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SPG Moments Opportunities to Attend the 2016 World Series

I think most of the country (outside of perhaps Cleveland) is excited that the Chicago Cubs have made it to the World Series. I’m fairly certain that no one reading this blog was alive the last time the Cubs won the World Series as you would have to be a distinguished age of 108 to be able to claim that title. The Cubs and Wrigley Field are just pretty special, so I know who I will be rooting for starting tonight…sorry Indians.…

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SPG Moments Baseball Playoff Packages Live Now!

SPECIFIC SPG MOMENTS OFFER MENTIONED HERE HAS EXPIRED If you want to use your SPG points to catch a postsesason baseball game, then click on over to the SPG Moments site right now as some packages just went live!   There are auctions, as well as fixed price packages available for various games. Some of the available packages include: 35,000 SPG points for two tickets to the 2016 National League Wild Card game on 5 October 2016 45,000 SPG points for…

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Win 100,000 SPG Points + Use Points for MLB Post Season!

THE SPG MOMENTS OPPORTUNITY MENTIONED HERE HAS EXPIRED It is no secret that I am a huge fan of the SPG Moments program and the opportunities it creates to use SPG points for “once in a lifetime” access to tons of different events around the world.   Once such opportunity that will be opening up soon is to use your SPG points to attend a Major League Baseball playoff game. The SPG Moments program will have tickets available to the Wild Card…

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VIP NFL Training Camp Experience for 10,000 United Miles

Most of the time you are best served from a value perspective using your miles and points for travel, but there are occasionally exceptions where your miles can get you access to special experiences that might otherwise be unattainable or cost prohibitive.  In the fall we used 10,000 United miles for the two of us to participate in a Houston Texan’s Field Day experience that was a ton of fun – details here. Today I saw that for 10,000 United…

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Going to the World Series for Less

The Kansas City Royals have to win one game out of the next four tries to go to the World Series.  That’s right, the KANSAS CITY ROYALS.  They could wrap it up as early as tonight (not to jinx anything, I’m from Houston and we don’t take post-season wins for granted in these parts).  If you know a bit about my family you will know that my husband is from Kansas, and while his team of choice is the Kansas…

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