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Plan Now to Save on Disney Not So Scary Halloween Events!


Disney World is special pretty much 365 days a year, but on a few nights per year the special quotient is upped even higher via some themed holiday events that take place at The Magic Kingdom. Two of these annual special events are Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. Not surprisingly, these are pretty popular events so planning ahead is even more crucial than normal. We enjoyed the heck out of Mickey’s Not So…

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Finding Saver Awards With American AAdvantage Miles

American 787

A few months ago I shared that I thought American Airlines AAdvantage miles had overall become worse than Delta SkyMiles, which is to say they had fallen to the bottom spot of the major US based airline loyalty programs. My dissatisfaction with American AAdvantage was based largely on the reality that saver awards, even just for pretty ordinary domestic hops, were simply not available…or were very, very barely available, and then only on non-logical itineraries where it took three flights at…

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The Best Time to Plan Spring Break Trips on Miles


I know some of you lucky folks are still in the middle of your spring break weeks, and I truly hope you are having a blast.  At the same time, it is never too early to think about the next round of family vacation fun. In fact, I would argue that now is the best time to plan your spring break for next year, especially if you like to travel using miles and points. Some of us in the south have…

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7 Things to Look Forward to on a Trip With Just the Big Kid


I can’t remember the last trip I took without at least one kiddo along for the ride. I mean, I had a same day turn around flight for work about 5 months ago without any kiddos, but I truly can’t remember the last real trip without kids. I think it was about two years ago, but there have been a lot of practically sleepless nights between then and now, so I’m not sure. However, I can remember my last trip…

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What is the Right Age for a Child to Start Traveling?


A popular thing that new parents and even parents-to-be ponder is what is the right age for a child to start traveling. This is one of those questions that everyone has an opinion on  – especially as it relates to little ones still in the age range where they may cry, kick airplane seats, or unexpectedly get sick everywhere. The best answer I can think of to this common question, only has a little bit to do with the child, and…

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How to Renew Your Child’s US Passport

Saying goodbye to the old passport!

The days are long but the years are short is one of the truest sayings for parents of young children, and that truth rolls over into how quickly it feels like five years passes in regards to renewing your child’s United States passport. I mean, a lot has happened in the five years since we got our then two year old Little C her first passport, but on the other hand, how have five years already gone by?! Well, the dates…

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Travel Planning Tip for Families with School Aged Kids

C Cancun

If nothing else, I like this site to serve as the calendar pop-up reminder that you never had to program when it comes to travel and miles and points related actions. I know some of you don’t need those sort of reminders that you can now book flight awards through Thanksgiving or hotels through spring break, but for others life can get busy and it is easy to miss something like that. Along those lines, here is a reminder that…

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The Awards Nights You Want to Book Now

Hyatt Lost Pines Lazy River

Here in the South school is already almost out for the year, and that means summer vacation is about to start up. That also means that those of us that like to use miles and points for family summer adventures need to be at the ready to book summer 2017 trips since many airlines let you book awards beginning 11 months in advance, and hotels can have booking windows that are even wider than that. Book June 2017 Hyatt Award Nights…

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Where To Next?


While we are still in the thick of baby-land where sleep is way too limited and I can’t be away from my wee one for more than a couple of hours due to being the main food source, we are now using our telescopes to see out the other end of the tunnel. Well, at least we think we know where the other end of the tunnel is, and we are planning accordingly until proven otherwise. Since our littlest is 9…

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Which Is the Best Way to Fly to Hawaii With a Young Kid?


As you probably know, I plan trips as far in advance as possible both in my mind and on the computer with actual dollars and points. If you are a family on a school schedule who is trying to leverage miles and points you likely do the same – or at least probably should do the same whenever possible. This strategy helped us secure suites using a combination of miles and points in Hawaii for next spring break, something we probably…

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