Earn points now – Netflix Style

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I want to share actual things that I do to earn points in real-ish time, so that you can do the same, if you like.  Here is what I did today……. my husband, The Man, is a big time movie lover.  That has made him a big time Netflix lover.  We have had a Netflix/Blockbuster/etc…. account forever.  In case you are a time traveler from the Stone Age or otherwise aren’t familiar with Netflix, it is a service that delivers movies directly to our mailbox (yes, our real physical mailbox – the one that Christmas Cards and electric bills get put in by the mail carrier) without us doing more than making a few clicks on the computer to select our movies.  Okay, he does that mostly.  I just get subjected to whatever shoot ’em up, pretty girl, or fast car movie he decides upon for us.

As a mommy, one of my favorite features of Netflix is that the subscription includes unlimited streaming movies to your computer or other internet connected device such as a PlayStation 3.  This means we can watch Dora whenever wherever we want.  You have no idea how many times the magical Dora the Explorer has transfixed our child and saved our sanity……especially when traveling!  That feature alone earns it infinite Mommy Points in my book!

Recently I noticed that if you sign-up for a new Netflix account through Continental’s online shopping portal (it’s not just credit cards that have shopping portals – airlines and other companies have them, too!) you can get 2,000 bonus Onepass miles if you use a Continental branded credit card.  If you don’t have a Continental branded credit card you can still earn 1,000 Onepass miles.  The Man already has a Netflix account, but I do not, so………. I sign up for a new account which will give me one month free and 2,000 miles and then he just cancels his existing account.  Outcome of this little 4 minute endeavor is 2,000 Onepass miles in my account and $9.99 back in our pockets from what we would have spent on his Netflix account this month since my first month of Netflix is free.

Small disclaimer is it will probably take The Man more than four minutes to set our queue (fancy word for list of movies you are waiting to get) up on the new account similar to the old account, but still a small price to pay for the reward. I’ll report back when the points actually post to my Onepass account.  Terms and Conditions say it can take 6-8 weeks.

If you want to take advantage of this great deal, here is the link to the Continental Shopping Portal where this and many other deals are listed.

****After I wrote this I found a potentially even better deal if you sign up through the United Airlines portal.  Since Continental and United are merging you can move miles from one frequent flier program to the other.  Anyway, United is offering 2,000 miles for signing up regardless of what credit card you use and a whopping 4,000 miles if you use United Mileage Plus Visa.  I don’t have that card (yet!), so wouldn’t have been any different for me, but fantastic if you do have that card!

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