made primarily on gambling and the rest was basically just to get and keep you there as long as possible so you would gamble (and usually lose) more. Well, times change places, even Las Vegas, and while there are still cheap food and rooms to be had, they may or may not be at the places or times you want to visit.…

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My Experience Using Rent the Runway for a Trip

Using Rent the Runway in 2014

For my recent trip to Vegas I needed to dress up a bit to attend the annual Freddie Loyalty Program awards. I’ve been to a few of these award programs before and know the attire is pretty spiffy, certainly spiffier than any other miles and points events I’ve attended. I’m sure a generic black dress I already own would have worked, but this awards show was in Las Vegas, and since I rarely get dressed up these days, it sounded…

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A “Vegas Vacation” Part 2: D Stands for…


As I shared yesterday, our short weekend family work trip to Vegas didn’t exactly start off as well as we could have hoped. In short, our transportation to the hotel didn’t show, our room at the Bellagio was still dirty when we opened it, I ran late to an event, our baby didn’t sleep for one minute in the crib all night, we had no fewer than four trips down to the check-in area to address issues, the only rental car they…

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A Vegas “Vacation”, Part 1

The Facebook version

What a trip. No really, what. a. trip. Any two night trip to Vegas is probably insane and exhausting. Any two night work trip is often busy and tiring. Any two night trip with two children is probably going to wipe you out. Any two nights spent taking turns holding a baby who wouldn’t sleep in the crib for one minute is going to bring you to your knees begging for sleep. Put those all together and that was our…

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