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The Family Trips You Should be Booking Now

This time of the year often fades into a bit of a blur for me. We are passed the distinct winter holidays, but here in early-ish February, we aren’t yet to the spring holidays or summer break. We are just in the middle of one. big. dreary. chilly. blurry. day. I think this is when the winter blues could easily set in as life is a busy, mundane, cold, damp, whirlwind with some nasty winter illness sprinkled in here and…

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Save Tens of Thousands of Miles by Checking Airline Partners

A few weeks ago I got the idea of skipping throwing a regular birthday party for my youngest daughter this year and instead heading with her to Disney this summer to celebrate her third birthday doing her favorite things…dressing up and being surrounded by princesses! As long as the Disney part of the trip starts before she turns three years old, she is free for the duration of the trip since “no one ages at Disney” and children don’t require…

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Big Changes Coming to Annual Ski Passes

Skiing is expensive, almost prohibitively so for a middle-class family. Miles and points help tremendously in managing the overall cost, but lift ticket prices, especially for a whole family, can get out of control in a hurry. One way to rein in expenses a bit is to do the math on a season pass of some sort either with unlimited skiing or with a set number of days that you can use at various resorts. If you are going to…

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Celebrating a Third Birthday at Disney World for Free

These days throwing kid birthday parties often costs hundreds of dollars even if you don’t go overboard. However, did you know that as long as the trip starts while your little one is still two years old, you can celebrate a third birthday at Disney for free? Imagine rides, princesses, characters, and more instead of ordering invitations, coming up with themes, and cleaning up after countless preschoolers at home…

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Why Someone in Your Family Needs to Have a United Credit Card

Today my mom and I were putting together the final touches of our big trip to Vienna and the Christmas Markets that is scheduled to happen in late 2018. Specifically, we needed to book her flight from Houston to New York City where we are spending a few days with the whole family doing fun NYC Christmas activities before my mom and I head on to Europe and the rest of my crew heads back to Texas. When booking a 12,500…

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