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Pre-Ordering American Airlines First Class Meals…Just Not for Kids

Child's meal

When you are booked in a premium cabin on American Airlines, you can go online into your reservation from 30 days until 24 hours before departure and select a meal option. Selecting a meal choice doesn’t 100% guarantee that you will get that choice, but it certainly increases the chances of getting your first choice. Since we are within 30 days of some American Airlines first class flights I logged in to my reservations to check out the menu choices and select the ones…

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Booking Award Stays at Hyatt Ziva All-Inclusives With Children Two and Under

Babies are free at the Hyatt Ziva Resorts

I am a very, very big fan of the all-inclusive Hyatt properties. I’m not a typical all-you-can-eat-and-drink girl just for the heck of it, so my expectations going into an all-inclusive situation were tempered. However, the Hyatt Ziva Cancun was everything my family wanted from a beach vacation and more. It has almost been a year since our stay and I seriously can’t wait to find an excuse to get back there. The one downside to a family stay at a…

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What is the Right Age for a Child to Start Traveling?


A popular thing that new parents and even parents-to-be ponder is what is the right age for a child to start traveling. This is one of those questions that everyone has an opinion on  – especially as it relates to little ones still in the age range where they may cry, kick airplane seats, or unexpectedly get sick everywhere. The best answer I can think of to this common question, only has a little bit to do with the child, and…

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Five Free Kids Clubs at Points Friendly Hotels!


Family travel can create lasting shared memories and provide the platform not only for fun, but for bonds to grow even stronger, but I warn against confusing the term ‘family trip’ with ‘vacation’. Very often after a family trip you may feel like you actually really need a vacation as sleeping in and sitting back by the pool with a mai tai in hand may not happen when you are traveling with little kids. With two young girls along for the ride,…

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Inside the Historic Driskill Hotel’s Junior Suite

The Driskill's in Austin is part of the Unbound Collection

We didn’t visit with any ghosts in the haunted Driskill Hotel in Austin in our most recent visit, but we did get to experience both a junior suite and a small standard room. Here’s a look at what those rooms are like as well as a peek at what elite status and booking via luxury hotel programs can get you at this historic property…

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To Maui or Not to Maui?


In spring of 2016 I booked our 2017 family spring break trip to Hawaii using airline miles, hotel points, suite upgrades, and more. I was pretty excited with how it all worked out and that we were able to get the availability to line up. I figured (hoped) that by the time of the trip we would be at a point where that big of a journey wouldn’t be too terrible of an idea. Our oldest daughter would be nearing the end…

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Top 8 Family Travel Moments of 2016


We started 2016 with a non-mobile 5 month old baby and a kindergartener in intensely cold Steamboat Springs, and we are scheduled to end the year at home in 70+ degree weather with a fully reading first grader, a toddling 17 month old, and a new puppy named Holly. I can’t say that the pace of life has slowed any in these last 12 months, but it was certainly a big year of growing for our crew in almost every way imaginable. This wasn’t…

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Our Top 5 Toughest Travel Moments of 2016


Around this time in each of the previous years of blogging, I look back at our travels for the year as the calendar ticks to a close. Of course I relive our personal best travel moments of the year, but since I’m a self-appointed Captain of Team Keepin’ it Real, I can’t help but also share the tougher moments from time to time. Family travel with young kids is not all highs – it is also sprinkled with some very “holy crapola” moments…at least…

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Ten Tips for Flying Solo With a Toddler


At this point I have flown more than a couple dozen flights with my youngest daughter, and likely close to (or over?) a triple digit number of flights with both daughters combined. In other words, I am certainly not new to the realities of flying with kiddos. I have flown to Hawaii, Alaska, Paris, and more with just my oldest daughter and myself on the journey, but until yesterday I had never flown with just my youngest toddler. However, the…

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