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Limited Time: 15,000 Wyndham Points for a Whole European Cottage or Villa!

Wynhdam Cottage

Via Angelina Travels, if you have some Wyndham Reward points and can act pretty quickly, there is what could be an amazing deal available right now to the first 50 people who call and book a whole cottage or villa in the UK, Ireland, Italy, or France for just 15,000 Wyndham points per night. Normally the price is 15,000 Wyndham Reward points per bedroom instead of for the whole cottage! Via this limited time promo there is a maximum value of…

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Wyndham Cancels 4x Charity Promo Before It Starts


In a very sad turn of events, today’s awesome Wyndham Rewards 4x SPG points to charity promo is being cancelled before it even starts due to “significant examples of fraud”. I don’t know exactly what “significant examples of fraud” means, but I have heard of instances where people doctor screen shots via somewhat similar promos with other chains in the past, so perhaps they saw that bubbling up. I am not sure what happened, but I am as disappointed as they say that…

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One Day Only: Get 4x Wyndham Points for SPG Points


Update: Due to reports of serious fraud, this promotion was cancelled before it started. Wyndham will instead make a 5 million point donation to charity.  Sometimes insane limited-time miles and points opportunities pop up, and this is one of them. Today (10/11/16) only from 12PM – 11:59PM EST you can get 4 Wyndham Rewards points for every 1 SPG points that you donate to charity. You will also get your SPG elite status matched by Wyndham which unlocks pretty cool perks…

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Cool New Elite Perks Coming to Wyndham Rewards

Wyndham Rewards

Wyndham Rewards introduced a pretty cool award chart last year where all awards are 15,000 points per night. Whether you want to stay at a Days Inn in the middle of nowhere, the Wyndham New York in Manhattan, or one of their all-inclusive beach resorts, it is a flat 15,000 points per night. Now this week they are introducing new elite status levels/perks including some pretty interesting perks at the top elite levels – especially when you are redeeming points.…

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Has Wyndham Rewards Gone Insane and Increased Prices?

Wyndham Rewards 15000.jpg

Update: I heard back from my Wyndham Rewards contact and this is a glitch that will be fixed momentarily. So, if you see a “cheaper” award you want – move quickly. For the rest of us, exhale.  Y’all, I just can’t even believe this would really happen…I mean, I can, but I can’t. Wyndham Rewards who just a year ago changed to a flat 15,000 point redemption level for all hotels, and still advertises that on their website is now…

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Buy Enough Points for Any Wyndham Hotel for $150 on Monday

Viva Wyndham Heavens

The second of five weeks of Daily Getaway deals are kicking off on Monday at 1PM Eastern. These various travel deals range from blocks of hotel points, to hotel stay certificates, to elaborate Las Vegas resort packages, theme park tickets, and more. Some are very hot deals that will sell out in seconds, and some are just okay deals in the right situation that won’t sell out for days, if ever. In all cases you should probably have a plan for…

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Earn Free Award Night With Two Paid Nights!

Wyndham Bonnet Creek

Earlier this year Wyndham Rewards underwent a massive “revaluation” where all of their properties became 15,000 points per night for awards.  This includes properties in places like New York City and Kauai as well as their all inclusive properties.  There has been a little confusion from Wyndham Rewards about which properties qualify for the 15k awards (they all do), but that seems to be settling some now that the new program has been out several months. Now they have a…

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Wyndham Rewards “Revaluation” Really Is Working

Wyndham Bonnet Creek

Most of the time hotel loyalty programs devalue slightly year over year, or at least every couple of years.  Occasionally they will make major (usually negative) changes all at once, but rare is the time when the entire program undergoes a truly radical change.  However, that was the case this year for Wyndham Rewards.  They didn’t devalue, instead they “revalued” their entire program.  I know that “revalued” sounds like another code word for devaluation, but it really wasn’t. As you…

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How to Get a 2 Bedroom Villa in Hawaii for 15,000 Points

Wyndham Kauai Living Room

Cue the world’s smallest violin (or ukulele as the case may be), but my daughter and I are both having serious Hawaii withdrawals.  Watching House Hunters Hawaii probably didn’t help much, but hey…  We have been so spoiled to have the miles and points to make an annual trip to the islands at least once a year the past few years that not going this year has made us both really look forward to the next time we will make…

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Confirmed: All-Inclusive Resorts for Just 15,000 Points

Wyndham Grand Bahamas

When Wyndham Rewards switched from a traditional tiered award chart over to a flat 15,000 point per night redemption program earlier this month there was much confusion over how this applied to their all-inclusive properties.  Wyndham has six all-inclusive properties under the Viva Wyndham Resort collection and they were pricing online at the 15,000 point level on dates that had availability – even for a family of two adults and two children! However, all while that was happening in practice,…

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