The Best Amex Credit Card for Everyday Spending

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There are big credit card sign-up bonuses not to be missed (like the current 100,000 points from the Hilton Honors™ Surpass® Card), but then there are the credit cards that you keep in your wallet to really amp up your miles and earning on everyday purchases. While periodic big injections of points from increased sign-up bonuses are important, so is really being strategic about earning as many points as possible on the things you buy everyday. With the Amex “once in a…

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IHG Point Breaks Live: Book Rooms for 5,000 Points Per Night!


Last week I shared that the new IHG Point Breaks preview list was available so you could plot where you wanted to spend just 5,000 IHG points per night this summer. The list is now live and available for bookings so you can spend just 5,000 points per night to book a award night instead of the 20,000 – 35,000 points per night that many of these properties usually sell for outside of the Point Breaks dates. New IHG Point Breaks List is Going…

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Save on Carnival Cruise Lines Today Via Daily Getaways!


Today marks the first day of the third of five weeks of Daily Getaway Deals with a deal from Carnival Cruise Line. The Daily Getaways is an annual sale put on by the US Travel Association that acts as their annual fundraiser. There is one new offer available at 1PM Eastern per weekday for five weeks, and those offers can vary from discounted hotel points, to theme park tickets, to rental car points, to hotel packages, and more. Today’s offering is a $100 Carnival Cruise…

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New Amex Offers at, Blue Apron, and More!

Amex Offers

Amex Offers are a great way to save money or earn extra points on purchases you make with your Amex cards. You never know when good Amex Offers will pop up on one of your Amex card accounts. The only sure-fire way to know exactly what offers are available to you is to log-in to your online Amex account and take a look (process outlined below), but to save you a little time I want to highlight a few new Amex…

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Grand Hyatt Baha Mar Available on Hyatt Points!

Grand Hyatt Baha Mar has a potential new opening date

Update: While the property now displays 15,000 points online it doesn’t seem to actually be bookable…still, yet, who knows. Will keep updating when I know more! Update #2: The property is bookable on Hyatt points, but it is charging 20,000 points per night instead of the displayed 15,000. Hyatt thus far has been honoring the 15k rate by depositing 5,000 points per night booked back into your account when requested. I suspect they will fix the glitch and display it…

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20 Airline Stroller Policies Around the World

Strollers are essential for travel with toddlers

The events of the recent American Airlines flight 591 from San Francisco to Dallas where a mom of young twins had her stroller taken from her on-board the aircraft set off a chain reaction that ended with a yelling flight attendant, the mom in tears, the baby narrowly being missed by the stroller, and much more. The initial reaction of many, even frequent flyers, was that the mom should have known better than to bring a stroller on-board the aircraft in…

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AA 591: Are We at a Tipping Point for Air Travel?


Tempers are high, patience is short, cell phones are out, planes are full, and the tension is palpable. Recent incidents including yesterday’s American flight 591 where a passenger and a flight attendant had a run in over a stroller seem to be systematic of what looks like a larger problem. Are we now at a tipping point for air travel in this country…

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Rooms for $30 Per Night: Summer 2017 IHG Point Breaks Preview List!

Crowne Plaza Memphis

A new IHG PointBreaks list is always big news in the miles and points world as hotels that typically go for 20,000, 35,000, or even more IHG points per night drop down to just 5,000 points per night if they are on this magical list. Effectively using your points is the harder part of the earning and burning equation, and using just 5,000 points per night for a hotel room is an amazing way to stretch your points. Heck, you…

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A Surprising Must Have Credit Card for Family Travelers

Houston Centurion Lounge Wall

The rewards credit card landscape is always changing, and if you get complacent with your current line-up of “best cards” you could easily blink a few times and no longer have the best cards to meet your needs and spending patterns. I know this sentiment is true for me, and as I work on my 2017 credit card plan, it is clear that there is a card I need to add to our line-up as soon as the time is…

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Grand Hyatt Baha Mar is Now Accepting Reservations!

Grand Hyatt Baha Mar

Today is a big day for Bahamas fans as the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar is set to open tonight for a ‘preview’ period that runs through May 29th, and they are also now accepting paid reservations for stays beginning May 29th and onward! The property is listed as a Category 5 Hyatt which means it will be 20,000 points per night for award nights. Given how incredibly high taxes/fees can be on stays in The Bahamas, that may be an even better…

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