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What to Do When an Airline Loses Your Stroller

Travel with young kids can be hard. Traveling with young kids by yourself is harder. Traveling by yourself with a young special needs kid I can only imagine is harder still. But, people do it, and just by looking you often can’t tell if someone has a special situation going on or not, but you don’t really need to know that in order to be helpful and compassionate. It sounds like helpful and compassionate were unfortunately not the words of the…

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My Favorite Family Travel Items from Sippies to Strollers

I know that most of us value experiences over things, but sometimes the right things can make the experience easier…and maybe even a touch more fun. My husband takes the reins on the techie travel gadgets for the family, but I take the lead on the more practical items such as the best bags, shoes, kid headphones, clothes, and more. Pretty much none of these things are essential for a good trip, but they sure can’t hurt either. Since I…

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I Love Car Seats, but They Are the Worst

I’ve had kids in car seats for 7.5 years, with many years to go, and while I love the safety and comfort they give my kids, I absolutely hate dealing with car seats. I mean, really hate it. They are simply not easy to install, adjust, carry around, and they are absolutely not easy to clean when toddler car sickness strikes at the least opportune time. This happened to us on a road trip last weekend, and while we did triage…

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20 Airline Stroller Policies Around the World

The events of the recent American Airlines flight 591 from San Francisco to Dallas where a mom of young twins had her stroller taken from her on-board the aircraft set off a chain reaction that ended with a yelling flight attendant, the mom in tears, the baby narrowly being missed by the stroller, and much more. The initial reaction of many, even frequent flyers, was that the mom should have known better than to bring a stroller on-board the aircraft in…

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Tips for Dealing with the New Electronics Travel Ban

As you have probably seen, a ban for any electronic carry-on item larger than a cell phone is about to kick-in for flights to the US from 10 international airports including those in: Cairo, Egypt; Amman, Jordan; Kuwait City, Kuwait; Casablanca, Morocco; Doha, Qatar; Riyadh and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; Istanbul, Turkey; and Abu Dhabi and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. There are a whole lot of flights to/from a whole lot of parts of the world that will connect in some of those cities to…

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The Car Seat Dilemma in the UK

Oh car seat. How I love you for keeping my children safe and comfortable, but how I hate you for how complicated you can make family travel with little ones. We had escaped the carseat dilemma for a while as our six year old grew out of a traditional car seat and our baby cruised along very easily in the Doona that switches effortlessly from a car seat to a stroller and back again. But, our baby is now a one…

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The Best Car Seat for Travel

For the last 10 months we have had the absolute best of both worlds when traveling with my youngest daughter’s car seat/stroller combo called the Doona. It converts easily from a car seat to a stroller and back again making it exceptional both for a suburban lifestyle and for travel in cities like NYC where you are in and out of cabs, or even to Grandma’s house so that you can drive around town safely without having to rent or…

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8 Truths of Traveling with an 8 Month Old

We are still unpacking from our recent trip to the Hyatt Ziva all-inclusive property in Mexico, and while it was an excellent trip overall (and I can’t wait to share more details about the property in the coming days), I first want to share eight truths of travel with an eight month old as I think it will help put context into any and all details that come next.   We had both our 6 year old and 8 month…

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The Doona Infant Car Seat Stroller Review

how to use the doona infant car seat

Most parents who travel (or even just live) with babies and young children are desperate for any gear or gadget that can truly make their lives easier and their babies safer. There’s a ton of baby gear out there that isn’t really a game changer, but then there is the Doona Infant Car Seat. The Doona Infant Car Seat is truly a game changer for traveling families, and also those families who primarily travel around their own communities. The Doona is an infant…

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