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Where To Next?

While we are still in the thick of baby-land where sleep is way too limited and I can’t be away from my wee one for more than a couple of hours due to being the main food source, we are now using our telescopes to see out the other end of the tunnel. Well, at least we think we know where the other end of the tunnel is, and we are planning accordingly until proven otherwise. Since our littlest is 9…

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Which Is the Best Way to Fly to Hawaii With a Young Kid?

As you probably know, I plan trips as far in advance as possible both in my mind and on the computer with actual dollars and points. If you are a family on a school schedule who is trying to leverage miles and points you likely do the same – or at least probably should do the same whenever possible. This strategy helped us secure suites using a combination of miles and points in Hawaii for next spring break, something we probably…

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Help Plan the Ultimate Northeast Fall Foliage Trip!

My mom was a public school teacher for 37 years, and like many public school teachers in the south, instead of heading back to work, she dreamed of one day heading up to the northeast in the fall the year after she retired. It was a bucket-list trip of sorts for her. As September would roll around and her former coworkers were writing on blackboards or overheads or PowerPoints or whatever they do these days, she would see leaves turn brilliant shades…

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Do This Today: Check Your Childs Passport Expiration

You know how when you have little kids they say they days (or really, nights) are long, but the years are short? Well, that is 100% true, but it applies not only to caring for little ones, but also keeping up with their passports. I’ve written about getting a young child’s and infant’s passports before (including getting an infant passport photo), but blink twice and it is time to renew. In fact, if you have more than one kid you…

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Beating Tight Hotel Award Availability

I have well documented my recent struggles with hotel award availability issues during the busy summer travel season.  We just completed our short weekend trip to one of my favorite resorts, Hyatt Lost Pines, which we were only able to secure close-in by using this controversial method of booking a room.  As a final resolution to that story, we indeed did receive a standard non-ADA room as promised by the resort in advance, so all’s well that ends well in…

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Four Tips for Planning Travel While Planning a Pregnancy

Since we are expecting our second tiny traveler this summer, I am writing a few posts about the realities of travel and pregnancy since it is a topic I am living every day right now. I wrote about Tips While Traveling in the First Trimester here, and I expect to write a similar post about the second trimester very soon.  However, this particular post is actually about how travel can be impacted before you (or your partner) actually becomes pregnant. …

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Tips for Visiting Santaland at Macy’s on 34th Street

tips for visiting Santaland

The grand finale of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC is the arrival of Santa Clause and the Christmas Season.  Our almost-five-year-old daughter was thrilled to see Santa go down Sixth Avenue on his sleigh, so our next logical stop was to visit Santaland and the big guy himself at Macy’s on 34th Street the day after Thanksgiving.  She was excited for many things on our New York City trip, but a return visit to Santaland ranked very highly…

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The Excitement of Planning a “Once in a Lifetime Trip” to Alaska

My dad, Buddy, AKA “Grandpa Points” has a love for travel as fierce as mine, yet our travel patterns are distinctly different.  He and my mom are now in their mid-60’s, are (mostly) retired, and are ticking off “bucket list” destinations quicker than they ever thought possible thanks to miles, points, and travel deals.  They have an intense love of this country, of its National Parks and treasures, and have no problem with a clean budget hotel room and an…

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Award Advocate Booking Service

award advocate

One type of email I get regularly is from families looking for help booking award trips using the miles and points they have accumulated.  I do my best to answer some basic redemption questions, and will sometimes turn those questions into post ideas if I think the answer might benefit a larger number of people, but I unfortunately don’t have the time to do detailed award searches, or run my own award booking service. Thankfully, there are others who do…

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Using Points for Hotels in London with a Family

My family’s plan for next summer is to spend several weeks in Europe, primarily in London and Ireland.  I think we are all ready for an adventure that is a little longer, and a bit different than our normal in-and-out method of travel.  I was so happy to get our flights booked into London in British Airways First Class and out of Dublin in business class on Aer Lingus.  We used British Airways Avios points for all of the flights,…

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