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Not Too Late to Use Points to Stay in DC This Weekend

It is the day we take off from one White House to the next. We saw the impressive #marineone in #dc over the weekend and now we get to see this country choose its next destination. May we all choose wisely. #govote

As I am sure everyone knows, the 45th President of the United States will be sworn in tomorrow in Washington DC. No doubt, an inauguration is a big event for DC every four years. It is certainly a time when you could expect hotel rates to be well above their normal thresholds due to high demand from those wanting to attend the inauguration, those who work supporting the inauguration behind the scenes, or even those peacefully protesting. I am always fascinated by…

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Chasing the High of Scoring a Great Travel Deal


I like travel deals, miles, points, etc. primarily because I like to travel and that is a way to make it more comfortably fit in my budget. However, the rush you get when you pull the trigger on a killer deal can be pretty epic all by itself. The adrenaline that seeps through your veins when you book an unexpected trip because the price was right, or the bubbling anticipation of what is to come when you board the plane and…

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Big Change: Photos Now Allowed on White House Tour!

@michelleobama on instagram

Last year my family visited Washington DC for the 4th of July, and one of the highlights of our visit was a tour inside the White House.  It was beyond cool to get a chance to stand in rooms like the State Dining Room, the Red Room, the Blue Room, and of course the hallway where you have probably seen countless press conferences.  In fact, I can’t think of too many destinations more appropriate for a family vacation. The only…

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Tips for Visiting Washington DC on the 4th of July Weekend


With the 4th of July approaching next weekend, I wanted to re-share some of our posts from our trip to Washington DC for July 4th last year in case you are headed on a similar trip this year, or maybe this can even inspire you to take a last minute trip to our Nation’s Capital!  We had a fantastic red, white, and blue filled trip to DC last year and highly recommend a similar journey for other families. Where to…

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From Couch to the Capital Fourth Concert on the 4th of July

As those who visit here frequently likely already know, my parents are on a quest to visit an always growing “Bucket List” of destinations and experiences.  Most of their items are here in the US of A.  They love National Parks, outdoor beauty, good musicals, cheap flights, cold Coca Cola, Las Vegas, and darn near anything patriotic.  My dad in particular is Mr. Patriotic, and as such being in Washington DC for the 4th of July fireworks and festivities was…

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Review of Grand Hyatt Washington DC for Fourth of July

During a recent stay in Washington DC for the 4th of July we split up our stay between two different hotels – the W Washington DC that is located virtually across the street from the White House, and the Grand Hyatt Washington that was located just a couple blocks away.  We split our stay in part to stretch points/dollars and in part because while we wanted the W for its location on the actual 4th of July, we (accurately) guessed…

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Staying at the W Washington DC on the 4th of July

One of my dad’s many dream ‘bucket list’ trips was to go to Washington DC for all the Fourth of July fireworks and festivities.  Politics aside, his blood bleeds red, white, and blue, and his love for the underlying foundation of this country is rivaled only by his love for fireworks, music, and holiday celebrations.  As I think I’ve said before, he’s kind of like Clark Griswold, only without some of the darker elements of good ‘ole Clark (like leaving…

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