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Easy 1,500 Membership Rewards Points or More from Eating!

Save Big With New Amex Offers

I like to think I don’t have any ‘addictions’ in life, but I certainly have a few things I really, really enjoy on frequent occasion. Travel, miles, and points could probably fall in that category, but so does Panera Bread. Oh Panera. Here in chain-store-Suburbia we sadly don’t have juice bars and independent salad shops and similar as I enjoyed once upon a time in Manhattan, but we have Panera.   They have salads you can customize to your heart’s…

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Last Day for 50% Amex Transfer Bonus to British Airways

British Airways' newest Airbus A380 (Reg: LEL)

Taken: 24th June 2016

Picture by: Stuart Bailey / British Airways

Today, 10/10/2016, is the last day you can take advantage of a 50% transfer bonus from Amex Membership Rewards to British Airways Avios via Membership Rewards earning cards such as The Amex EveryDaySM Preferred Credit Card or The Platinum Card® from American Express. 250 Membership Rewards points = 300 British Airways Avios Before you get too excited, remember that last year the transfer ratio from Membership Rewards to British Airways decreased from a 1:1 ratio to 250 Membership Rewards = 200 British Airways Avios. This…

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Details on New Amex 25% Membership Rewards Transfer Bonus

New Hawaiian First Class

I’m a huge fan of American Express Membership Rewards transfer bonuses where you get more points than normal when transferring to a hotel or airline partner during a bonus period. As I shared on Twitter earlier this week, there is now a 25% transfer bonus from Amex Membership Rewards to Hawaiian Airlines HawaiianMiles running through 6/21/16.   This means you will get 1,250 HawaiianMiles for every 1,000 Amex Membership Reward points transferred during the transfer period if you have cards…

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Two Current Amex Membership Rewards Transfer Bonuses

How to Use Membership Reward Points 3.jpg

I love it when you can get a bonus for transferring flexible credit card points such as Amex Membership Reward points or Citi ThankYou Points to a hotel or airline partner during a transfer bonus period where you get even more miles than normal for your transfer. Unfortunately some of my favorite transfer partners haven’t had a bonus in a while, but even though these aren’t my personal favorite transfer partners, there are a couple of transfer bonuses going on that I…

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Up to $120 Best Buy Gift Card When Redeeming Amex Points

Best Buy Gift Card

There are tons of different ways to redeem your credit card points. Obviously my first choice is almost always to redeem them for travel by transferring to a hotel or airline partner where I can maximize their value, but that’s far from the only way to redeem points earned by rewards credit cards. In fact, my “non-miles-and-points-friends” often get very excited when they redeem points for merchandise such as a new camera, iPad, or even, yes, a blender. May I interest you…

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Surprisingly Good Airline Transfer Bonus


As you may or may not know British Airways isn’t the only airline to use Avios as their mileage currency. Another airline frequent flyer program that also uses Avios is Iberia, an airline based out of Spain. Not only do they call their mileage currency Avios, but you can transfer Avios between British Airways and Iberia’s Avios programs. There are some caveats to that, including that you must have had your accounts open for at least 90 days, and there must…

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1 Amex Membership Rewards Point Worth $15 on Amazon!

Amazon gift card

You can use various types of credit card points such as Citi ThankYou, Chase Ultimate Rewards, and Amex Membership Rewards to pay for your Amazon purchases at different redemption rates. Normally I do not recommend using points in this manner since the rate at which you can redeem the points for Amazon purchases is usually pretty poor compared to other redemption options. However, every now and then a really lucrative promo comes out where it makes since to use points, or…

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Popular Amex Membership Rewards Transfer Ratio is Changing

british airways in air

Probably like many of you, over the last few years I have probably used the majority of my Amex Membership Rewards points earned from cards via the British Airways Avios program.  I’ve done this even though I very rarely fly British Airways, and have never flown them on a long haul flight.  I use their Avios points primarily to fly partners such as American Airlines and Alaska Airlines for domestic and close-in international flights (such as to the Caribbean).  Read…

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New ANA Award Chart: Europe for 88K in Business Class

ANA plane

The new ANA award chart is slated to go live today (though the booking site seems to be down when I tried it this morning), so I want to dig a little deeper into some of the different award chart prices since ANA is both a Star Alliance member and a American Express Membership Rewards transfer partner.  I know it takes some extra time and patience to learn a bit about some of these foreign frequent flyer programs, but I…

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Deadline Today for 40% Transfer Bonus to British Airways

british airways in air

As I wrote this morning, and you likely already know, today is the deadline for the Amex Membership Rewards 40% transfer bonus to British Airways.  If you are a procrastinator and still are on the fence about if you should make a transfer, and how much to transfer, here are a few thoughts. These transfer bonuses don’t come around like they used to. It has been a while since we last saw a transfer bonus from Amex to British Airways. …

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